First Unambiguous EU Commission Credo to Political Islam (Sharia) as Europe´s Future

The following is so important and scandalous  that I hope it will, therefore, be spread by as many alternative blogs as possible.

The unscrupulous statement below by the EU “High Representative”, Federica Mogherini, accounts for the Euromediterranean Process / the Union for the Mediterranean and the media ban on criticizing Islam. It explains the Islamic mass immigration where our protests are being hatefully scolded  and possibly bring us 3 years in jail. It explains the hypocritical media statements made by the European Commission, telling us  they want to stop the ongoing Muslim mass immigration – even though they know that their NWO  Charter of Fundamental Rights makes it impossible.
It underscores the colossal importance of the satanic, racist Coudenhove Kalergi / Sarkozy maximally racist warfare against the white race.
This is Freemasonry – and another  Rothschild / Jesuit declaration of war on us.

mogherini-van-rompuyFederica Mogherini makes Masonic handshake with declared Jesuit, former EU Council Pres. van Rompuy.

Federica Mogherini:
EU External Action 25 June 2015: “Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future.

“Some people are now trying to convince us that a Muslim cannot be a good European citizen, that more Muslims in Europe will be the end of Europe. These people are not just mistaken about Muslims: these people are mistaken about Europe, they have no clue what Europe and the European identity are.”

“I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture”.
“Any attempt to divide the peoples of Europe into “us” and “them” brings us in the wrong direction. The migrants and us. The Muslims and us”.

Teuro-mediterraneanhis is the clearest EU commitment to Islam/Sharia as the future of Europe that I have seen this far. Mogherini knows very well that “political Islam” is the Sharia (see Saudi Arabia, Iran etc) which tolerates no other political or religious system.  She also knows  that  the extent of violence  in a community is  proportional to the number of Muslims.
So that´s what she and her Masonic EU have in store for us. I could nearly hope it for women like her. They will have an interesting future (right) !!

1) Mogherini tells us that we European peoples do not know our identity. But the EU knows – for it has been told by its destructive masters what to design for us as (non-)European identity!
2) The distinction between “them” and “us” is certainly not being made by white Europe, unfortunately. It is being made by Muslims, who acc. to their Koran  see us as apes and swine (Sure 2:65 and 5:60).
3) Mogherini suppresses the terrible consequences Islam´s conquest in Eastern and Southern Europe had: Jihad par excellence with crucifixions, killings and mutilations (See Bat Ye´or: Eurabia 2005 and here ) as well as setting aside all human rights in bestial suppression. And it is still going on today against Christians in Muslim Countries – even in EU´s model “partner” country, Morocco.

Mogherini´s elation is just as perverse as those of The European Council in the 1970´es) – see Bat Yeor Eurabia pp. 167-172  and  here – this is shocking reading.
She is so ignorant that she does not know that there would have been no European – but Asian/African – identity or an EU, had it not been for brave then Christian Knights of St. John (Rhodos 1522, Malta 1565) and European Kings stopping the same Osmans at the Gates of Vienna (1683).

Mogherini is being backed by i.a. David Cameron. Jihad Watch: UK’s Cameron said: Today’s jihad attacks (in Tunisia) are “not in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.”
That is a blatant lie
as exemplified by the “sword verse” of the Koran (9:5), which abrogates all peaceful verses (and they are few).

Well, none are so blind as those who won´t see. These politicians know, they are lying to us. And they know that the Muslim mass immigration of the enormous future birth surplus in Muslim Africa and Near East will drown us in this century, as shown by  The Washington Post 16 July 2013.

graf-danmarks-2ddemografi-thumb4This graph shows that Danes would be a minority in Denmark between 2035 and 2047  under the 2008 preconditions. I guess the Muslim mega immigration will accelerate this development.

And in their Masonic NWO that´s perfectly all right. For as their masters, the Jesuits say: “The end justifies the means” – Which is the destruction of Christianity and nation state.



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7 Responses to First Unambiguous EU Commission Credo to Political Islam (Sharia) as Europe´s Future

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  2. b. gast says:

    So Mogherini wants divide Europe in Muslims and “kafirs” by introducing political Islam. What does this discriminating apartheid loving fascist bitch does in the EU governement. It is the exactly political Islam that divides the peoples into “us “and “them” and she knows that. She has no clue what Europe and the European identity are. Democracies based on the universal human rights. Political Islam is based on the Koran and hadiths and the acts of Mohammed and divides the world in Muslims and non-Muslims and give Muslims all the power and degrade non-Muslims to second grade citizens. . Political Islam is pure apartheid policies. This woman is so evil, she should be fired.

  3. b. gast says:

    Listen Federica Mogherini: Political Islam divides peoples into Muslims an “Kafirs”, where Muslims rule over “kafirs”. Why do you want an antisemitic, homofobe, racist, discriminating, apartheid dictatorship, with de dead penalty for apostasy, just like ISIS tries to establish in Europe? This is the opposite of a free democracy based on the first article of Universal Human Rights Declaration. Religion should not play a role in politics in a secular democratic country. There are even many millions of Muslims who suffer under the political Islam. You cannot use your democratic universal human rights to abolish these of others, without denying and abolishing your own first. You, Mogherini have no clue what Europe and European identity are. You have also no clue what freedom and democratic human rights are. You have no clue what secularism is and you have no clue what political Islam is. If political Islam should be part of the picture of Europe it only can be by intimidation by powerfull corrupt lunatics like yourself or islamic terror by groupes like ISIS, not by using the free democratic human rights itself. You cannot use your or anyone’s democratic universal human rights to end those of others, that is not your democratic human right. You have no right to use your freedom of opinion to end that of others, your freedom of opinion ends at that of others. You cannot use your freedom of religion to abolish that of others, that is not your freedom of religion. And that is what you ‘re saying when you say political Islam will be part of the picture in Europe. Political Islam cannot be established in Europe without taking freedom and human rights away from others, because political Islam does not recognize the freedom an universal human rights of others and only thrives on dictatorship. And if islamic dictatorship happens happens I am not afraid to say that you Mogherini should be the first woman to be stoned for treason in public. By the way do you realise you would be in a country where political Islam is the system as in Saudi Arabia if you made the same statement in favor of free democracy there? This is the same explanation of a free based on universal human rights democracy as we have to explain to extremists and Jihadists. And you have to secure Europe? You should be so ashamed of yourself! You are either a very stupid woman or a pure evil and corrupt one.

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