New EU Plan for “Effective Immigration Stop” Driven by Popular Protest – Wool over Our Eyes Once Again to Lull Us Facing Coudenhove Kalergi´s/Sarkozy´s NWO-Mongrel Plan

The mass immigration to Europe has reached unbearable levels. Like swarms of rodents the birth surplus of the mainly Islamic 3. world are teeming into the EU, which has carefully paved their way by destabilizing Africa´s richest and most stabile country ousting Gaddafi – because he refused to let his country be destroyed by a Rothschild central bank (which the rebels (who can neither read nor reckon)  introduced immediately after Gaddafi´s fall) and because he preferred to skip th petro dollar in oil bargains.

parisghetto2Left: North Africa or Europe? This photo is from Paris 2013

At the same time EU countries/NATO are creating enormous flows of refugees from the euromediterranean processMiddle East through  bombing cities into ruins – and letting their digraceful allies, IS(IS) and AL Qaida (Al Nusra) terrorise the region. It´s a disgrace.

In its infinite hypocrisy, the EU now through the media will tell us that they really will stop the all-destroying tsunami of refugees – well knowing the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights prevent from returning more than a few of the migrants/refugees. For of course, the EU cannot return people to EU´s Euromediterranean partner states and their dictator partners there. Despite 650 000 returns decisions in 2004, only 164 000 were actually returned (with a fat check which can be renewed by repeated immigration!) to their home countries, leaving nearly 500 000 non-nationals in a de facto illegal situation. This will and cannot change without the EU unthinkably violating the its holy NWO Fundamental Rights Charta.

The goal of the EU is the pharisaic NWO one world state with a population of mongrels – as demanded by EU architect Coudenhove Kalergi and ex-Pres. Nicholas Sarkozy. Acc. to the Washington Post 16 July 2013, Europe will be much like North Africa and and the Middle East in this century, our welfare states already succumbing – first for indigenous pensioners. This is what the EU aims at and insolently conceals to us.

And the European suicide is strongly promoted by Jesuit Pope Francis and a decadent population.

The Guardian 23 June 2015EU leaders have decided to create a new system of quarantining migrants in southern Italy and Greece to enable the forcible and swift registration, fingerprinting, expulsion, and, if necessary, detention for up to 18 months of those deemed to be illegal immigrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya.

A summit of EU leaders on Thursday is to grapple with the Mediterranean refugee crisis and is likely to give EU police and border control agencies beefed up powers to use coercion in dealing with the influx in an attempt to increase the numbers of those sent back whence they came.

The Independent 23 June 2015:  In Calais, hundreds of desperate North African migrants attempt to board lorries bound for Britain after My FerryLink workers ‘break into’ Channel Tunnel and start fire, prompting cancellation of servicesmigrants-calais-banner-1



Ufox-guarding-hen-housender proposals from the European commission for the summit, the EU’s borders agency, Frontex, is to be granted new powers to initiate and carry out forced deportations. At the moment such action and decisions can only be taken by national authorities.

The summit is to offer Renzi mild relief by agreeing to take 40,000 asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece over two years and share them out. The leaders say the issue will be settled by next month although it is not clear whether that will be merely a coalition of the willing or whether there will be mandatory quotas (Which has been refused by e.g. Germany and France). Far from opening borders, Europe is closing down(??)

In the past 10 days France and Austria have closed borders with Italy and turned hundreds back (to Italy). The anti-immigrant rightwing Danish People’s party soared into second place as the real victor of last week’s general election in Denmark and is demanding the re-erection of border controls as the price for propping up a minority centre-right government. Hungary has  started building a four-metre-high wire curtain along its border with Serbia this week to keep migrants out. Hungary has exhausted her capacity having this year captured 60.620 illegal refugees – nearly all of them from Serbia

The Independent 24 June 2015: “We need help, they are aggressive, they are closing the doors so we don’t see what happens and they are trying to go into our trucks, they are stealing our goods,” cries one truck driver, who had just searched underneath her vehicle and in every possible gap to see whether any migrants had managed to hide. Another told Sky News that some are armed with knives “and they’re not afraid to use them”, leaving drivers powerless to tell them to get out.

migrants-calais2In Strasbourg on Tuesday, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, said Europe was facing a test it could not afford to fail.

Globally, nearly 60 million people are forcibly displaced. This is an all-time high that needs a record response.  (They are apparently to be snt to Europe). Other regions with many more refugees are closely watching this continent,” he told the Council of Europe. “Europe needs safer, regular, and orderly channels for migration and mobility.”

migrant-calais-under-lorry-3The Telegraph 24 June 2015: It is feared that the Calais Migrants are IS(IS) warriors trying to get to the UK

The summit document, however, focuses on keeping migrants out and quickly deporting those who do not qualify for asylum
.“The commission will set out by July 2015 how Frontex will bring immediate support to frontline states on return.

In emergency situations of large influxes as currently in Italy, the rules governing detention may be waived, meaning there is no need for “separate accommodation guaranteeing family privacy”, that venues other than prisons and detention facilities can be used to hold people, and the need for quick judicial review of the cases can be dropped. (Seems quite the same as now. People can then freely migrate nortwards)

What are we being exposed to?
The following graphs are from The Economist 19 May 2015. Mendacious NWO UN says more than 100.000 have arrived in 2015 as of 10 June 2015. However, Eurostat says that 185.000 first time asylum applicants arrived in the EU during the first 3 months of 2015.





Due to the EU´s Fundamental Rights, this will just go on increasing  rapidly. Our future is luminously clear: The Washington Post (above) is right: Europe is becoming a new North Africa / Middle East – unless Jesus Christ is coming soon to free us from the satanic NWO-EU. The geopolitical signs speak for that.




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2 Responses to New EU Plan for “Effective Immigration Stop” Driven by Popular Protest – Wool over Our Eyes Once Again to Lull Us Facing Coudenhove Kalergi´s/Sarkozy´s NWO-Mongrel Plan

  1. R Davis says:

    Someone please tell me how the worlds populated is ever increasing:
    why you ask – so that we feel better about the cull of the worlds population – but what will we feel when they come for us ?

    According to the World Food Programme.
    795 million people do not have enough to eat = 1 in every 9 people on earth.
    Poor nutrition causes 45% of death’s in children under 5 years of age = 3.1 million children each year.

    Falling Fertility.
    THOMAS MALTHUS predicted that population growth would outstrip the worlds food supply.
    In 1798 as industrialization swept through the developed world, fertility fell sharpley
    first France
    then Britain
    then Europe & America
    People got richer & families got smaller, as families got smaller people got richer.
    Now, similarily it is happening in the dveloping countries. Fertility is falling & families are shrinking in
    South Africa
    The fertility in half the world is now 2.1 or less, – the magic number that is consistant with a stable population – the replacement rate of fertility. Sometime between 2020 & 2050 the worlds fertility rate will fall below the worlds replacement rate.

    News Headlines.
    Japan’s population falls for the fourth straight year to its lowest point since 2000.
    The decline of 215.000 people betwen October 2013 – 2014 = 0.17 percent has brought the population down to 127.083 million, its lowest in 15 years.
    The offocial projections frresee a further fall of 40 million by 2060.

    Then we need to take in to account the numbers of peoples of the world that are being slaughtered in war zones such as South Africa, the Middle East & other warring countries.

    The there are the people who flee or a exiled forom their countries = the refugees who die in their hundreds each day, some drown trying to get to safety & some are discreetly executed as undesirables – SWARMS OF RODENTS.

    As Well.
    World wildlife populations dropped by more than 50% in the last 40 years.

  2. R Davis says:

    After ANGELA MERKEL won the last election –
    In a speech that she gave to the party faithful –
    Looked straight into the camers lens & said
    “Multiculturalism has not worked GO HOME”
    Who was Angela Merkel takling to ?
    the camera ?
    the viewers at home ?
    sending a message to the migrants ?
    What I wondered
    as I watched her on TV News & then youtube & several times over
    was this
    How intelligent is this woman ?
    like a 5 year old ?
    less ?
    the ruler of Germany
    the most powerful woman in the world

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