G7-Meeting 2015: Complete, Hypocritical, Looting, Communist One-World Government Agenda 21-Programme of the NWO Expressly Proclaimed

DWN 9. Juni 2015: The G7 leaders have filed their claim to shape the future of our planet“.
Their aim is to plunder the world through debt, free trade and unrestrained exploitation. They proclaim values” and mean unscrupulous enforcement of elitist interests.
They want to rule the world from the summit and will fail for exactly that reason.


Survey The G7 consists of “capitalist” Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States – but its NWO program declared below is genuine capitalist Communism: Enrichment of the bankster elite and poverty for the masses.

obama-merkelThe following minutes from the G7 Meeting in Germany on 7-8 June 2015 is the NWO Agenda 21 programme declaration.It is a typical mixture of lies, hypocrisy, cynicism, covert looting of the total population of the world – and justification of WWIII, which they call the “War on Terror“.

The G7 feel especially responsible for shaping the future of our planet. The year 2015 is a landmark for the issues of international cooperation and (Communist) sustainable development.

obama-merkel2Green, sustainable one-world Communism, redistribution of wealth under the excuse of non-existing global warming (“extreme weather” is caused by the G7 and Russia due to chemtrailing). Combating this phantasm can only be done through global concerted action, as the paper below states.
Terrible terrorism, in particular ISIS (created, trained, funded, and equipped by NATO/US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel) demands the eternal, Orwellian, wise warfare of the G7.
“G7 calls on all countries to combat the underlying causes of these crises.But the underlying main cause is the G7 and its ISIS partner.

Unspoken, the World needs the wise  realisation of EU-architect Coudenhove-Kalergi´s and Nicholas Sarkozy´s plan of racial mixing so that the white European race will be extinguished and Europeans will look like the ancient Egyptians.
Through their “war on terror” in Libya and the Middle east, the G7 procures the waves of refugees to accomplish this project. Nevertheless, the G7 promises to secure the countries´ “integrity” and peace!!!

There are ugly traffickers whose ships smuggle the refugees across the Mediterranean. But the biggest smugglers are NATO and the EU, which secure free passage of the more the better refugees.
Nevertheless, the EU is planning to invade Libya once again to fight the competitive smugglers and their indispensable, self-made ISIS.

Furthermore, the G7 will secure that we will have to pay direct taxes to the UN/IMF besides our CO2-, Flight, EU- etc. taxes and 0.7 % LDC-redistribution  to LDC dictator-Partners (practically not to the peoples there), all the while the G7 preach democracy.
Orwellian surveillance both of tax-payments and the citizens in general  is being provided. After the 2012 US National Defence Authorization Act, the US is a police state, where any dissident can be classified as a terrorist – and detained indefinitely without having been in court. This is incompatible with the G7 talk about Human rights.

Human rights and combating poverty are holy to the G7, all the while they are sending people in Asia and North Africa into poverty, death and misery by their bombing wars.

In the USA, people suffer under police violence and persecutions for expressing the wrong opinions. The G7 preach equality, while the US police are nearly always are shooting only non-whites.

The G7 preach Green/clean energy – meaning expensive technical import and loans from the world bank and the IMF with interest rates, increasing borrowing and dependence on the masters of the G7, the Illuminati banksters).

Of course, the G7 praises the final take-over of world government by  the bankster corporations  through the  TTIP und TPP.

The G7 repeatedly speaks of “freedom” – and is pulling one unpopular decree after another over our heads.
No people is free who have a Rothschild-controlled central bank.i.e. a BIS bank.  99.9 % of the peoples of the earth live as slaves under such banks – and those not accepting them were forced to have one (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya).

The G7 paper will be corroborated at the Bilderberg meeting this month in Austria. Authoriatarianism will be rebranded

The G7 is shaping the world by their “values”, sweeping aside Russia and China. This will be disastrous. And even worse: It is planned to be.

elmauWe, the  heads of state and government of the G7, have met on 7 and 8 June 2015 at Elmau for our annual summit – and guided by our shared values ​​and principles, we are committed to the values ​​of freedom and democracy and their universal accession to the rule of law and respect for human rights and the promotion of peace and safety.
Particularly given the numerous crises in the world we are as G7 nations united in our commitment to maintain freedom, sovereignty and territorial  integrity.

The G7 feels a responsibility to shape the future of our planet, in particular. The year 2015 is a landmark for issues of international cooperation and sustainable development.
The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) for global climate protection is crucial.

We are determined to create a fair and modern international tax system;
We encourage the G20 and the OECD to establish for this purpose a focused (control) monitoring process. We are committed  to promote the automatic exchange of information on cross-border tax rules (“tax rulings”) intensively.
In addition, we are looking forwards to the swift implementation of the new, global standards for automatic exchange of information by the end of 2017 or 2018.



We will immediately speed the work on all TTIP (and TPP) issues, thereby ensuring progress on all elements of the negotiations, with the goal of  achieving as soon as possible, preferably by the end of this year, an agreement on the broad lines of an agreement

We support every effort to maintain the sovereign equality of all states, and respect their territorial integrity and political independence. We are concerned about current conflicts, which point to an erosion of respect for international law and global security.

We are extremely concerned about the growing and unprecedented global currents
 of refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants, caused by a
variety of conflicts and humanitarian crises, difficult economic and
ecological conditions and repressive regimes.

We reaffirm our obligation to prevent and combat the (EU / NATO) smuggling of migrants   and to uncover, prevent and suppress human trafficking within and outside our borders. We call on all countries to combat the underlying causes of these crises which have so many innocent victims.
Comment: However, the main cause is the G7 and its ISIS- partner and here   and here.
Tolerance, respect for universal human rights and fundamental freedoms,
including religious freedom, are denied, heritage will be destroyed and millions of people are driven from their homes.

IMMIGRAZIONE: FIRENZE; RILASCIATI 60 PERMESSI TEMPORANEILeft: In Morocco and Tunisia, the  Muslim refugees / migrants get a thorough training course in how to handle the paragraphs in the EU and how and where to get the best benefits. Italy delivers the teachers, takes the migrants / refugees – and offers them free transit to the rich countries of Northern Europe (ANSA-med 6. Febr. 2014 !).

Combating terrorism and its funding has  high priority with the G7.
In this regard, we welcome the continuing efforts of the Global Coalition to combat ISIS.

As is evident from the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC, there is an urgent
and concrete action to combat climate change. We reiterate our firm commitment, as part of the Climate Change Conference in December this year in Paris (COP21) to reach a protocol, another legal for an agreed outcome with legal effect under the framework agreement the United Nations Convention on Climate  (UNFCCC) which should apply to all Parties and is ambitious, stable and comprehensive, and reflects evolving national circumstances

global-temp.HadCRUT4 GlobalMonthlyTempSince1958 AndCO2Left: Global Temperature – HadCRUT4: No warming over the past 18 years. Red is CO2 – which increases witout affecting the temperature!!!

In advance of the Paris Conference on Climate Change (COP21), the G7 call on all countries, to also submit papers. We reiterate our firm commitment to the Copenhagen agreement to annually raise 100 billion US dollars from a variety of both public and private sources in the context of significant mitigation measures (to LDC dictators) and transparency in the implementation by 2020.

Together with all parties to the UNFCCC reduce the upper end of the recent IPCC recommendations of 40 up to 70% greenhouse gas by 2050 as compared to 2010. Here we acknowledge that this challenge can be met only through a global approach.
2015 is a milestone for sustainable development at the international level.

Through (sustainable) Agenda (21), the remaining tasks of the Millennium
development goals should be completed, eliminating extreme poverty, nobody left behind, inequalities reduced, the global transition towards sustainable economies accelerated, sustainable management of natural resources and promote peace, good governance and Human Rights be strengthened.

We are committed to building a new global partnership based on universal validity and shared responsibility.

Of course, the United States does not want peace: 1) Obama is so unpopular with the military that he can expect another coup attempt if he does not keep his military at bay  with wars. 2) Wars are gold mines for the military industrial complex, the politicians and banksters. In the period from 1996 – 2013, the Pentagon could not account for 8.5 trillion dollars !! (Reuters 18 Nov. 2013). 3) Shared responsibility means submission to US policy – or a sound thrashing ensues.



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  1. R Davis says:

    There are cracks appearing on the Earths surface
    Even over a mile long
    Pits of quicksand forming
    There are sink hole happenings in peoples back yards & on roadways even
    The Daily Mail ran a story last year withsome brilliant pix
    The oil / gas / underground water that was pumped out from under the sands of the Middle East over the last 100 years or so.
    How far down did they reach /?
    How far away did they come from /?
    There are said to be sinkholes & cracks happening as far as Europe.
    The stuff they took out from under the ground must have left a massive & far reaching void.
    So Anders, while the selfappointed & efficiently greedy power brokers of the planet are on course to snatch & grab everything in sight
    God / mother nature – also has a thrill in store for them.
    Prophecy is not according to the Jews, for they are prone to confict of interest fallacy.
    It is time / the time has come / the end of an era – etc.
    Eyes on the ground as you walk for a while – hey.
    Stay cool man !

  2. R Davis says:

    barrel of oil extracted per day X 100 years =
    * how far
    * it can only go so deep because of the heat from the core of the earth
    a) water
    b) gas
    c) oil
    will tell us how far it travelled to the Middle Eastern oil rigs.
    Therefore we have a rough estimate of how big the void under the surface of the earth is.

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