The EU Will Cooperate with Depopulation Institution, the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”´s, Accelerating Monsanto´s Cancerogenic (WHO) and Sterilizing GMO/Round-up Campaign against Malnutrition in LDCs

IMonsanto-GMO-Cancer-Study-3-Wide have recently written on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation´s population reduction efforts through sterilisating, disabling, deadly vaccinations and poisonous, WHO-Declared cancerogenic and foetus-damaging Monsanto GMO/Round-up cereals. The hybrid GMOs have driven 183.000 Indian farmers to commit suicide.  Their Project Green Africa is now repeating the tragedy – although Monsanto´s GMO only yields 97% of traditional maize.
Bill Gates is a Monsanto shareholder and can now expect larger dividends.

GMO expert at Greenpeace International, Dr Jan van Aken, said: Genetically Engineered food appears to be acting as a birth control agent, potentially leading to infertility (The Daily Mail 12 Nov. 2008).

Infowars 3 June 2015: When  the World Health Organization recently declared that the herbicide ingredient glyphosate (Round-up) was ‘probably carcinogenic,’ numerous countries responded with bans, serious inquiries, and boycotts of Monsanto’s Roundup.

Now the EU joins this horrible program in the name of  NWO philanthropy!

EurActiv 4 June 2015: The European Commission unveiled a major partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Wednesday (3 June), announcing a new fund to tackle global malnutrition.Development Commissioner Neven Mimica confirmed the EU’s commitment to helping partner countries reduce the number of children who are chronically undernourished by at least seven million by 2025, announcing €23.5 million in funds for a new initiative: the National Information Platforms on Nutrition .
This initiative is expected to be a major step forward in providing partner countries with the tools to better monitor progress in the reduction of malnutrition, to improve information and analysis about nutrition.

“In the past 25 years, extreme mortality has been cut in half, child mortality has been cut by half, maternal mortality is almost down by half. Those are MDGs 1, 4 and most of 5. Now that the world [is converging on] a new set of sustainable Development Goals, we know much more than we knew years ago, when MDGs were set,” Melinda Gates said, insisting that is important now is to get the sustainable Development Goals targets right, and make sure that they are financed.
Focusing on technology, on R&D, is not enough. It is possible to create the greatest vaccines, but the effect is diminished if we can’t get a woman to allow polio drops in her child’s mouth, or shots in their arm, Gates said.”
“Bill and I said that’s a good time for us to step up with our investment. Our foundation will double-down on nutrition. We are [providing] $776 million for the next six years and we hope this will unlock more funding from other partners,” the philanthropist said.

If the EU would stick to its declared mandate – to really monitor the Gates´GMO effects in all details, including the frequency of diseases and suicides, it might be a good idea the EU has had.
However, that´s not how it works in the Masonic, corporate, fraternal NWO

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