How Primitively the NWO Is tricking You into Compliance with Agenda 21 One-World

control-toolsActivist Post 24 May 2015  The globalists need the following tools for survival. To the globalist controllers these 10 tools are a matter of life and death.

1 – Global warming/Climate change psyop
2 – Government “scientific consensus”
3 – Geoengineering and chemtrails spraying
4 – ISIS psyop
5 – Secret global trade agreements
6 – Debt-based dollar fraud
7 – Lobbyist-to-law cycle
8 – Left-Right paradigm
9 – Illuminati/CIA’s mainstream media
10 – Entertainment distraction

So, these NWO constructed problems are being churned into your head by the media in the morning, at noon, in the evening – so that you even dream about these man made dangers.
Thereby, you are growing ripe for the NWO solution: The one world Communist Agenda 21 Paradise where discussion and dissent are totally unknown concepts.

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  1. Maitland says:

    I have a proposition for creating a wiki about all the issues that we’re interested in.

    These websites provide all the necessary tools:

    You can help by asking questions about certain topics.
    These become objectives, which can then be worked upon.
    On the Job Boards, you can either submit a request or choose a subject that your most interested in. Trello seems to be the most efficient way of doing this. For this purpose, I’ve been recruiting people on websites such as Twitter, with the current number of contributors being 3.

    This includes Adeybob, Critick2014, and AnarchoGreen.

    Number of requests: 378
    Number of people who’ve made their own Trello account: 3

    This makes the success rate out to be 0.8%, or 1 out of 126 people. Based on my experiences with a DeviantART group, (Which started to gain attention once its membership reached 450 people), I estimate that 500 members are needed before this wiki can be considered a success. To achieve this goal, about 63,000 invitations need to be sent (126 x 500 = 63,000).

    This can be made possible by sending this message to those who already have a large following and may be willing to promote it, while asking others to do the same. In particular, the websites that would benefit from such a wiki.

    If you decide you want to join, I can make you a member if you tell me the Username you selected.
    You can reach me via

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