IS(IS) among Boat Migrants. EU preparing Big Action with Warships to Save Boat Migrants, possibly Libya Invasion. No One to Be Returned to Africa.

The Daily Mail 17 May 2015 and here: Islamic State is smuggling fighters into Europe by telling them to shave their beards and disguise themselves as refugees. They speak fluent English and French, an investigation has found.

Below: Migrants waiting in Libya for safe transfer to Europe via NATO war ships – working as taxi-ships ordered by refugees who sail just a few kilometers out before ordering help via their powerful satellite phones. And it works, as a rule.


The militants are using gangs trafficking migrants over the Mediterranean to get IS members to the West.
Such jihadists are considered ‘prize operatives’ because they can travel undetected around Europe – and to Britain.

IS is also funding terrorism by taxing the people smugglers on a 50/50% basis – acc. to Abdul Basit Haroun, adviser to the Libyan government’s intelligence service, who said he had spoken to boat owners operating in IS-controlled areas.
The extremists make £60,000 per boat of refugees who attempt the journey, it is claimed. Based on the number who crossed the Mediterranean last year – around 219,000 – IS could be making millions each year from the crisis.

The group is thought to be forcing families in refugee camps on the borders of Lebanon and Jordan to flee to Libya. The migrants are forced to join IS or take a seven-day Sharia law course before travelling to Europe.

They use the boats for their people who they want to send to Europe as the European police don’t know who is from IS and who is a normal refugee or not.
Aimen Dean, a former spy for UK security services, said jihadists were travelling with migrants because it meant they would have ‘no biometric data [in Europe] … no fingerprints, no nothing … these are really prized operatives’.

ISIS-in-RomeThis is not the first time the jihadist group has identified Rome, the home of Christianity, as a symbolic target.
However, this and other photos from Rome are from the disinforming Rita Katz NWO studio in Tell Aviv – which has released disinformation like Jihadist John´s faked beheading.

Previously the militants’ magazine Dabiq published a mock-up of the black IS flag flying over St Peter’s Square, in the Vatican.

European border agency Frontex has warned fighters may be using ‘irregular migration routes’. It said resources were not being devoted to ‘screening’ migrants and that ‘not knowing who is travelling within the EU is a vulnerability’.

Deutsche Welle 18 May 2015: Beginning in June, an ambitious EU program and  here will deploy surveillance aircraft and warships off the coast of Libya, where most of the ill-fated vessels have set sail (for Europe)
Ahead of the meeting, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said that “the highest priority is to rescue the migrants in peril at sea.” The EU hopes to identify, intercept and possibly sabotage the traffickers’ ships in an effort to quash this particular “business model.”
However, the program approval may be pointless unless the EU is successful in winning a UN resolution backing military action against the smugglers. German boats have already been sent to rescue the migrants and then sink the traffickers’ vessels.
The controversial measure for distributing quotas of migrants throughout the EU has sparked an outcry in some countries such as Poland, Hungary, France, and the Czech Republic, while the UK has said it refuses to participate.

The EU rubbish is empty theatre performance for gullible citizens. Nevertheless, the EU  is preparing a UN-Resolution for a military Libya operation. But it will not return the ISIS or other Muslim refugees/Colonizers to their previously Christian regions: They are to islamize Europe for the NWO – and the plan is ready, authored by the Muslim Brotherhood. And IS(IS) is to help bring about the plan to make us submit to Muslim terror.

Since the EU – the model of the NWO one world state – has long ago decided to destroy and here the white race and make Europeans multicultural nongrels (Coudenhove Khalergi and Nicolas Sarkozy) the EU must do something to pull the wool over the eyes of white EU citizens. The means is a usual lies and hypocrisy.

The EU should notice that the percentage of Muslims in populations is mathematically related to Muslim riots.

muslim-caliphateThe plan to let IS(IS) warriors invade Europe to terrorise us to submisssion in order to establish the Medieval European Caliphate – a nightmare of Muslim Jihad terror –  as a first step has been officially declared by IS(IS)  3 months ago. IS(IS) is now in control of Libya – thanks to the well-prepared chaos made by NATO ousting Ghaddafi and destroying his Libya which was rhe richest country in North Africa – as they have done in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

If the EU does not heed this IS(IS) project warning by returning all boat refugees to Africa – it can only be another sign of its affiliation with its false Flag IS(IS), which it is supporting through its NATO member countries alongside with Israel and the Gulf states.

Fyens Stiftstidende 16 May 2015  and Politiken 16 May 2015:  While both Danish and European politicians are reluctant to copy the so-called Australia model where both refugees and migrants are consistently rejected and returned, a majority of the Danish population is prepared to use the Australian model.

A poll  shows that just 60 percent of Danes believe that the EU should prevent new boats with refugees and migrants coming across the Mediterranean by stopping boats, redirect them and put the passengers in camps outside Europe .
Demograph Poul Christian Matthiesen: – The point of an Australia-model should be that both migrants and traffickers must be made to understand that Europe is closed, otherwise there will be uncontrollable immigration.
Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, research director at the Institute for Human Rights, says there is no doubt that the Australia model would be against the European countries’ obligations under the Convention on Human Rights and the UN Refugee Convention.

But if the will was there, a suicidal convention could be terminated.

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  1. R Davis says:

    Hello Anders,
    Everyone & their dog & the cat & the fleas on them all are multi-lingual over there. My friend Andrew Angelios, who is of a Greek father & an Egyption mother, he speaks Greek, Egyption, Arabic, French, Turkish, Italian, he is 56 years old & he came to Australia as a teen.
    His father also spoke German, Polish, Russian & several other languages as well.
    Terrorists, troups, agitators, neo-Nazi’s are flown in especially & on mass.
    The Daily Mail need to be shut down for the sham & waste of money that they are.

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