NWO Central Banks Planning to abolish Cash in Order to Prevent Us from Changing Currency and from Saving Our Savings from Penalty Interest in Looming Financial Crisis

BIS Committee  suggests central banks prepare crisis measures to support market-making, including the potential for direct intervention in critical markets. Central banks should strengthen measures to support market-making in the event of crises (Risk.Net 26 Nov. 2015).  

“The banksters, who nearly tanked the global market in their collective effort to loot the peoples of the world, are operating out of “larger than ever” big banks.
They are not only “too big to fail,” but too big to contain. The derivatives have not been stopped or controlled; leveraging ratios are still out of control; and bank runs could happen at anytime, subjecting big banks to desperate calls on cash they would be unable to fulfill; apparently everything they have is loaned out and sometimes demanded back “each and every day.”
The entire thing is a dangerous high wire act (Activist Post 11 May 2015). 


Central banksters  are really preparing  for a big financial crisis to revolutionize the world´s financial system. Probably, they are preparing for the one world curremcy – apparently a digitalized  one without cash.

For the first time since its establishment in 1818 The Danish Central Bank, Nationalbanken, will be discontinuing the printing of new fiat in 2016. They will outsource the printing of money to a private business or businesses, this part remains unclear.
(The Nationalbank was established in 1818, probably as Rothschild´s condition for lending Denmark money after the state bankruptcy in 1813, due to debt owed to Rothschild. The public is not allowed to know the full list of shareholders).

sole-financial-adviser-to-danish-governmentToday, Rothschild is the sole Financial adviser to the Danish Government  (scroll down – see right to Danish flag)

Crenditen-anstiegonsequently, interest rates on state bonds are skyrocketing, as investors lose confidence and flee from these papers.

However – it is not that easy:  DWN 7 May 2015:  Markets are losing confidence  in ECB CEO Mario Draghi´s arts.   10-year state bonds rose for the 8. day in a row.

state-bondsThe course of state bonds was massively nosediving – but then suddenly some wealthy investor (central banks?) bought these papers massively. Below the long-term yield of bonds.

interest rates 11 may




Our fiat currency will only be worth the paper it is printed on. The top-heavy, Western, socialist, welfare-state societies will collapse under their own weight.
The New American 7 May 2015:  According to a February 23, 2015 report from the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI), the QE deluge is  Eleven trillion dollars since the 2008 crisis.

Cabolition2entral banks are discussing cash-ban in order to stop global bank run. Apparently, they know more about the actual state of the financial system than they admit to the public. 
DWN 2 Mai 2015: The major financial institutions appear to consider the possibility of a crash as very realistic and are preparing for it.
Central banks will discuss the most effective punishment for holding cash at a meeting.

The official reason for these measures is the “war on terror“. In fact,  the measure is a new form of financial repression.

How serious the situation is emerges from  the view into the future risked by the Neue Zürche Zeitung  – albeit only as a theoretical thought experiment. Acc. to this view,  the negative interest rate would have to increase up to 5%  to get the emerging financial crisis under control. This is an unimaginably large number and would, acc. to the NZZ, lead to a massive flight into cash. How oppressive the present penalty interest is emerged recently from the example of Swiss pension funds. They have withdrawn their money from the banks on a large scale,  storing it  in cash in safes in order to escape the financial repression.

cashless_society-infographicTo avoid such a bank-run the most radical method would be banning cash.
(Cash is largely “outdated” –  left the payment rates with credit cards in percentages)


At an international conference, the central banks of Switzerland, the US and the euro area are discussing other possible restrictions on cash. Central banks want to ensure that higher penalty interest can be enforced.
Recently, some thinkers had brought out the idea of ​​a ban on cash.
The Baader Bank formally  expects cash to be abolished to enforce expected, painful penalty interest on savings.

In late May, a cpuncturing-your-dreamonference will take place  in London on this theme. The  Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported that precisely those economists will have their say, who have distinguished themselves in the past few months as pioneers of cash abolition.
At the meeting representatives of central banks from Switzerland, Denmark, the euro zone and the US will participate, as well.
Because of possible global bank runs, but also due to a further loss of confidence in the global financial institutions, the abolition of cash is also  in the foreground in this context.

Denmark has moved one step closer to the status as the world’s first cashless society .
The Independent 7 May 2015: The Danish government has said that starting next year, companies such as clothing retailers, restaurants and service stations will no longer be required by law to accept cash.

DWN 2. Mai 2015: French Finance Minister Michel Sapin has announced a drastic restriction of the use of cash in France. As the newspaper Le Parisien reported  citizens will be strictly monitored from September 2015 if they make payments in cash: – The limit for cash payments will be reduced from 3,000 euros to 1,000 euros. – Tourists can only pay up to 10,000 euros in cash, so far it was 15,000 euros. – If a Frenchman wants to exchange euros for another currency, he is only allowed do exchange 1,000 euros without identification. So far, the French could buy foreign currencies for up to 8,000 euros. – If a bank customer takes out more than 10,000 euros a month from his account, the bank must report the transaction to the Money Laundering Authority TRACFIN.

In Greece, all bills of more than 70 euros must be paid by credit or debit cards only.
abc News 8 May 2015: Australia seems to be  deciding to tax all savings shortly.

In Griechenland müssen alle Rechnungen von mehr als 70 Euro nur noch mit Kredit- oder Scheckkarten bezahlt werden.

abc News 8 May 2015: Australia seems to be about to tax all savings.

bail-im-bail-outDWN 8 Mai 2015:  In the EU, a further tightening of control of personal finances by the tax authorities is emerging. Greece is making a start and has granted the tax collectors direct access to the bank accounts of citizens.

In preparation for this, the EU has abolished  bank secrecy some time ago. In addition, the government in Madrid has introduced a law, by which bank deposits in the country are subject to a fixed tax of 0.03 percent.

 The  Washington Times 30 April 2015: The Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced this week on its website that in March, Russia bought approximately 30 tons of gold, bringing its total gold reserves to 1,238 metric tons.When coupled with recent geopolitical history, Russia hoarding gold is a sign of things to come. It is a window into the mind of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia sees the decline of the economic power of the West and is preparing for the day when the tables will turn.
Our political Fed has intervened to keep interest rates artificially low. Even a one percent rise in interest rates will be hundreds of billions of debt service costs, something we simply can’t afford. This is where the gold-backed ruble will hit the road. We’re broke!

Indeed there are may signs that the Illuminati banksters are preparing for the next step in their Chaos plan to build their NWO one world state/Agenda 21.

Also,  gold standard is being advocated  by very strong forces including Rockefeller´s Austrian School of Economics: Business Insider 5 May 2015: There’s a new cryptocurrency coming to the market. It’s backed by gold.

hayek1DWN 12 Mai 2015: You can acquire a new crypto-currency, the Hayek,  by first buying gold and then deposit on an  Anthem Vault account. Then the precious metal can be changed into the digital currency.
(However, how pure is the gold at the analysis at Anthem´s?  Look here. Such a currency is highly a matter of confidence. Can a Rockefeller/Austrian School pupil be trusted?).

Anthem Vault, the metals and technology company, will launch the coin on May 25.
The coin will “be valued at 1 gram of gold at the day’s market price, and will serve as a more secure store of value than Bitcoin,” according to the press release. It will be called the Hayek, “after the Nobel-winning Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek.”

The CEO of Anthem Vault is Anthem Hayek Blanchard who has been  indoctrinated into Rockefeller´s Austrian School of Economics.

Irothschild-nathan-british-money-supplyt would enable Rothschild – who owns most of the Gold of the world – to totally regulate the money supply of the world – and there would be money scarcity and poverty.

EU-bank-robberyThe New American 7 May 2015:  The Cyprus gambit introduced a new form of theft, euphemistically called a “bail-in,” which pays off the banksters with funds confiscated from bank customers, i.e., savers.
Larnaca resident Panikos Demetriou told the BBC: He had 80,000 euros ($86,000) seized from his savings account. “The money came from  the sale of my house.”  Thousands of Cypriots experienced the same thing.,
As we have pointed out in previous articles, the financial elite at the IMF, World Bank, and the central banks now intend to repeat the Cyprus theft on a much grander scale.

IMFCThe chorus of Wall Street insiders, think tanks, central bankers, academics, and media pundits calling for supersizing the IMF. They are receiving their primary direction from that premier brain trust of one-worldism, the Council on Foreign Relations. The plan has been adopted by the G8 and G20 several times.

Here are the core “reforms” that the globalists insist must be adopted to avert global systemic risk:
1) The IMF must be given vast new global financial regulatory powers.
2) The IMF must be given huge new infusions of capital through member country “subscriptions.”
3) The IMF must be encouraged to issue debt bonds to finance global loans.
4) The IMF must be “legitimized” by giving China and other emerging nations weighted votes in IMF policies.



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