Through European Song Contest NWO Homosexualism Is to Be Foisted on Youth and Austrians as Normality

LATEST: EUbusiness 15 may 2015:  Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is to wed his gay partner on Friday, becoming the first European Union leader to enter into a same-sex marriage, a symbol of growing social change across the continent.

I recently wrote about an overlooked aspect of the NWO: Homosexualism in the public space as an aggressive method to break down family and all morality  – as prescribed by Adam Weishaupt´s and Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s Illuminati 6-point-plan.

Now the annual European Song Contest has developed into a forum of propaganda for this unnatural way of life – a prominent NWO anti-culture  It is produced by the European Broadcasting Union:
Wikipedia:  Most EU states are part of this organisation and therefore the EBU has been subject to supranational legislation and regulation. 

Conchita WurstThe Daily Mail 12 May 2015:  About 40 countries are taking part in the 2015 Eurovision contest and the final will be held on May 23 in Vienna.

Launched ahead of the city’s hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest, Vienna´s traffic lights are programmed to show male or female gay couples with hearts
The aim of the campaign is to present Vienna as an open-minded city
The competition has long been a fixture on the international gay calendar





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6 Responses to Through European Song Contest NWO Homosexualism Is to Be Foisted on Youth and Austrians as Normality

  1. Klemens says:

    “Israel Becomes Gay Mecca Of The World, While, Next Door, Palestinians Are Kept Prisoner In Open Air Concentration Camps”.
    very interesting YouTube about the “Homo-Sex-Problems”

  2. Balder says:

    The funny thing is, that although all this gay & other sex bushit is being promoted as good and normal, actually no people who I spoke to and very few people whose comments I red in papers etc. buy it. It seems to me there still is a vast majority who rejects most of this extremism.

  3. Anders says:

    Hallo, Balder.

    When an opinion – however repulsive – is presented in the media often enough it will in the end be accepted as “normality”.
    People only accept what they hear in the TV news.


  4. Balder says:

    Hi Anders,

    What I am trying to say is, there are areas where the human instincts are so strong that even prolonged and extreme brainwashing cannot change that for real. It is the same with muslim mass immigration. One rarely meets people who are supportive of it, and most people I meet in very different circumstances and at many different levels, have a healthy antipathy towards most Muslims. This goes even for the most indoctrinated brainwashed groups of all; people in the teaching profession, kindergarden and institution personel. The anitpathy doesn’t stop with the usual bothersome Muslim young males and their only slightly less bothersome fathers. Everyone who has to do with immigrants generally despises them, even girls who are less aggressive and provocative. Everybody knows thes people cannot live and act by Danish standards; in the first place, most of them are simply too stupid, and it takes ages to try to communicate with them.

    But people still vote for the parties that cater for immigrants, and still profess their love for multiculturalism and “diversity” when speaking and acting in public.

    Yes, it is here the brainwashing and propaganda has done its job. But only here. On the outside! Whenever one gets close to a person and gains his or her trust, you will see that the ideals and preferences of most ordinary people are not that far from the ideas held by so called “nationalists” and “patriots” or “right wing extremists”, as the real extremists like to call everybody who opposes their schemes.

    All the acceptance, and the “embracing” of homosexuality etc. are only surface phenomenon. Inside most people normal instincts still play a role.

    The moral is, that although desception has come a long way, the potential for change is right beneath the surface. Brainwashing merely affects the way people act outwardly, in public, because of the supposed social pressure.

  5. Balder says:

    When I say “supposed social pressure” in the above, it is because it is exactly this supposed social pressure which is the illusionists’ weapon of choice. What is “social pressure”? It depends completely on your vantage point. If you belief in the social pressure, there is social pressure. The less one beliefs that taboos are all mighty and powerful, and the more confident one is about ones ideas the less social pressure there is. Because “social pressure” works mainly via self censorship. The belief that other people will despise you if they know you vote for this or that party often only is a belief, and often it shows that the other people kept their mouths shut because they think the same about you. It is effective, and worked well in the DDR where everybody suspected everybody else of being a STASI informer, but it can also easily been broken down!

    Trust yourself, and trust in the underlying sanity of other people, you may take a few blows once in a while, but it is the only way to go.

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