Demise of the Occident: EU/NATO Gladly Transporting Its Self-made Refugees by the Thousands a Day from Libya to Europe

As I have previously so often written the EU/NATO do all they can to attract Muslim migrants to Europe, bombing their homes.
NATO ally, ISIS, has even declared its will to send its warriors disguised as boat refugees  to Europe to establish the terror necessary for the re-establishment of the Medieval Muslim Caliphate. As in the Middle East, these Israeli and  NATO partners will be received with gratitude for their indispensable operations for the NWO Chaos.

And they are being given safe conduct by EU/NATO.

ISIS-Throws-gay-fromm-tall-buildingThe EU/NWO is making homosexuality normality – and “hate” speech to criticise it (see my next post). Nevertheless, the Israel/NATO ally, ISIS, treats gays as shown on this photo and here. The gay person is being thrown out from a tall building. Should he still be alive after the fall the mob below will kill him.
This shows the EU/NATO supports this barbarian ideology more than their beloved gays
both links in the NWO´s desperate attempt to change  natural into unnatural, good into evil et vice versa

MOAS rescue 105 migrants in rubber dinghy October 4, 2014. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/MOAS

MOAS rescue 105 migrants in rubber dinghy October 4, 2014.
Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/MOAS

The refugees sail a short distance to sea, then send SOS signal to the Italian navy  which immediately comes and “saves” them, giving the migrants a safe lift to Italy. For of course, the migrants are equipped with powerful satellite phones and the number of the Italian navy.From Italy, the migrants can freely go to the countries with the best welfare systems – thus yhrough their great number and lack of skills rapidly destroying these welfare systems – as well as the culture which created it.

That the Muslims have shown their contempt for us Christians (and even more for atheists) by throwing 12 Christian passengers over board rather seems to promote the EU´s desire to import Muslims.

EUObserver 15 May 2015: Italian officials say some 5,800 were plucked from the sea on Sunday (3 May) and Saturday. The migrants were taken to southern Italian ports.

The weekend rescues were sharply criticised by French far-right politician Marine Le Pen who told Europe-1 radio on Sunday that France should ship migrants back to the north African shore so “traffickers know that no migrant will come ashore on our coasts”.
EUObserver 4 May 2015: Plans for more money and boats to expand the EU’s surveillance mission Triton in the Mediterranean have yet to be realised as migrants continue to attempt to make the perilous sea journey.
EU leaders late last month announced plans at an emergency summit to “rapidly reinforce” Triton and its smaller Poseidon mission after around 1,700 people drowned.
The proposal includes tripling Triton’s monthly budget to some €9 million per month so that it can lease extra military vessels and other assets pledged by member states.

The commission is hoping to present an amending budget to the European Parliament and the Council by mid-May.
The EU-led mission is technically limited to a 30 nautical mile range along the Italian coast although discussions on expanding its operational scope are taking place between the EU’s border agency, Frontex, which coordinates the sea missions, and Italy, Greece, and Malta.

Any notion that the EU could imitate Australia’s asylum mission, which includes offshoring people to nearby islands to process their asylum requests, were dismissed.

By their rescue” actions,  the EU incites  migrants to risk the voyage across the Mediterranean  for lifelong maintenance.
Last year, some 219,000 refugees and other migrants crossed the Mediterranean, and at least 3,500 lives were lost, the UNHCR reports.  That means, that only 1.6% perished – a small calculated risk – taken by the migrants.

The number of asylum claims in the EU rose to 626,065 in 2014, up from 435,190 in 2013, the European Commission reports,

On 20 Febr. 2015, I wrote: In the Framework of the Euromediterranean Process/the Union for the Mediterranian, Italy is facilitating the migration of North African Muslims to Europe.

AIMMIGRAZIONE: FIRENZE; RILASCIATI 60 PERMESSI TEMPORANEINSAmed FEBRUARY 6, 2015: Sponsoring informed and aware immigration, as well as an effective cooperation in managing flows with countries boasting over half a million migrants in Italy – including Tunisia and Morocco – is the main object of the IPRIT project (regular immigration routes in Italy).  The initiative is funded by  the interior ministry.

The project vies to help Tunisians and Moroccans who want to move to Italy by training 25 operators in each country in the public and social sectors who will be able to help would-be immigrants, once they have been trained.
Guides in Italian and French have been prepared to explain Italian immigration laws. Participants will also have an Arabic dictionary on terms related to immigration and a book explaining Italy’s social security system in relation to immigrants.
Also examined are the Italian-Tunisian social security convention and the agreement of ‘‘partnership on mobility’signed by Tunisia and the EU, which includes a clause of non-discrimination including many verdicts by Italian and European magistrates.

The demise of Europe is given, deliberate and decided.

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