TTIP: Final Phase of Secret High Treason Sale of Europe to Bankster Corporation Dictatorship

Abstract: A surreptitious usurpation of our sovereignty and wealth is being prepared by the EU and the USA on behalf of Rockefeller´s/Brzezinski´s Trilateral Commission:  The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – alongside with a Transpacific Partnership. It intends to take over all of our legislation to make it  fit for legalizing maximal looting of our states and citizens – as well as to control  our minds by means of intensive internet censorship. A similar partnership has been negotiated with Canada – as a jumping board for multinationals.

The UNCTAD of Rockefeller´s UN plans big one-world government with attacks on tax competition alongside with demands for greater seizure of wealth from the citizens to finance this bigger government and furthermore,  the abolition of financial privacy worldwide for global taxation.

The Commission proposal introduces a system that brings each new environmental, health and labor standard at European and national levels in risk

Most sensitive is a corporation / state arbitration board with parity for the corporations – completely independent of civilian EU and national courts. Many profitable  lawsuits are expected – and the taxpayers will pay the money. Already, Italy and Spain have such problems with the Energy Charter Treaty.
Monsanto, which owns the US government, obtains free access to the European market and with complaints, it can sweep  any resistance to its toxic GMO / Round-up products off the table.

UNCTAD calls for a “global New Deal” similar to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt´s in the 1930s. This would mean absolutely independent revenue sources (taxes) for the UN, mass redistribution of wealth, enforcement actions, kangaroo courts.

583,000 jobs in the EU will be lost by 2025, exports will shrink as will the gross domestic product. Wages and tax revenues will fall. But these key figures will rise in the United States. Those who benefit in the EU, are capital assets.

The EU said the agreement could increase annual economic output by 0.5%! The German industry association BDI, was forced to cut its estimate of economic benefits through the  TTIP for Europe by a factor of 10 from the original 100 million euros estimate.

For these 30 Judas silver coins “our” politicians are selling our freedom and sovereignty to the Communist one-world government, the Agenda 21, of Rothschild´s corporations.


EUObserver 1 May 2015:  A six-person Regulatory Scrutiny Board will be tasked with scrutinising impact assessments for new bills to make sure they do not impose unnecessary burdens on businesses and evaluating the costs of existing laws. All impact assessments will require a positive opinion from the Board before the draft law is considered by the 28 commissioners. Three of the Board members will be hired from outside the EU institution.
Finance Watch spokesman Joost Mulder says it is “in practice likely to give the financial industry an even bigger say on the supposedly technical implementation of political agreements.”

The Investor State Dispute Settlement of the TTIP/CETA
TTIP-stoppenDWN 01 05 15:“States should not sign contracts with international companies when arbitration clauses (ISDS) are included, says Pia Eberhardt of  the Corporate Europe Observatory. These contracts represent a dangerous threat backdrop with which global politics is made. Taxpayers have to pay for the consequences – often without even being aware of them.  Italy and Spain are already caught  in a similar trap: the Energy Charter Treaty.

In future CETA complaints, investors will continue to have the privilege  to determine 50% of the judges of the Tribunal. The CETA agreement does not even forbid  these referees to work alongside as lawyers for investors in other processes – a screaming conflict of interest.
There is absolutely no justification for any special private property rights courts and special courts for foreign investors.

In terms of TTIP, the European Commission has recently made it clear that it absolutely wants to include  ISDS  in the TTIP negotiations, i.e. here no rethinking is evident “(ISDS = Investor State Dispute Settlement).

On 2 Dec. 2013 I wrote i.a.:  The perspective of the TTIP is wide-ranging: David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Trilateral Commission makes full steam ahead: At the same time, negotiations are run on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ( TTIP ) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) under pressure from the Fed/Wall Street puppet, Pres. Obama. The aim is to fuse a belt of regions around the world: a North American Union, the EU/ the Union for the Mediterranean, which is to extend to the Persian Gulf, as well as a far Eastern region. Unwilling states  in the middle (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran) are to be  conquered.
It is  very, very important to the Illuminati  that the TTIP and TTP negotiations take place in complete secrecy. The EU has imposed on Member States to ensure that their communication strategy will only publish positive stories about these so disastrous negotiations for living people!

This video makes it clear that the TTIP and the TPP are the plans of Rockefeller/Brzezinski´s Trilateral Commission and here to rule the world by means of their corporate trade rules. To them free market means market free from public scrutiny.
Public uprisings in protest will have to be militarily quelled – acc. to Trilateralist spokesman Donilo.

The New American 9 Oct. 2014: In a new report on “global governance” and “policy space for development, the dictator-dominated United Nations blasted free markets and said it was time for what the outfit described as an “international ‘New Deal.’” The wild demand, issued by the UN “Conference on Trade and Development” (UNCTAD) in its recently released annual report, also included attacks on tax competition, along with calls for more wealth extraction from citizens to fund bigger government, abolishing financial privacy worldwide to faciliate global taxation, and much more.

From the start, the latest UNCTAD report makes the theme clear — global, centralized Big Government under any pretext is the goal.
The reference to a “New Deal” in and of itself should also spark alarm. That “progressive” plot, orchestrated by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the mid-1930s, involved the unprecedented explosion of the federal government and its powers far beyond any semblance of constitutional or even legitimate governance. Much of the scheming was launched using “executive orders.”

Now imagine such a plot at the global level. It would necessarily require independent revenue streams (taxes) for the UN, mass wealth redistribution, enforcement operations, kangaroo courts, and much more like in the United States. A global “New Deal” would produce nothing but out-of-control government and more poverty, only on a much larger scale and (even more) incompetent politicians and bureaucracy.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is an attempt by the banksters – the Rothschild/Rockefeller syndicate – to establish one world government by means of dominating the legislation, finances and economies  of individual countries by means of the dictatorship of their corporations.
Of course, their corporate NWO model, and here,  the EU, is cooperating at our economic and democratic expense.

The geopolitical (Trilateral Commission) role of the TTIP and TPP is illustrated by this map


A free trade agreement with Canada (CETA) has already been agreed upon. Thus, multinational companies like Monsanto will have free access to Europe on Canadian / U.S. conditions, i.e.

EU Commission 24 April 2015  Comments by EU Chief Negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero
Most important is  authorisation of GMO’s for food and feed. The proposal gives the possibility for Member States to opt out for legitimate reasons unrelated to risks to human and animal health or the environment! 
Comment – (EUbusiness 22 april 2015): This is of great concern to Monsanto-bought US government.
But, no worry: EU Commission 24 April 2015: Indeed, earlier today the Commission approved 19 pending GMO applications.

EU Commission 24 April 2015: We believe that if under TTIP we are able to construct ambitious outomes that go beyond what we have done so far and  to contribute to global rules and standards in areas such as competition, energy and raw materials or sustainable development, to name a few.

I: The New American 9 Oct. 2014: TTIP means dictatorship, sale of US subprime mortgages and job loss
monsantoThese agreements impose on the Americans and Europeans very strict Internet copyright rules (write punishments/dictatorship), all “Buy American” laws are prohibited, they will give the Wall Street banks a lot more freedom to trade their risky derivatives, and more local jobs will be off-shored.

II: The TTIP means huge taxpayer costs to greedy US corporations
There is a silly rule: A Canadian – or US, since these corporations are borderless – company could build a cottage in Germany, stating it wants to produce chemicals. If denied the corporation can file a complaint demanding damages for lost profits to be settled by the partners´mediator – not by national or EU courts – and paid by taxpayers. This is a clever way for Rothschild´s US corporations to loot Europe. Few Europeans can do it the other way round.

TTTIP-protest2he Independent 20 April 2015: Critics say it could reduce European safety standards and allow the privatisation of services such as the NHS.

III: Extreme Secrecy
But we cannot be sure, because the negotiations occur behind closed doors. One MEP told the Guardian she had to sign a document of some 14 pages, reminding her that ‘EU institutions are a valuable target’ and of the dangers of espionage. She also had to agree not to share any of the contents with her constituents.

IV: Monsanto´s US Government  gets free access
This means that American investors in NHS services that are privatised now or in the future will be able to use TTIP to sue the government if it tries to bring them back into public hands. But the NHS is not the only concern. It could also open EU markets to Monsanto’s toxic GMO products that are banned at the moment or loosen US regulation on banking to bringing it more in line with UK rules. It might result in job losses as employers switch to the US, where trade unions are less powerful.

V: Our legislation will be changed into agreement with Corporations´interests
Global Res. 21 April 2015:  According to a new leaked European Commission proposal in the ongoing EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, EU member state legislative initiatives will have to be vetted for potential impacts on private business interests.The proposal forms part of a wider plan for so-called “regulatory cooperation”. Civil society groups have already denounced earlier iterations of this plan as being a tool to stop or roll back regulation intended to protect the public interest. The new elements in the leaked proposal expand the problem.

The “regulatory exchange” proposal will force laws drafted by democratically-elected politicians through an extensive screening process. This process will occur throughout the 78 States, not just in Brussels and Washington DC. Laws will be evaluated on whether or not they are compatible with the economic interests of major companies. Responsibility for this screening will lie with the “Regulatory cooperation body“, a permanent, undemocratic, and unaccountable conclave of European and American technocrats.

Fresh round of EU-US trade talksThe TTIP Chief negotiators, Dan Mullaney from the US (L) and Ignacio Garcia Bercero from the EU (R).

VI: More US governmental and EU influence on  our governments at our cost.
“Both the Commission and US authorities will be able to exert undue pressure on governments and politicians under this measure as these powerful players are parachuted into national legislative procedures. The two are also very likely to share the same agenda: upholding the interests of multinationals,” says Kenneth Haar of Corporate Europe Observatory.

“The Commission proposal introduces a system that puts every new environmental, health, labour, and standard at European and member state level at risk. It creates a labyrinth of red tape for regulators, to be paid by the tax payer, that undermines their appetite to adopt legislation in the public interest,” says Paul de Clerck of Friends of the Earth Europe.

“What’s perhaps most scary about this proposal is its potential application to existing regulation: Any current legislation in the public interest that doesn’t sit well with trade interests on either side of the Atlantic could be subjected to the same process to make it conform to corporate interests.

VII: EU Parliament against the TTIP – but it will be bought
Euractiv 21 April 2015: On 14 and 16 April, six (the Committees on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Legal Affairs, Employment, Environment, Petitions and Constitutional Affairs) of the 14 EU Parliamentary committees involved in drafting the European Parliament’s resolution on the trade deal (TTIP) passed draft opinions rejecting the arbitration clause that is currently part of the deal. Opposition to TTIP among the European parliamentarians, particularly to the proposed arbitration system, appears to be strengthening.The positions of the committees on Legal Affairs and Economic Affairs are very important because they are responsible for the legal position of the European Parliament,”

Although the European Parliament has no official place at the negotiating table for the transatlantic treaty, where the EU is represented by the European Commission, it will have the power to ratify or reject the final agreement once the negotiations are completed.

EU Business 18 April 2015:  According to a YouGov poll published at the end of March, 43 percent of Germans believe that the pact, which has the government’s support, would be “bad” for their country, compared with 30 percent who see it as “good.”

DWN 14 Nov. 2014: The first truly independent study on the effects of the TTIP free trade deal comes to a devastating outcome for Europe: 583,000 jobs will be lost in the EU by 2025. Exports will shrink as will the gross domestic product. Wages and tax revenues will fall. In the US, however, these key figures will rise. Those who profit in the EU are capital assets. The TTIP becomes dangerous turbo for redistribution from poor to rich.

against_TTIP-germanyDWN 19 April 2015: According to Attac,  750 actions were planned against TTIP in about 45 countries, including more than 230 in Germany. The protests were also directed against the proposed agreement with Canada (CETA) and a planned service agreement with the United States (TISA).

The EU said the agreement could add around 0.5 per cent to its annual economic output!
EurActiv 12 March 2015: German industry federation BDI has been forced to slash its estimate of the economic benefits for Europe of a proposed US-EU free trade pact by a factor of 10 from 100 mio euros, it conceded Wednesday (11 March).

Is this minimal gain worth the loss of our sovereignty to the US/Rothschild NWO?

Trade is one of the 2 major motivations of the elite for the NWO. The other factor is their one world government as hatched by the Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Nathaniel Rothschild secret inner core society “The Society of the Electin late 19 century – based on the imperialistic philosophy of John Ruskin.  This philosophy is stilll behind “The British Empire”and the “British “Crown” meaning Rothschild´s/Jesuits´  City of London – also called the “Square Mile”, the real ruler of the world.

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