How we Have Been Lied to: ISIS´Jewish Leader Al-Baghdadi Dies in Israeli Hospital. US General John Allen´s ISIS/Al Qaeda Trainees Smashing Syrian Tanks with Latest US-Weapons

We are told the ongoing WWIII is against ISIS and its mother organisation, Al Qaeda. The US has even declared WWIII on Al Qaeda – aka the War on home-made Terror –  while its real purpose to destabilize the Middle East and North Africa to secure Israel and to encircle Russia (Grand Chess Board).
It was passed as a provision to the National Defence Authorisation for 2012 to authorize worldwide war, which has no expiration date and will allow this president – and any future president – to go to war anywhere in the world, at any time, without further congressional authorization. The new authorization wouldn’t even require the president to show any threat to the national security of the United States.

US/NATO/Israel  are bombing Syrian homes into rubble fighting ISIS – chasing millions of Muslims towards Europe to smash white culture and nation states as well as for establishing domestic police states. It´s part of the ongoing dirty NWO policy of the Illuminati banksters – the masters of “our” politician stooges.

Bad, bad Al Qaeda, dwhich the US itself created as a cooperative  scapegoat. Bad, bad  ISIS, dstaging theatre decapitations  in the Katz-Studios in Tel-Aviv  – and was created  and is being utilized by NATO and Israel as well as Saudi-Arabia.

But now the dirty truth comes out:
I: ISIS was led by an Israeli Mossad agent, Al-Baghdadi
who just died in an Israeli hospital after being injured on 18 march 2015.
“Our enemies ISIS and Al Qaeda” are in reality our allies used to crush Syria´s legally elected president, Al Assad , who is opposed by only 10% of Syrians acc. to NATO.
Al Baghdadi was out of a powerful Iraqi Jewish clan

VAl-baghdadi-mossad-agenteterans Today 27 April 2015: Leader of the ISIL terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has died and members of the Takfiri group in Iraq have already sworn allegiance to former physics teacher Abu Ala Afri (below left – his real name is Abdul Rahman al-Sheijlar) as his successor, Arab media reports said on Sunday.

Afri was said to have become Osama Bin Laden’ preferred choice for Emir of al-Qaeda in Iraq, after his two senior al-Qaeda operatives Abu were killed in 2010. al-Qaeda eventually grew into ISIS.

abu-ala-afri-According to two Iraqi news agencies, Alghad Press and Al-Youm Al-Thamen (the 8th Day), as well as sources in the Iraqi city of Mosul, Baghdadi died in an Israeli hospital in the occupied Golan Heights where he had been hospitalized for treatment after sustaining severe injuries during a joint attack of the Iraqi army and popular forces. The Spanish-language Hispan TV television also released a report on April 25 in which it confirmed the death of the ISIL leader.

The sources added that al-Baghdadi has been declared by his Israeli physicians and surgeons as to be now “clinically dead”.
There are also unconfirmed reports that internal ISIS disputes have erupted and gaps among a number of ISIL factions in Syria and Iraq are widening over the appointment of the new leader, as the ISIL branch fighting Syria has rejected Afri’s leadership and are dithering over Baghdadi’s successor.

us-trained-rebels-invade-syriaII: Veterans Today 26 April 2015 Yesterday, a 1200 man force invaded Syria from Turkey, a force armed with American M16 rifles, the latest TOW missiles and advanced Stinger air defense systems. The roads are strewn with burning Syrian tanks while the Syrian Air Force tries to slow their advance through the city of Idlib and into Syria. The armored brigade that invaded Syria was the first unit trained by the US under the command of General John Allen.

This unit was supposed to fight ISIS and Al Nusra. Instead, perhaps no surprise to many, it immediately changed sides, joined ISIS and Al-Qaeda  and attacked the Syrian Army, doing exactly what General Allen had promised the Atlantic Council would and could never happen.
Marine General John Allen had been tasked by President Obama to train a 5000 man force inside Turkey. The 1200 were  the first unit of them.

It was clear that American training had centered on the TOW missile. These $60,000 weapons rained down on Syrian forces with great accuracy. T

Israel currently has up to 4000 TOW missiles. These weapons have been key to the success of ISIS and have been significant in destroying the morale of the Iraqi Army.
What is most frightening is that the thousands of TOW missiles that Al Nusra/Al Qaeda and ISIS have received from Israeli stocks are currently being replenished by the United States under agreements to replace expended military equipment used by Israel.

Despite rhetoric from Washington and an apparent break between the Obama administration and Tel Aviv, US forces have been training and supplying ISIS and Al Nusra at an accelerated pace despite the purported “Coalition” bombing campaign.

Every day discloses new US/NATO deception: Contrary to what we have been told, an Israeli Jew was the ISIS leader. Instead we were told of the poor Jews facing another holocaust by ISIS!! By Jewish owned media, our sympathy was drawn towards the very  mastermind behind ISIS: Israel.

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