Bigot EU Makes us Think We Are Responsible for Drowning in Mediterranean, Degrading Refugees to Beings unable to Take Responsibility for Themsellves or to Think. David Cameron has Smashed Their Homes – Denies thereby Being a Mastermind

The EU is at a critical point in its lack of a refugee policy. So far it has simply taken largely any one coming in and given them permanent stay permits and free board and lodgings for life time at EU taxpayer expense. Now, however, NATO and the EU are chasing so many Muslims to Europe through their senseless “War on Terror/Russia” that the European electorate is getting diquieted. Since the EU – the model of the NWO one world state – has long ago decided to destroy and here the white race and make Europeans multicultural nongrels (Coudenhove Khalergi and Nicolas Sarkozy) the EU must do something to pull the wool over the eyes of white EU citizens. The means is a usual lies an hypocrisy.

The magnitude of the mass immigration
The Spiegel 26 Nov. 2014: Traffickers have likely earned several hundred million euros in 2014 just from migrants who landed on the coasts of Italy. In Italy, there is a well established network of Muslims to expedite the refugees to other countries with better welfare systems than that of  Italy.

The Australian 21 April 2015: Italian government projects that in 2015 more than 500,000 men, women and children will arrive in boats (+ many by land).
Military historian Joseph V. Micallef  notes “mounting concern that jihadist groups in Libya will attempt to infiltrate militants into Malta and Italy, and from there elsewhere into the EU, posing as refugees”.

The Mediterranean boat people are invariably equipped with powerful satellite phones. Once at sea and in international waters, their first calls are to Italy’s navy, demanding to be rescued from leaking or malfunctioning boats. Some believe, as a British Foreign Office minister put it recently, that the Operation Mare Nostrum system of picking up refugees and taking them ashore “acted as a pull factor.

In the media “our” politicians tell the gullible public the mass immigration cannot go on. But at the same time they tell us that they will not use the only efficient means: To stop the refugees boats in the Mediterranean and return the refugees to North Africa . That´s what Australia now does and recommends.

The Guardian 22 April 2015: Prime minister Cameron is attending the EU summit on Thursday, where he will be asked to support an expanded search and rescue operation.
“The language the media and politicians use to describe them (not ‘people’ but ‘migrants’) has the effect of making them seem less human. We have failed these people again and again, and we desperately need to rethink our approach,” Cameron said.

Comment: This is a deeply discriminatory and offensive way of seeing the refugees. In fact, Cameron does support the attitudes of the media with this remark: He takes away the personal responsibility for the mortal voyages from the refugees, saying this is EU responsibility!! Thereby he does reduce the migrants from being “people ” to something lower, uncapable of thinking and taking responsibility for themselves.
The responsibility for the drownings in the Mediterranean lies with the refugees alone.
But, of course, Cameron is chasing them North through his warfare in the Middle East and the Chaos he has created in Libya – as well as  through his willingness to take all of them up in  his EU, thus give them a  mission in their senselees lives: Quran sura 9:20  “Those who believe, and suffer exile and strive with might and main, in Allah’s cause, with their goods and their persons, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah: they are the people who will achieve (salvation)”.
No doubt the mass migration is a wanted side effect to his warfare.

Now a mysterious organisation, The ECIPS.EU and here, which I have previously described, has an astounding remark:
Veterans Today 22 April 2015 : ECIPS´President Ricardo Baretzky: EU  diplomatic and political approach has failed with African leaders as the past has indicated and stressed that human trafficking is only one of the factors to blame that needs urgent attention. He said that stronger border controls are necessary.
He urged  all of the 28 European members states to immediately form an International Security Council to protect the cultural history and basic values of Europe in the spirit of the universal human right declaration.

The Guardian 20 April 2015:  The European Union is to launch military operations against the networks of smugglers in Libya deemed culpable of sending thousands of people to their deaths in the Mediterranean. A summit of EU leaders is to take place in Brussels on Thursday to hammer out the details of the measures hurriedly agreed on Monday.

An emergency meeting of EU interior and foreign ministers on Monday also decided to bolster maritime patrols in the Mediterranean.The operation would be “civil-military” modelled on previous military action in the Horn of Africa.
“[This is] a systematic effort to capture and destroy vessels used by the smugglers.

A senior EU official doubted whether the focus on targeting the traffickers would work.This idea is not very serious. Do they know enough about the traffickers to mount a military operation?” Monday’s meeting agreed to expand the Frontex operation, and ordered it to do more to save stranded migrants rather than simply secure the EU’s external frontier!!!
However,  The Guardian 22 April 2015: Fabrice Leggeri, the head of Frontex, flatly dismissed turning the Triton border patrol mission of Frontex off the coast of Italy into a search and rescue operation.

The Daily Mail 22 April 2015  Nigel Farage has called for any migrants rescued from the Mediterranean to be sent back to Africa.

The death toll from capsizing disasters stands at 1,727 so far this year – 30 times higher than the 56 fatalities by April 21 last year.

Mr Farage said Britain bore a burden of responsibility for the flow of migrants heading out of north Africa because of its military interventions in countries like Libya and Iraq.

‘What is the message from Italy and Greece? Is it that anybody that comes will be accepted? Because if it is, millions of people could be coming over the next couple of years.

The UK could give, for example, some Christians refugee status … then fine.’

British special forces should be sent into Libya to lead Europe-wide action to tackle human traffickers, London´s Mayor Boris Johnson has suggested.

ANSAmed 22 April 2015Italian Premier Matteo Renzi on Wednesday declared war on people traffickers after last weekend’s boat disaster in which over 800 people are feared to have died.
“It’s simplistic to say (send) everyone home or to say let’s receive everyone.”

If the EU really wants to stop the mass immigration (and it doesn´t, because it is NWO policy) it has to do as Australia: Return all Muslims – or they will destroy Europeans. The act in the Mediterranean where Muslims threw 12 Christians overboard to their deaths was highly symbolic.

From the above, it is clear that the EU will not stop the mass immigration – just make a few symbolic gestures – and keep the real number of future immigrants secret – until our streets no longer can conceal reality.

“After me  the deluge”, said irresponsible Louis XV of France.


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