Former Bribed/Intimidated Military and Intelligence worldwide Plotting against the “Rothschild Mafia”. Rockefeller´s Austrian School of Economics Propagandizing for Gold Standard One World Currency.

“You say that Marxism is the very antithesis of capitalism, which is equally sacred to us [The Money Power]. It is precisely for this reason that they are direct opposites to one another, that they put into our hands the two poles of this planet and allow us to be its axis. These two contraries, like Bolshevism and ourselves, find their identity in the International.”(Otto Kahn, Investment Banker Real Currencies 17 Febr. 2012)


rotschild-squeezes-the-worldSomething very sinister has been going on for now 239 years: The Rothschild banksters are squeezing the world in their bloody claws.
However, the world seems to be awakening and very influential former  intelligence and military  people are conspiring against them:

Veterans Today 19 April 2015  In almost every major nation of the World during the last three months including America, a series of secret high level advisory meetings have been held between certain select top active and retired Military and Intel officials to discuss certain hard realities about infiltration and espionage by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and its main action-agent Israel.
These folks now realize that the US Money manufacturing and Distribution have been infiltrated and hijacked Unconstitutionally by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and is destroying the American economy at many levels. They demand the FED to be nationalized.
This endemic infiltration and espionage against most nations of the World has now become an issue after the historic disclosure by Gordon Duff and the Veterans Today top Directors at the Damascus Conference in December 2014.

So far, it was not considered a key issue because many at that level were either bribed and bought-off, owned, blackmailed or actually part of the Israeli covert espionage front system.

Rothschild-one-world-programThey  realize that Israel attacked America on 9-11-01 using nukes. They further realize that the whole US Congress has also been infiltrated and hijacked by Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL and the like as well as most of the USG, the Alphabets and American Law Enforcement including most local Police Departments which have been trained to treat Americans as evil domestic terrorists by the ADL.
It is now recognized that America is functioning as a Rothschild Khazarian Vassal state   and Israeli Occupied Territory.

Comment: The word Khazars is a Jewish invention (Arthur Koestler) to cleanse the (Talmud-)Jews of being accomplices to  the Rothschild crimes and  here and here and here  e.g. The Rothschilds are Azhkenazys – a mixteure of male Jewish and European female genes – without a trace of Khazarian (Turc) genes – except for the Levites, who have traces of khazar genes.
If conspiracies against the Rothschilds is taking place by retired – previously bribed and intimidated – military and intelligence leaders you can be assured that this is part of the plan – and dangerous to us. Why is Gordon Duff still alive after his Damascus revelation?

The Rothschilds have been hoarding gold in vaults for hundreds of years – with one certain purpose: to have their new one world currency backed by gold – a gold standard.

Acc. to whistleblower Karen Hudes who worked as a lawyer to the World Bank for 21 years, 170.500 tonnes of metric gold US Gold is deposited under the Bank of Hawaii!!
The Rothschilds are robbing  US taxpayers and send the money to their masters: The Jesuits in the Vatican (Both the white and black popes are Jesuits)

Now an Institute calling itself the Gold Standard Institute International – admittedly a product of the Austrian School of  Economics – advocates unlimited capitalism/Libertarianism and  the reintroduction of the gold standard – but admits that a crash is necessary for this procedure.

So, let´s have a short look at the Austrian School of Economics:

Libertarianism and Austrian Economics are the products of  highly connected individuals. In the early years the Volker Fund made available vast sums of money, because Austrian Economics was considered the right answer to communism, tomaintain the (Hegelian) dialectic the Money Power needs.

Most libertarians were/are Jews: Von Mises, Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Irwin (and Peter) Schiff.

william-volkerThe William Volker Fund was founded by William Volker (right), who was supported by the Rockefellers. The Fund spawned a big number of very influential organisations  – and renewed British Conservatism, exploited by Margareth Thatcher. It also spawned the  Mont Pelerin Club which fostered no less than eight Nobel Prizes. Alan Greenspan said in 2000: “the Austrian School have … had a profound and, in my judgment, probably an irreversible effect on how most mainstream economists think in this country.”

kochbrosLibertarianism has found a new lease on life as a way of co-opting the resistance in the Alternative Media (to socialism). The dialectic continues unabated.
Another very wealthy Jewish family, the Koch family (left) took over the organization of Libertarianism and Austrian Economics.

edward-griffinFred Koch founded the John Birch Society in 1958. Ed Griffin (right) was educated there. He later wrote a famous book, “The Creature of Jekyll Island”. This was a rehash of Eustace Mullins’ brilliant ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’, with one exception: it left out all Mullins’ analysis of the Gold Standard as a Banker operation and how Britain’s demand for taxes paid in Gold were the cause of the war of Independence. Instead it called for the reinstatement of a Gold Standard. Most Leading Libertarians are or were Jewish. In David Rockefeller´s most surprising statement (interview with Skousen), he revealed he considers himself a follower of the Austrian school of economics. Friedrich Hayek had been his tutor at the London School of Economics in the 1930s.

 TThomasBachheimer150150he President of the Gold Standard Institute Europe is Thomas Bachheimer (right). The president of the American division is Keith Weiner, and for the Asian department Ville Oehman is responsible. All 3 are from the Austrian School of Economics.

DWN 17 March 2015: “Indebtedness, inflation, subsidies and corruption: Most problems of the current financial crisis are attributed to unbacked paper currency. Therefore, the International Gold Standard Institute advocates a return to gold currencies to bar the excessiveness.

Thomas Bachheimer, European President of the Gold Standard Institute:
“Since Nixon’s unilateral termination of the Bretton Woods agreement and the related closing of the so-called gold window on 15.08.1971, the dollar is backed by nothing and therefore based only on trust, which is now hastily shrinking. I literally do not know anyone that would still use that currency as a tool for medium to long-term value-storing.
Countries and supranational alliances can accelerate the loss of confidence immensely (most recently the BRIC agreement).
Gold is stored labor and thus aggregated trust. It guarantees stability. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to circumvent gold standard.

The gold price has been and is being manipulated through the central banks, above all the FED and its Partner institutes.

DWN: How would you  practically imagine the introduction of a gold standard –  that’s really only possible through a crash, when all countries are indebted …

Thomas Bachheimer: Even the most naive know by now that  the debt of states can never be paid back. Many states will go bankrupt.
You have to start with a new direction of economic structures:   debt moratoria and extensions, including the introduction of a new currency system. After major crises, this has always been the gold standard  following the paper money experiments and this time it will be so, too.
In contrast to earlier currency originations  its construction will no longer be “top down” (eg EUR)  – Policy and banks creating  a currency (???). Especially in the euro, it is recognizable who has actually used this currency: Politics and world banks – to the detriment of economizing actors. To prevent this abuse in the new system, the new gold backed currency  will be  introduced “bottom up”, ie by economic agents under the guidance of experts and hopefully in the absence of policy and banks (???)

SDRA world currency already exists: The IMF´s Special Drawing Rights  – however, they are not covered by gold.

German Economic News: Who are the main proponents of the Gold Standard?
Thomas Bachheimer: The opponents can be divided into the following groups:
1) Those who want to place self-confident, self-responsible citizens  with mindless paupers; so those political groups are currently in power. Together with their pseudo-opposition, they are literally enjoying the cake; 2) the central banks that received power through the current policy and even more and more over time 3) international agencies that are not democratically legitimized by anyone, but always pursue more financial power over all continents. I am thinking of the IMF, BIS, ESM and the World Bank. And finally, 4)  the  international large banks and big capital, keeping politicians as House- and court dogs, on the backs of taxpayers. These opponents will, however, soon  lose their power and then hopefully be no more than a dark chapter in the history of civil liberties

In my opinion, a  currency war is raging since 2009. In April 2009, China opened the reserve currency debate with vociferous criticism: “America, we hate you, for how you are keeping your currency”, with gold purchases and their activation in the National Bank, carrying out further currency-technical facilitation and measures. Since then, the dollar hovers in acute danger. In the spring of 2014, China established a clearinghouse for the yuan in Frankfurt and so has expressed an interest in further global establishment of the yuan.

No later than when the first OPEC countries refuse to trade energy commodities for worthless green cotton cloth, the US dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. The greenback only stays on its feet by military blackmailing”.

Already in  2012, strong voices for the reintroduction of the gold standard were loud.
From the above it is clear who is hoarding the bulk of the world’s gold and  deprived the countries of it,  even extracted it from the ground: Rothschild. Among the voices is that of  Rothschild agent George Soros.
Now the Rockefeller stooge of the Gold Standard Institute International, Thomas Bachheimer from the Austrian School of Economics, attempts to hoodwink us into believing that the gold standard would deprive the Illuminati banksters and their central banks of their power.

But the truth is that  with the gold standard Rothschild will hold the whole world economy in an unshakable grip – making  humanity totally dependent on his  Bancor –  or whatever his one-world currency will be called.

Gold standard means less money in the market – and the  the fulfillment of the prediction by Bill Still on a huge crash and universal poverty.

Real Currencies 28 jan 2013: Gold standard would be an absolute disaster. It will lead to a very painful deflation. What was in the cards for decades, is now fully on the agenda: the return of the gold standard. Gold as a currency is a weapon. It is a transfer of assets to those who keep the gold and will trigger a massive deflation. The resulting chaos will promote their coveted New World Order and the world currency.

Now you might think there is something good in it: Hungry people make revolutions and expel the tyrants. Nevertheless,  the Illuminati have also calculated with that:  Through a tremendous crash, they want to start  World War 3 – and they have prepared themselves for it.


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