NWO Elite Preparing for Something Really Big

Since the NATO/US/EU staged coup d´etat in the Ukraine one year ago, the sabre rattling is getting louder and louder in both East and West. Harsh words of aggression are flying to and fro – Putin even considering nuclear attacks on the West.  Syria and Iran are other threatening scenarios.

Has the “Elite/Illuminati” decided to fulfil their Masonic Albert Pike Plan for the final war on mankind – and given their thesis/antithesis puppets their marching orders?

Infowars, Michael Snyder 16 Apr. 2015:  What in the world are the elite up to?
In recent days, we have learned that the
1) New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of concerns about what a “natural disaster”
could do, the federal government is
  buying 62 million rounds of ammunition commonly used in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles for “training” purposes, and
3) NORAD is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain
because it is “Electromagnetic pulse-hardened”.
In addition, government authorities have scheduled a whole
4) host of unusual “training exercises” all over the nation. So are the elite doing all of this in order to prepare for something really BIG, or should we just chalk up all of this strange activity to rampant government paranoia?

The Daily Mail 8 April 2015: The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is one of the icons of the Cold War – a self-contained and sufficient town buried under the Rockies meant to be impervious to a Soviet nuclear barrage.

It was home to the North American Aerospace Command (NORAD), scanning the skies for Russian missiles and the military command and control center of the United States in the event of World War Three.
It shut down nearly ten years ago as the threat from Russia seemed to subside, but this week the Pentagon announced that Cheyenne Mountain will once again be home to the most advanced tracking and communications equipment in the United States military.The shift to the Cheyenne Mountain base in Colorado is designed to safeguard the command’s sensitive sensors and servers from a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, military officers said.
Admiral William Gortney, head of NORAD and Northern Command,’My primary concern was… are we going to have the space inside the mountain for everybody who wants to move in there, and I’m not at liberty to discuss who’s moving in there,’ he said.

5)  The Telegraph 4 March 2015Lord Jacob Rothschild has warned investors that the world is mired in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since World War II. Rothschild said that “a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II” has created a “difficult economic background” of which investors should be wary.Rothschild-Jacob

6) Rothschild’s warning follows reports from January’s Davos Economic Forum, where Economist Robert Johnson made headlines when he divulged that “hedge fund managers all over the world….are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”“A lot of wealthy and powerful people are quite afraid right now – they see us on an unstable trajectory,” said Johnson.

The threat of a nuclear war is still there. The Luciferian so-called Illuminati  and here and their puppets know.
Only question is: Is this scaremongering to divert our attention from a clearly upcoming  economic disaster? Or are they really preparing Harmageddon?

A look at what the Illuminati-Billionaires are doing for their own good and safety is alarming: They are acquiring “safe havens” in New Zealand. The Rockefeller Foundation has built enormous underground bunkers in Patagonia. In the 2. Jewish State, Patagonia/Argentina, figures like George Soros and David Rockefeller own large swaths of Land in Patagonia..
Wolfgang Eggert wrote in 2008:  George Soros, the Hungary-born Billionaire residing in New York, is one of the biggest private land owners in this area. The same is true for his associate Eduardo Elzstain, the Argentine business magnate and great Chabad donor. Almost a sixth part of Patagonia – which means a territory as big as Austria and Switzerland together – is now owned by 350 foreign “investors”. Media baron Ted Turner (CNN) only recently purchased a huge property including a safe water supply provided by a private river.

What are they up to?

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2 Responses to NWO Elite Preparing for Something Really Big

  1. dave wallace says:

    No good as usual! They want this planet to themselves…let em have it! We will be in a higher density enjoying the wonders it brings, love and light are what we need to concentrate on, leave em to it.

  2. Trr j says:

    Let them have this world. Because the God of the Holy Bible has something much better in store for those who trust and believe in Him.

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