Future of Blind Europeans: Muslims Throw 12 Christians Overboard from Refugee Boat

refugees-for-italy ARD 17 April 2015: During the crossing of the Mediterranean, the situation is said to have escalated on a refugee boat: 15 Muslim refugees have allegedly  thrown twelve accompanying Christians overboard – because of their religion. Upon arrival, the Italian police arrested the alleged perpetrators.

The unprecedented excess of violence is said to have happened in the Strait of Sicily. Dozens of witnesses told the police they  started on Tuesday in a group of about a hundred refugees in a rubber boat from the Libyan coast to Italy. Most people came from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.

According to the police statement, about 15 refugees threatened a minority of Nigerians and Ghanaians to throw them overboard, “out of anger at their Christian faith”. In fact, they would have made good on their threat, drowning 12 Nigerians and Ghanaians. Others had succeeded  to save themselves only by force, forming  human chains to save themselves.

Within 6 days alone 11.000 subsaharans have arrived by boat in Italy – + what comes from the Middle East and North Africa. This means the end of the white race in a foreseeable future. From Italy these migrants can migrate to the EU countries with the best wellfare systems, when tey have obtained asylum.

Religious conflicts as cause
In the police statement  “appalling details of” were  portrayed by weeping witnesses, when they arrived on Wednesday in Sicily. Media reported “consistent data” by the survivors.  Also, pictures have been taken. The police are trying to identify further refugees who may have been involved in the crime.

The Italian police then arrested the 15 Muslim migrants. They are being accused of “multiple homicide aggravated by religious hatred” , said the prefecture. As Italian media reported consistently, Justice Minister Andrea Orlando approved prosecution. The act did indeed happen in international waters, but by the order of the Minister, the suspects were arrested in Sicilian Palermo

Diese Fanatiker wollen nicht nur die Christen ausrotten. Sie gönnen ihnen nicht einmal ihre Gräber!

These Muslim fanatics will not only eradicate the Christians. They wil  not even let them have their graves.
The Daily Mail 17 April 2015: The following pictures are from Iraq, where Muslims now are destroying Christian tombstones  with sledgehammers and cutting away their crosses.

And the US/EU/NATO are forcefully helping them

How can the EU believe it can persuade such primitive, brainwashed people to return its endless, atheist tolerance? The above is by far not an isolated case and here acc. to the EU Parliament and here
This is what awaits all of us, once these people have enforced the Sharia state in their European Caliphate – as they will do in this century. This is the heritage we are leaving to our children.isis-carving-out-cross

However, recently IS (IS), who also rules in Libya now and will use this country as a jumpingboard to Europe – sending its warriors disguised as illegal immigrants – cut the throats of 21 Egyptian Copts. And their faces are well-known:

martyrs, Libya







Do we really hate our children  so much that we want to give them this hate gift of white genocide?  The answer is: Yes. We are already doing it voluntarily by free abortion – which the coloured people we import as unskilled “necessary labour force” to substitute  the lacking aborted white labour.
Why must  it be?  We amoral Europeans downright deserve the conequences – the Sharia state in this century – but do our grandchildren also deserve it?


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