Fascism: Rockefeller/Rothschild Corporations Buying Persons and States: Favourite for US Presidency Hillary

Abstract: Fascism is rooted in ancient Etruria and Rome. The Roman symbols: The fasces and the eagle are still US symbols – the latter as the masonic gift from Mayer Amschel Rothschild to his new world. The logo of the Rothschilds, the 5 bundled arrows, is similar to the fasces – and has the same meaning.

Benito Mussolini said: “Fascism should reasonably be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

An  example is Bill Clinton and the likely future first female president of the United States, Hillary Clinton. They have founded a globalist, “humanitarian” fund, contributed to by the dictators and Illuminati banksters of the world. These people naturally expect political quid pro quo from a president – i.e. they govern the state – as already undemocratic institutions such as the Jewish AIPAC, ADL and Council on Foreign Relations do. Thus, the United States already meets the definition of fascism. This includes brainwashing and wringing the souls out of their citizens to blindly  serve  the state – and to wage war to subjugate the whole world for the rulers at the top of the pyramid.

Eustace Mullins wrote that one must understand the psychology of the cartel in order to understand world events. Cartels are a conspiracy by definition. Its purpose is to deceive the public by  high prices. They do so by controlling competition, markets, raw materials and new technologies. They are by definition megalo-insane, anti-national and anti-social.
He might have added that they are running “our” politicians through bribery/threats.

The Rockefellers are another fascist example – in the pocket of the Rothschilds. One of the earliest cartels was John D Rockefeller I´s Standard Oil. John D. Rockefeller I is famous for having said, the only sin is competition.
With IG Farben and its branch at Auschwitz as well as the financing of Nazi Germany just like the Rothschild agents in the Wall Street, the Rockefellers are accountable for many crimes of WWII.

These fascists made big money on the war on both sides at the expense of 60 million people. Without them, Germany  (and the Allies) could not have waged this war.
These clever fellows manipulated, inter alia through the Treaty of Versailles, Germany into WW2 with the intention of for ever making the Germans the NWO vassals, they (and the whole EU) are today.

Thereafter, the EU and  even the euro were  organized and paid for by the US Council on Foreign Relations through the CIA chiefs Alan Dulles and Donovan  – as a link in the regionalization of the world under the world government of the United Nations, initiated and paid for by the Rockefellers.

The EU’s antecedent, the EC, was designed by men of the IG Farben (i.e., those who were not hanged or imprisoned in Nuremberg). The EU was the fulfillment of the Nazi plan for the 4th Reich under a supranational cloak, which was devised by the SS in 1944. The Nazi money “rescued” abroad was the capital base of the economic miracle of the paymaster of the EC/EU, Germany.

As Henry Makow says: “The New World Order, and in fact modern history, is the product of the desire of the central banking cartel of the Illuminati, to convert its monopoly of credit into a monopoly over all wealth, politics and culture.

The ultimate goal of the central banking cartel of the Illuminati is to tear humanity away from God’s purpose, and to deliver it hostage to Lucifer as a victim for evil”.

And we happily march along!


Revelation 17:3.. and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast… 4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: 5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.15 The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. 16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
18:3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.nication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.


Benito Mussolini is quoted as having said: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”.
So, even the postulated counterpiece of fascism, communism, is, in fact, state fascism where the dictatorial state owns the corporations instead of capitalists. In fact, fascist Illuminati controlled the central banks  – and thus the Soviet Union.
Let us not forget that “Nazism” was an acronym for “National-Sozialismus”.

fascesroman-fascisFascism is a fascinating and terrifying ideology – yielding insight into the deepest and darkest corners of human nature. It is a materialistic substitute for God, a religion, which is nothing but theology twisting the soul out of man into the service of the state  – the world state and the “Prince of the World” – and its owners: It is to say  letting citizens die for the dream of  the elite of world dominaton.  The dream has a name: The New World order.

rothschild-logoFranco-flagFascism has its roots in ancient Etruria and Rome – above: the fasces (Brushwood bundle) of the Roman lictors and the fascist salute and the all-eating eagle. Right: Franco´s fascist flag.
Left Edmond de Rothschild coats of arms with the 5 arrows of 5 Amschel Mayer Rothschild sons and the ravenous  eagle which roman_eagle_design_by_erebus74-d4t2blysimply eats weaker beings. Below  right: The Roman Eagle

US-eagleIt should also be noted that the US Eagle has 32 feathers right wing, but 33 in its left wing. The 32 feathers representing the number of ordinary degrees of the Scottish Rite, and the 33 feathers representing the 33º of Freemasonry. The tail feathers number 9, the number of degrees in the York Rite. The eagle itself is a prominent icon of Masonry, being used extensively in the Scottish Rite.


Looking just above the eagles head you will see 13 pentagrams within a cloud. The pentagrams are arranged in the shape of a hexagram – or greater Seal of Solomon. The hexagram is a powerful tool used by pagans to invoke Satan. It is also the sign of Anti Christ with 6 points, 6 angles and a hexagon (666). The Great Seal of the US with the above eagle is a present from Mayer Amschel Rothschild to his New World.

Below: Lo and behold: Hillary in the US House of Representatives  in front of 2 fasces behind the podium!


I: Take Hillary Clinton as an example of a bought fascist.
She is the most probable next president of the US. Her and Bill Clinton´s “philanthropic” Foundation is funded by sinister forces from a multitude of countries

Infowars 25 March 2015: The civil suit against Bill and Hillary Clinton by the conservative group Freedom Watch argues that Clinton used her private emails to sell access to other officials in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation, which they concealed by using a private computer server for her emails.
It alleges that, during her tenure, Clinton withheld documents requested under FOIA regarding State Department waivers given to businesses or individuals doing business with Iran, possibly undermining U.S.-imposed sanctions.

Hillary´s philanthropy did not refrain her in 2012 from a Uriah sacrifice of the US Ambassador  to Benghazi, Libya, Stevens, who knew too much about her and Obama´s armaments of Al Qaeda in Syria!
Afterwards it turns out that her e-mails on what happened that night were sent from her private server to private servers, that e-mails have been sorted out and destroyed – a criminal act.

Criticism of the Foundation? Non Profit Quarterly 10 March 2015:
I: Money buys access, which goes both ways.
The Clinton Foundation is big, with a quarter-billion in assets, a track record of having raised $2 billion, and influence with power brokers around the world. While she served as Secretary, the Clinton Foundation received several significant donations from as many as 19 foreign governments, some of them financing ISIS (like the US) by virtue of an agreement with her Department of State.

It is hard to imagine that these donors didn’t have an expectation of being seen as supportive of the former First Lady and of getting access to her now or in the future. Among the donors are Qatar (which has been supportive of Hamas and Hezbollah) and Saudi Arabia with views on human and women´s rights quite contrary to what Hillary advocates.

Her role as the clearly most significant Democratic candidate for president makes the foreign government donations a legitimate area of inquiry.

II:  Revelations of the Clinton Foundation’s relationships with a number of banks that have run afoul of U.S. government regulators.
Alexandra Jaffe of CNN reported that the Clinton Foundation and its Clinton Global Initiative arm had struck partnership arrangements with a number of (Rothschild) banks while these banks were fending off investigations or paying substantial fines:
1) Barclays (which had to pay $300m in fines for breaking sanctions against Iran, Cuba, and the Sudan, and another $450m for global interest rate rigging),
2) Deutsche Bank (under investigation for potential Iran sanctions violations),
3) HSBC (which paid $1.92b because it allowed drug cartels to launder money and because it did transactions for customers in Iran, Libya, Cuba, and the Sudan), and
4) Goldman Sachs (which paid a $1.2b fine for mortgage lending infractions).

Donor money
5) Citi Foundation, Barclay’s Capital, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered:  Between $1m and $5m:
6) Bank of America Foundation, more Barclay’s, Citigroup, HSBC Holdings, UBS Wealth Management: $500,000-$1m.
7) Banco Santander Brasil, Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Bank Americas, Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust:  $250,000-$500,000.

The problem for Hillary Clinton with the bank contributions is that she is seen in many political circles as close to Wall Street.
Among the other corporate donors to the Clinton Foundation are these:
8) Coca-Cola: $5m-$10m:  
  Anheuser-Busch, Duke Energy, ExxonMobil, Hewlett Packard, Humana, Microsoft, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical, Boeing, the Walmart Foundation (as well as the Walton Family Foundation), Toyota: $1m-$5m:
 Alibaba Group, Chevron, General Electric, Google, Monsanto, News Corporation (Murdoch), Allstate, Harrah’s: $500,000-$1m.
11) AIG, Freeport McMoRan, McDonald’s, Walmart:  $250,000-$500,000.
12) Here is an endless list of corporate and private donors.
One of them is Ukrainian oligarch,
Viktor Pinchuk, who as pledged to contribute 29 mio. Dollars over 5 years. Pinchuk and Akhmetov robbed the Ukraine of public services, tax revenues, thus imposing deplorable working conditions. They were largely responsible for the deficit in Ukraine’s budget and the deep hatred and anger amongst the masses. Pinchuk had to flee Ukraine. Pinchuk is a Jewish oligarch – just as “philanthropic” as his friends George Soros, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. He is a Soros partner,  and both are on the board of the Brookings Institution,the factual legislator of the US.

That is a hefty list of companies that might be interested in finding a friendly ear in the White House in 2017.
To the Clinton Foundation, the bank and corporate donors are seen as having the scale as funders and partners although having been investigated and penalized by U.S. government regulators.

II: The Rockefellers
Famous Eustace Mullins wrote: “In exposing “the Rockefellers” as agents of a foreign power, which is not merely a foreign power, but a genuine world government, we must realize that this is not merely a group dedicated to making money, but a group which committed to maintaining the power of a colonial form of government over the American people….the fact (is) that from the day the Rothschilds began to finance his march towards a total oil monopoly in the United States from their coffers at the National City Bank of Cleveland, Rockefeller was never an independent power.

Non Profit Quarterly 10 March 2015: The key to understanding the elite, and the direction of world events, is to understand the psychology of the cartel. Cartels by definition are a conspiracy. Their purpose is to defraud the public by keeping prices high. They do this by controlling competition, markets, raw materials and new technology. They are by definition megalo maniacal, anti-national, and anti social.

One of the earliest cartels was J. D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. While pretending to profess Christianity, Rockefeller is famous for saying the only sin is competition.

IG-Farben-Wall-StreetThe Rockefeller family, Rothschild agents,  through Chase Bank and the Standard Oil Company, together with Rothschild agent J P Morgan through the Morgan Bank, were major financial supporters of Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. In fact Standard Oil was the largest shareholder in IG Farben and IG Farben was, next to the Rockefeller family, the largest shareholder in Standard Oil.(Dr. Rath Health Foundation – read by Chris Fairhurst to The Hague Tribunal, 14th June 2003.

I.G. Farben produced 85% of Germany’s explosives in World War Two. In 1926, Farben and Standard Oil entered into a cartel agreement. The upshot of this agreement was that Standard Oil supplied the Nazis with petroleum in spite of shortages in the US. It supplied a rare lead additive without which the Luftwaffe could not fly. It suppressed the production  in the US  of synthetic rubber (which was produced in Auschwitz), which almost cost the Allies the war.

Henry Makow 3 April 2008:  “In turn, Rockefeller got a cut of Farben’s other business, which included the many factories that employed slave labor from concentration camps like Auschwitz. (Rockefeller paid the SS for this labor at bargain rates.)
Profits also derived from the poison gas that killed the laborers after their usefulness was expended. This is the real reason the rail lines to Auschwitz were not bombed. Allied bombers hit within 5 miles of Auschwitz but not the factories. In fact, German industry moved there for this reason. After the war, the CIA established its German headquarters in the undamaged Farben skyscraper in Frankfurt.

US-Money-menThe holocaust was very good business. Throughout the 1930’s Wall Street investment banks participated in “aryanization” which meant getting Jewish owned breweries, banks, factories, department stores etc. for 30% of their true value. The gold from the teeth of holocaust victims ended up in their vaults.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Nazi war effort was financed by the Bank of England (which, for example, transferred the Czech gold reserves to the Nazis), Wall Street (Prescott Bush, W’s grandfather was one of the leading Nazi financiers) and Jewish plunder. It was finessed by lawyer John Foster Dulles, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, who later became US Secretary of State.

After the war, Dillon Read banker General William Draper was put in charge of dismantling German industry and distributing it among the allies. Needless to say, this did not happen. His Wall Street cohorts owned too much of it. Nazis businessmen remained in positions of power. War criminals were transported to South America or went to work for the CIA.

The list of US corporations that had the equivalent of $8 billion invested in Nazi Germany include Standard Oil, General Motors, IBM, Ford, the Chase and National City Banks, ITT and many others. As a result, the men of “The Greatest Generation” didn’t know that ITT built the airplanes that dropped bombs on them. They didn’t know that Ford and General Motors built the Nazi’s trucks and tanks. They didn’t know that ball bearings crucial to the Nazi war effort were manufactured in Philadelphia, yet were in short supply in the USA. This was all done with the knowledge and permission of the US government. For details, I recommend Charles Higham’s “Trading with the Enemy” (1983). Christopher Simpson’s “The Splendid Blond Beast”(1993) and “Blowback” (1988) are also useful.
The native countries of cartels are important only insofar as they provide deluded patriots to die for their financial interests.

Alan-W.-DullesIn 1948, Rockefeller/Rothschild´s Council on Foreign Relations founded the American Committee for a United Europe, which paid their hirelings, the so-called founding fathers  of the EU – and in 1965 ordered the EC to prepare the euro. The moving force was the CIA directors Donovan and Alan W. Dulles (left), brother of another CFR-member, US Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles. The first board of the European Coal and Steel Union consisted of former IG Farben officials – and the Union was built with IG Farben as its model. The CIA took over IG Farben´s undamaged Headquarters in Frankfurt as its headquarters. And thus, the Nazi plan  and here of Germany as a financial superpower, the 4. Reich, under supranational umbrella was started – to take the final name of The European Union with Germany as just another Corporation Ltd. under the Control of Wall Street i.e. the City of London/The Jesuits.

On April 24, 1964, the key architects of the “Brussels EU” – all of them active members of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition during WWII – met at the “Brussels EU” headquarters to stake their claims on the future of the European continent. Apparently they were so sure about their success to take control over Europe in their 3rd attempt, via the “Brussels EU”, that they posed proudly for this picture:

IG-Farben-beamte1. EU Commission President Walter Hallstein
2. German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard
3. Ludger Westrick, Head of the German Chancellery
4. Karl Carstens, German Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5. Karl-Günther von Hase, Head of the Press and Information Service of the German government

If the elite backed the Nazis, why didn’t the Nazis win?
As my readers know, I believe the German people were ‘set up’ to lose and be destroyed, and finally become the eunuchs they are today. The Nazi Party was a stalking horse designed to seduce and betray the German people. All the while, the international business elite made money while the war degraded and demoralized humanity so it will accept banker world government.
In conclusion, the New World Order, and indeed modern history, is the product of the desire of the Illuminati central banking cartel to translate its monopoly over credit into a monopoly over all wealth, politics and culture.

The ultimate goal of the Illuminati central banking cartel is to wrest humanity from God’s purpose, and deliver the hostage to Lucifer as a sacrifice to Evil”.


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  1. an argie says:

    Take a look st Berlin; The zionists made it the sex capitol of Europe in the roaring twenties. People were starving in the streets and would do ANYTHING to keep on living. Mothers even pimped their own daughters.

    Hitler made the family the cornerstone of society again.

    The nazi’s lost the war because Hitler turned his back to the Rothschilds. He threw them out of Germany and re-inititated a state bank that was backed by labor of the German people.
    He could setup projects with 0% interest! – (Canada did the same between 1938 and 1974, Lybia did it, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Mali (All but destroyed or taken over) Iceland does it (Threw out the banksters bacause of the icesafe affair), as well as North-Korea, Iran)

    In this way, within 3 years!!! he got his economy totally up and running again. And he gave the Germans back their pride as well.

    Because he turned his back to the banksters Germany had to be utterly and utterly destroyed to make an example. Look at the terror bombing of Dresden and other German cities and operation Keelhaul.
    Not a peace treaty.. Unconditional surrender. The rest is propaganda.

    After the declaration of war of France and Great-Britain (because of the invasion of Poland), Russia ALSO invaded Poland. Now why didn’t France and Great-Britain also declared war on Russia? (Because, like Churchill and Roosevelt, Stalin also was a Zionist)

    Take a look at the following sites.


    Know the history (Not what you were told in school, but the real history) and see what the world is going to. History indeed repeats itself.

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