One World Religion/Interfaith of the Illuminati: NWO Is Mainly Directed against Easter Gospel

“The New World Order, and indeed modern history, is the product of the desire of the Illuminati central banking cartel to translate its monopoly over credit into a monopoly over all wealth, politics and culture. The ultimate goal is to wrest humanity from God’s purpose, and deliver this  hostage to Lucifer as a sacrifice to Evil”. (Henry Makow 3 April 2008).


Abstract: This article deals with a little known topic: Luciferian Interfaith, the attempt of the NWO elite to put all religions of the world secretly in a saucepan, stirring and adding thought-paralyzing substances,  cooking it, then continuously to administrate it in small portions to  mankind so that it will not notice and nicely think as the one-world government wants it to. Mankind has now even accepted the absurdity that Allah, wanting to kill everybody saying  he has a son (e.g. Koran sura 9:5), is the same as the Father of Jesus Christ, simply “God”! For that is the prerequisite for the elitist one-world government.

Therefore, the Catholic Church (and the others, too)  has made Christ redundant (New Catholic Catechism) –  and the common denominator of this religion merger, Lucifer  their  leader in 1963. After all, he  is already the declared “god” of the pro-Franco world-ruling elite.

Now Shimon Perez, former president of Israel,  proposes that  a UN of religion be made with the Pope as a (formal) leader. This authority should then determine what the “god” of these Frankist Illuminati one-worlders  thinks is right and wrong. All right, Perez says, “No, God does not want this and does not allow it”. But that Perez does not care!

The system has been well-knownthrough the Catholic Church for a very long time. And the dissenters? The fate of heretics awaits them – as with Jesus Christ.
This global consensus, the sacred Illuminati / Masonic policy, is to decide on behalf of Lucifer what is right and wrong. A hint: Totally wrong is everything related to the doctrine of Christ –  correct is everything undermining  this doctrine – and this can be reduced to Weishaupt / Rotschild’s 6-point program. For to-day the elite is the same as 2 thousand years ago: The Pharisees, who, as  you may know, wrote the Talmud.

A vicar in Bremen, Germany, has just been made a heretic: He championed the central point in the doctrine of Christ (John 14:30): No one comes to God except through Christ.
Therefore, he is now under investigation for racism, and the prosecutor is considering to sue him!

Of assistance, the Catholic Church has the papal Interfaith since 1986, with leaders of all religions gathering every year, each to pray for 2 days to the alleged same nameless “god”,  the “Architect of the Universe” as masons call him,  in his own way for world peace.

The Iraq War Lord, Tony Blair, has established a global anti-Christian Mission Foundation to promote the new world religion and has had his Interfaith skills corroborated by praising the Koran, converting to Catholicism and undergoing pagan baptism in Mexico.

The UN has long been a Lucifer-religion, organized by Alice Bailey of the Luci’s (originally Lucifer´s) Trust.
The EU supports the project through the ASEM interreligious dialogue.
The UN NGO, the anti-Christian United Religions Initiative with close ties to the Jesuit Pope, Francis, is working for a United UN world religion.

In the Bible (John 2 letter: 2) the leader  of such an Interfaith Movement is called an Antichrist. The best candidate seems to be the Pope, even condoning pedophilia in the Church.


When  1800 years ago the Bishop of Rome, the relative of Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus, Stephen, raised primacy claim for the the Roman church above all the others, he initiated the transformation of the Roman Empire from a military into a spiritual superpower.


Sol invictus in Jesuit Logo (left) and in Antiquity (Right)

As a result, his successors twisted the teachings of Christ to “religio”, the Roman state ideology/religion through which subjects had to worship the centre of power in the name of “gods”/saints (divi) and, in particular, of the Caesar by sacred rituals. Deniers were punished.
The Roman church was rebuilt accordingly and preserved the Latin language till this day. The pope is still calling himself the “Pontifex Maximus” (the greatest bridge builder). The church took a pagan goddess, Isis, the Great Mother, who is worshipped under that name by  the Freemasons, as the Virgin Mary. It placed Christmas on the day of the “Sol Invictus”/Mithras and so on. To rule the world was the ambition of the military Roman Empire – and of the spiritual Roman Empire, the Catholic Church:
The means is called Interfaith – the ambitious leaders of the Church are the crypto-Jewish  so-called  Jesuits and here.


Isis with Horus and Mary with Jesus. The Bible points out that God alone is to be worshipped (Rev. 19:10)

The teachings of Christ is not “religio” – dead ceremonies. It is a guide how to live your everyday life in Christ´s  footprints by his example.

Before you say like most others: “Religious Shit. I do not care about Jesus Christ and the Easter fairy tale!” maybe you should take a close look at this article after all:
If for no other reason, then to understand why the deeply religious  Luciferian Frankist Illuminati and their Masonic minions are so bent on fighting the teachings of Jesus Christ that they are dissolving our societies and want to release WWIII.

The article shows that 2 of the the world´s brightest lawyers who were specialists of the scrutiny of “evidence” in the court room have carefully studied the evidence of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Starting as atheists they ended as convinced Christians since they were forced by evidence to accept the evidence.

Jesus Christ did die on the cross  – and he did rise from the dead, even according to   “eye-witnesses” – i.a. the Shroud of Turin  (below).
However, the world will not believe it. It has chosen  Lucifer who has left no corresponding visiting card. Instead he is leaving the horrific world history as his memory. In case of doubt: Ask your nearest Illuminatus or high-degree Mason.

turinrt-grabtuch2And please – do not take “religion” for the teachings of Christ. As shown in an upcoming article, religion is man-made politics to govern the masses by the rules of the NWO´s “Prince of the World” (John 14:30) through human fabrications – moving farther and farther away from Christ.

Interfaith movements are practical manipulation towards the cohesion of a one world state
 Propaganda-brainwashing by spiritually empty smart ideologists is the method to dismantle existing religions. Considering that 84 percent of the world’s population has a spiritual faith of some kind it is an unsurmountable task for the architects of the New World Order to build their one world state without a standardized one-world religion.
So, leaders of practically all major religions are now engaged in a stealthy transformation of their respective faiths towards this goal – and “our” politicians accept all religions as equal – and equally inferior to their own  Luciferian Masonic master race religion.

The efforts are titled “Interfaith”:
I have previously written about  papal Interfaith, started by Pope John Paul II in Assissi in 1986: Once a year, the pope still gathers leaders from all world religions so as to pray to what is contrary to all logics believed to be one common godhead.   The tradition was followed up by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Frances I and here picks up  that tradition – telling Muslims  in Turkey in Nov. 2014: “We, Muslims and Christians, are the bearers of spiritual treasures of inestimable worth . . . Recognizing and developing our common spiritual heritage – through interreligious dialogue ….”

popekissesKoranLeft: Pope John Paul II kisses the Koran at the Vatican, thus illogically signifying to the world that sonless Allah, who will kill all who say he has a son (Sura 9:5), is identical with the Father of Jesus Christ who is one with the Father.

II: Also, Tony Blair, the Iraq warlord, now failed Middle East peacemaker has founded a global mission Antichrist, called the Faith Foundation, with the purpose of “reordering the world” and order to impose a New World  Order on us.

Conscious Reporter 14 March 2015: In a 2014 article, one prominent Catholic scholar, Professor Michel Schooyans, believed  Tony Blair had sinister objectives :

In the case of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, this is  a matter of promoting one and only one religious confession, which a universal, global political power would impose on the entire world.  One of the aims of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation will be that of remaking the major religions, just as his colleague Barack Obama will remake global society. With this purpose, the foundation in question will try to expand the ‘new rights’, using the world religions for this end and adapting these for their new duties. The religions will have to be reduced to the same common denominator, which means stripping them of their identity.

blair´s-faithRight: Tony Blair´s Faith.

Here is what Rothschild minion Tony  Blair said about Islam:The Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, rather as reformers attempted with the Christian Church centuries later. It is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance. Under the guidance of the Qur’an, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was “breathtaking. Over centuries it founded an Empire, leading the world in discovery, art and culture.”
After this blatant twisting of the truth,  this Bilderberger,  converted to Catholicism  and had a pagan rebirth in Mexico

Like Peres, Blair claimed a world-political authority should have the power to determine which religious views are “false”. 

III: The UN has a Satanic interfaith  of its own
The Recipe was made by Alice Bailey through her Luci´s Trust” (originally Lucifer´s Trust) – which became a UN NGO – promoted by UN Vice Secretary General Robert Müller. Its “World Good Will” program has worldwide mission.
You can read the UN´s “Great Invocation”. In it it is stated: “May the Coming One return to Earth. From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide all little human wills. The purpose which the Masters know and serve.” This is a change from 1945, when the first line was: “May Christ return to Earth”.

un-meditation The U.N. has its own official Indian meditation instructor, Sri Chinmoy, who holds two meditation sessions per week within the U.N. building, and whose specialty is to lull his audiences into trance with music! The meditation room is a shrine to many globalists.

IV: The EU has its own ASEM Interfaith Dialogue organisation: “We acknowledged that we can find admonitions to love and peace, and rejection of hatred and violence in all the world religions, and that we can find and share a set of common universal (NWO) values.”

The teachings of Christ and logics forbidden in Germany
“A Protestant pastor in Bremen, Germany preached that Christ is the only way to heaven, and now Pastor Olaf Latzel is being accused of disparaging other religions, and the prosecuting attorney of Bremen is considering filing charges against him.
The newspaper “Die Welt”: “Bremen senior theologian  described Latzel´s sermon  in part as “intellectual arson”. It is liable to feed violence against foreigners, other faiths or asylum seekers. Pastor Latzel said in his sermon that while Muslims who are citizens of Germany do belong to Germany, Islam does not. The prosecutor said that this talk is disrespectful to Muslim brothers and sisters. He also charged Latzel with “pure fundamentalism.”

olaf-latzelPastor Olaf Latzel erfährt im Internet massive Rückendeckung – während seine antichristlichen Kollegen und Theologen ihn verdammen! (Radio Bremen 3. Febr. 2015)

Pastor Latzel made it clear that he is against the mixing of Christianity with other religions.The problem we are now facing stems from the belief that there is no absolute truth. This philosophy that everything is relative, is depending upon the person and the circumstances.
Comment: The backbone of the teachings of Christ is John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” The New Catholic Cathechism art. 841 teaches Antichristianity: “The Church’s relationship with the Muslims. “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.

Thus, Interfaith and the Catholic  Church, excluding Christ as the only way to salvation, in fact making him superfluous, do not preach the teachings of Jesus Christ.
This apostate Church  has enthroned Satan as its head and makes  sonless Allah identical with the Father of Christ!

Latzel: “As followers of Jesus Christ, our measuring stick for truth is His Word. It won’t be long before many of us are incarcerated and our churches closed, because those in authority claim that we are not tolerant of others.The persecution of the pastor in Germany is actually more extreme, because he has caused a fire storm by proclaiming Christianity as set apart from other religions. The government in Germany does not approve of Christians saying  the Lord Jesus Christ is the only one way to heaven.They are obviously pushing for a Universal church, where everyone is included, and no one is told that their beliefs are wrong.”

Pastor Olaf Latzel knows that Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same God.  “One must only look at the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures and compare Him to the one called “Isa” in the Qur’an, to clearly see that Allah and our God are completely different. I firmly believe that Allah is Satan. One of the names for Allah is “The great deceiver.” Satan is the one propagating these lies in order to establish his One World religion.”
Comment: Wenigstens ist Allah der absolute Gegenpol von Jesus Christus. Im Neuen Testament wird Satan eben so beschrieben.

URI_INTERFAITHV: “There is an organization that we are hearing more and more about, called the United Religions Initiative and   here. Pope Francis (and his Masonic predecessors) has close ties to many members and especially to its founder, William E. Swing, a former bishop of the Episcopal Church in San Francisco. When Pope Francis was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he invited Mr. Swing to celebrate the United Religions Initiative’s 10th anniversary in Latin America at his Cathedral.

URIThe URI is a United Nations project.
Among the founders were (SS. 108-109), Michael Gorbachev, UN-Secretary General Kofi Annan, Bishop Desmond Tutu and the proxy of the pope, Curia Cardinal Francis Arinze. URI is funded by mega banks,, Jimmy Carter,  George Soros, Bill Gates and Luci´s Trust.

It was heralded in June 1995. Attending the service in San Francisco’s Episcopal Grace Cathedral were political luminaries and representatives of all religions, including Britain’s Princess Margaret, Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Polish President Lech Walesa, UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Archbishop Renato Martino (Vatican nuncio to the UN), and Archbishop John Quinn of San Francisco.

The URI´s  purpose is to be the world religious authority, “a UN for religion” in order to foster peace.  It aims to solve issues of environment, population, poverty and disease whilst building religious unity.”

frances-peres-2014The Conscious Reporter 14 March 2015:  Last September, Israel’s former President Shimon Peres asked Pope Francis to head a future “UN of religions”, a proposed organisation with “unquestionable” authority to proclaim God’s will. Peres argued globalising faith under a single world authority is required to combat terrorism.

Is it possible that powerful people in the global elite desire – if not an actual monolithic world faith – then a global hegemony over the world’s spirituality, so that religions, and their followers, can be influenced through a central authority? A closer examination suggests such a scheme is highly suspect.

Peres said in 2014: “In the past, the majority of wars were motivated by the idea of nationhood. Today, instead, wars are sparked above all with the excuse of religion”. Global interfaith religious initiatives already exist, such as the United Religions Initiative, but evidently Peres envisages a much more top-down and authoritative “Organisation of United Religions”. He was quite blunt about the proposed organisation’s power:  ‘No, God does not want this and does not permit it’.” He suggested the Pope lead it because “he is perhaps the only leader who is truly respected”. The Pope was reportedly sympathetic, but made no “decision or personal commitment”.

Pope Francis flies ” One World Air ” when travelling.

Creating a global body with the “unquestionable” authority to dictate what God considers acceptable or not, allows those in that elite position to set their parameters across various major faiths. A global consensus can be set. Anything operating outside of the elite body’s guidelines, or without its endorsement, would then be isolated and excluded, seen as rouge or wrong – a “cult”.
Comment: This was always the nature of the Catholic Church.

Under such a model, religions need not be replaced with a single monolithic faith as some predict; rather a central body could influence and infiltrate the world’s major faiths while leaving their external appearance intact. Central decrees could be fed out and passed down within the guise of the tradition people are most accustomed to in different cultures.

However, on Whitsun Day in 2014, during a meeting at the Vatican  Pope Francis heralded the new world religion  in which there is no room for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. For this religion is a political desk mixture of the religions of the world – meant to control you.

francis-coats-of-arms-reversedLeft: Pope Francis´coats-of arms. Turned upside-down, it forms the  Baphomet head, the inverted Pentagram. This accounts for the pedophilia, an element of Satanism,  of the Catholic church

This is a natural continuation of the enthronement of Satan as head of the Church in the joint Catholic / Albert Pike Scottish Rite Masonic Black Mass and  here  in the Cappella Paolina in the Vatican on 28 June 1963during the satanic  2nd Vatican Council. The Master of Ceremonies was Joseph Ratzinger / later Benedict XVI. And his successor, antichristian Jesuit Pope, Francis I, has many Luciferic symbols in his coat of arms – like Benedict.

The global discussion is not whether there is a creator or not. For there is overwhelming proof that he does exist  Any one claiming that there is no god owes us an explanation for the laws of nature. In fact, the Church has turned 180 degrees away from Christ to make Lucifer, The “Prince of the World” (John 14:30)  the Creator

Francis+all-religions-are-trueMany speak of the coming of the Antichrist (John 2nd Epistle 2: 2). I would say: He is already here. He has infected the churches and people with ideas that are quite contrary to the teachings of Christ and corrupted by the world.
The popes seem match such a description well.
You can see the proof  left. This is what an antichrist says not what Christ says: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me..” (John 14: 6) and “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.Matt. 24:24).

Christ is exclusive – the satanic NWO religion includes everybody, be he Hitler, Stalin, Mao in its “salvation” for Masonic Lucifer – and sees any one sticking to Christ as a heretic.

Christ prepares us in Limbo for life  – if we will.

plüschteufelThe NWO prepares even our children in Limbo for death and devil as normality and something admirable – if we will: advertizing, toy, games, Halloween, uniforms, Skull and Bones of Presidents Bush and John Kerry,  etc.













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