Global Climate Mafia through The Guardian: “97% Scientific Consensus (Fact Is 0.3%) Is “Gateway Belief “and “neutralizes the Effect of World View” for Global Control

“Actually, “the powers that be” are the ones that bound us to oil and gas use for purposes of profit and control, while suppressing free non-polluting energy alternatives (eg., Nikola Tesla’s work), that could have been fully deployed long ago. Now after limiting us to primarily carbon fuels for decades, they want to tax us for carbon emissions” (Why Spray the Sky?)


al-gore-settled-scienceI have previously written about  who are spraying the chemtrails and why.
Now more is emerging on these topics.

This is the Climate Mafia
Veterans Today 18 March 2015: The control of earth’s climate is now in the hands of the Climate Mafia – a secret society of corrupt government agencies, criminal elite, banksters and autocratic zealots.climate_mafia-us-agencies-7


Here is how the Climate Mafia works:

1) The Wall Street Journal 26 May 2014: There is no basis for President Obama´s and John Kerry´s claim that 97% of scientists believe that man-made climate change is a dangerous problem.
The 97% assertion is a fiction. The so-called consensus comes from a handful of surveys and abstract-counting exercises that have been contradicted by more reliable research.
“…only 41 papers—0.3 percent of all (of Cook´s) 11,944 abstracts or 1.0 percent of the 4,014 expressing an opinion, and not 97.1%had been found to endorse” the claim that human activity is causing most of the current warming.

Only 39.5% of 1,854 American Meteorological Society members who responded to a survey in 2012 said man-made global warming is dangerous.

The IPCC lists only 41 authors and editors of the relevant chapter of the Fifth Assessment Report addressing “anthropogenic and natural radiative forcing.”

In 2009, more than 31,000 scientists (more than 9,000 with a Ph.D.) negated the 97% claim.

CookThe article publishing the 97.1 % is by John Cook and al. 15 May 2013:  “We find that 66.4% of 11,944  abstracts expressed no position on AGW (manmade global warming), 32.6% endorsed AGW, 0.7% rejected AGW and 0.3% were uncertain about the cause of global warming. Among abstracts expressing a position on AGW, 97.1% endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warming (see graph left).
Comment: Thus, Cook only finds about 35% of  scientists endorsing manmade global warming. However, reviewing the figures The Wall Street Journal finds that only 0.3% endorse AGW!

2) The Guardian 10 March 2015 asks the question: How can we convince the many sceptics of global warming?
Communicating the 97% consensus makes people more likely to accept the scientific reality (!!!-see below) of human-caused global warming. The expert consensus is a “gateway belief” that opens people to the acceptance of other important concepts. In turn, changes in these key beliefs lead to increased support for public action.
But the public view it as a low priority, so they don’t mind when policymakers fail to take action
. When in doubt about scientific facts, consensus messaging “neutralizes the effect of worldview”

Dan Kahan at Yale has run experiments in which subjects read a fictional article about new technologies to offset global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and reflecting sunlight into space. After reading the fictional article, conservatives become more likely to accept the science behind human-caused global warming  (people are manipulated into the religion).
But the scientists agree that the technologies entail high risks.
Dan Kahane notes that different communications approaches will work for different people.

Chemtrails conspiracy theory? No – it is theory to negate the chemtrails.Some even think  the chemtrails are warming the atmosohere – – which the graph below also clearly refutes.

The Climate Mafia is practising chemtrail-pollution of our atmosphere under the pretext of cooling the globe from man made warmimg
Only, man made/CO2 global warming does no more exist on our way out of the little ice age 1500-1860:



The purposes of chemtrails seem to be:
Chemtrailprotest1) Puget Sound Radio 28 Febr. 2011: It is  about a sub program in the Navy program called   VTRPE (HAARP). Its all for the VTRPE. The naval  system would not work over the land terrain adequately, or accurately rather, without creating a duction of the radio waves over the land terrain and they use the mixture of barium salts to do that, and that enables the whole system to function.
As a carrier of aluminum and barium, polymer fibers are used to make the poison float long bacteria are also used for this purpose. This creates an electric field, which is charged on HAARP heating, triggering  thunderstorms and/or serves as earthquake and mental control  triggering reflection mirror.
2) To destroy our food production through chemtrail/HAARP “climate change” (droughts, floods, aluminum-poisoned soil in which  only Monsanto’s  aluminum-resistant hybrid plants can grow).
3) To convince us  by their chemtrail/HAARP climate disasters (Yolanda and here and Sandy) as well as  earthquakes  that we must necessarily submit to their Satanic Agenda 21 environmental one world government to free us from such Illuminati made evils.
4) To exercise HAARP mind control over us.
5) Possibly kill some of us by the poisonous chemtrail  elements and radioactive fall-out.
6) Money, Money, tax payer foney for this deceptive Illuminati till

The chemtrails have their origins in the US and UK-Dorsetshire experiments on domestic unsuspecting populations with i.a. airborne bacteria and viruses  and even radioactive materials!

Chemtrails are officially massively admitted
1. The Royal Society of London,
The Federal Government of Germany
3. The IPCC AR5 as of September (SPM21): Speaking of Geo-engineering it wrote: “If Solar  Radiation Management  were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.”
4. The UN Convention on Biological Diversity demanded a moratorium on SRMafter ocean fertilization experiments failed.
Bill Gates is Experimenting with clouding, by spraying water into the Atmosphere (BBC 22 May 2010)
6. In Russia, they are also injecting SO2-injection into the atmosphere. Purpose: To stand as a climate saint, while increasing oil extraction in the Arctis! (The Guardian 24 Sept. 2013):
7. John Holdren, Obama´s science adviser.
8. NASA admits. (Video). The CIA is sponsoring (ongoing) geoengineering “study”. Such “studies” are widely being sponsorede by private engineers – like Bill Gates. It´s all about global control – weaponisation of the weather against some enemy, for the Illuminati mankind.

Veterans Today 5 Dec, 2014: The Department of Defence invented and published the term “Chemtrails” in 1990 as title to a US Air Force Academy pilot training manual.
“Chemtrails” was published by the US government again in 2000 in House Resolution, HR-2977, where the term is defined as an “exotic weapon”.

Controlling the weather is all about controlling the globe

Veterans Today 18 March 2015: Environmental scientist blasts IPCC “climate consensus” “University of Western Ontario professor AK Dewdney derided the alleged IPCC consensus and spoke in favor of the alternative theory associated with the research of Henrik Svensmark.

“In a nutshell, here is how the Svensmark theory works: The solar system is, at all times and from all directions,  bathing in a continuing shower of extremely energetic particles called cosmic rays. These rays promote the formation of clouds, a process accurately correlated to the magnetic sun eruptions, which block the radiation.   These rays are  derived from the explosion of far-away stars into novas and supernovas

william S. cohenaerosol-seeded-cloudsLeft: William Cohen was US Secretary of Defence



Chemtrails Jasper Kirkby (below) is a particle physicist currently engaged with cloud physics research at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

In 1996, the US Air Force launched its programOwning the Weather 2025 – als Gewalt-Verstärker“. I.a. one can read this: “By 2025 we will certainly be capable of increasing or decreasing precipitation over the short term in a localized area. (They already are).

The New American 24 March 2015FEMA made clear that it would stop providing funding to states that do not incorporate hypothetical dangers of alleged global warming into their emergency planning by next year.
This despite its own admission that it “recognizes there exists inherent uncertainty about future conditions.
”Invariably, those policies also mean less freedom. President Obama’s ‘Clean Energy’ agenda is a prescription for global energy poverty.






As the Dorset Eye writes: “Alzheimer´s disease, Dementia, ADD, Autism and Asthma are increasing rapidly and exponentially, and Morgellon’s disease (above) is a new phenomenon previously unknown to medical science, has been directly linked by Clifford Carnicom to the spraying of aerosol trails. Aerosol trails contain ingredients such as aluminium, barium, strontium, microscopic synthetic fibres and biological agents.

Project Bluebeam  is a New Age concoction claiming that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start the (already existing)  New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming.  It claims that  the strontium and Barium Niobate of chemtrails is used for holographic technology. The sky is said to be one big movie screen for a big laser show – to melt the virtual appearance of the messiahs of all religions  at the same time into one NWO Messiah to deceive mankind.

I will not cheat you of the fairy tale of this New Age Bluebeam hoax – for it is often mentioned in the internet

It is a sad thing that the media go on repeating obvious lies, lies coming from the uppermost  Masonic politician stooges/puppets of the Illuminati  and here  seemingly ruling the world.
Unfortunately, this is part of a wider aspect of the NWO: It is based on lies in all its aspects.

And no wonder, for the Pharisaic masterminds are Luciferians/Frankists.
Today it is as true as it was 2000 years ago: John 8:44: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”
Like their “god”, like his disciples.

How could our societies sink this deeply?
Global Research 22 March 2015  may have the answer: Increasingly, the electorate views the leftist rulers as traitors, who betrayed their supporters at the beck and call of their most egregious class enemies: the bankers, the capitalists and the neo-liberal ideologues.


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  1. R Davis says:

    I watched
    Trashed The Movie 2012 – Jeremy Irons
    The story of garbage –
    After I emailed Professor Jim Al-Khalili & suggested he might contact Jeremy Irons & see if he could help him, considering he is British, an OBE & a Physics Theorist at Surry University, but most of all he is a media celebrity.
    Car tyers recycled is great material for new products google images & see – I am keen on the crocodiles, the roof tiles, retaining walls, there is so much we can do.
    What I am concerned about is the plastics in the waters that the sea life ingest & what new chemicals are crated that we have no knowledge of as the toxins in the seas mix & match.
    I have no time for global warming rubbish but watching this documentory makes me feel that all is lost & sooner rather than later.

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