This Is why we Go on Bombing the Middle East into Rubble: NATO Creating Loyal Kurdistan in Northern Iraq/Syria for Russia-Encirclement and Oil Bypass in Coming War against Iran

Since World War II, the US has murdered roughly 60 million innocent people all over the world, and ruined the lives of hundreds of millions more, in CIA and military “interventions.” (The 60 million figure comes from Chomsky and Vltchek’s book On Western Terrorism; for some of the details, read William Blum’s book entitled Killing Hope.) – Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today 21 March 2015.


Why are the US and NATO so bent on waging war against Iraq, and Syria. The US had removed “dangerous” Saddam Hussein and his non-existing weapons of mass destruction, introduced a Rothschild central bank there and created the expected chaos (“Order out of chaos”). And Syria never harmed the US or NATO – only, a Rothschild controlled central bank is missing.
What is the real reason for bombing the infrastructure of these countries and the hesitant attacks on US/NATO created, funded, trained and equipped Al Qaeda/IS(IS) rebels there?

Here follows a surprising and very probable explanation.

Global Res. 20 March 2015  Evidence about the presence of U.S. special forces in the Syrian town Ayn al-Arab a.k.a. Kobani emerged. Troops are guiding U.S. airstrikes as part of U.S  (and Israeli) support for the Kurdish separatist group PYD and the long-established plan to establish a Kurdish corridor and here

us-forces-in SyriaA photo taken in Ayn al-Arab (Syria) shows three U.S. soldiers. One of them “Peter” is carrying a Bushnell laser rangefinder, an instrument designed to mark targets for U.S. jets, reports Ceyhun Bozkurt for Aydinlik Daily.
The photo substantiated previous BBC interviews with U.S. soldiers who are fighting alongside the Kurdish separatist group PYD in Syria.

The photo of the three U.S. troopers also substantiates a statement by PYD spokesman Polat Can from October 14, 2014, reports Aydinlik Daily. Can admitted that a special unit in Kobani provides Kurdish fighters with the coordinates of targets which then would be relayed to “coalition forces”.
In 2012 a senior British Whitehall official would leak to The Daily Star that British SAS and other NATO members´ special forces had been operating in Syria for months.

A study of this document revealed that the wars on Libya, Syria and Iraq follow a detailed U.S. strategy that outlines a step-by-step subversion of a country from the assessment of a feasible, cooperative opposition to guerrilla war and regime change.

kurdishsyrianstateIn a 2013 interview retired Pakistani Major and security consultant, Agha H. Amin, would note:The strategic idea of NATO, is aiming at 1) securing the northern borders of Israel against Hezbollah and the 2) southern borders against Hamas; 3) to eliminate the Russian naval base in the eastern Mediterranean, Syrian city of Tartous. NATO is planning  4) to create a western strategic corridor to maintain energy-security in the case that oil supplies through the Strait of Hormuz are disrupted because of a war with Iran or otherwise… One of the first steps toward the implementation of the long-term strategic plan, is the 5) partition of Turkey by creating separate Kurdish areas thereby 6) providing NATO a direct access to Russia’s soft underbelly in the Caucasus.”
U.S.special forces have long been known for playing an active role in the invasion of Iraq with ISIS brigades.

Turkish special forces were caught red-handed, playing an active role in Jabhat al-Nusrah’s invasion of the predominantly Armenian – Syrian town of Kessab. The city is located inside the envisioned “Kurdish Corridor”.

The final decision for the invasion of Iraq with the help of ISIS, first to destabilize the country and then to justify the carving out of a Kurdish Northern Iraq, was according to a witness known to nsnbc international, made on the sidelines of the Atlantic Council’s Energy Summit in Istanbul in November 2013.

nsnbc 22 June 2014: The Atlantic Council is one of the most influential U.S. think tanks with regard to U.S. and NATO foreign policy and geopolitics. Atlantic Council President Frederick Kempe stressed “We view the current period as a turning point, just like 1918 and 1945″.
On Monday, April 22, 2013, 27 of the 28 E.U. foreign ministers agreed to lift the ban on the import of Syrian oil from opposition-held territories to allow the “opposition” to finance part of its campaign.

isis-ciaThe green light for the use of ISIS brigades to carve up Iraq and to throw Iran off-balance was given behind closed doors at the Atlantic Council meeting in Turkey, in November 2013, a “trusted source” close to the Saudi – Lebanese multi-billionaire and former Lebanese P.M. Saad Hariri told on condition of anonymity.

Noting that a prominent member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, Prince Abdul Rachman al-Faisal has been named as the one being “in command” of the ISIS brigades, and if he could either confirm or deny, the source nodded, adding that “the Prince” is responsible for financing the operation and for part of the command structure, but that the operations headquarters is the U.S. Embassy in Ankara Turkey. “As far as I know, nothing moves without Ambassador Riccardione”, he added.

Previous reports confirmed that Baghdad started intercepting weapons and insurgents along the Saudi – Iraqi border, cutting off important supply lines for ISIS brigades around Deir Ez-Zor, and that Al-Maliki (deposed Iraqi Prime Minister) began complaining about a Saudi – Qatari-backed attempt to subvert the Iraqi State since late 2012.
Someone` told Obama that he’d better pressure al-Maliki to go along with Kurdish autonomy by November or else. Who exactly ´advised` Obama is not as important as the fact that those people let him know that they would go ahead, with, or without him”.

riccardione + atlantic council turkeyAsked whether he knew details, how the final green light for the ISIS campaign was given, he said: ” Behind closed doors, in the presence of both Scowcroft, Hariri, and a couple of other people”.“Riccardione was tasked with the operation that day”(left).

nsnbc 13 Aug. 2013: Western – Saudi – Backed Terror Wave in Syria and Iraq however, creates Havoc and aim at Civil War.

The construction of a NATO loyal Kurdish
state in Northern Iraq/Syria to facilitate oil transport from the Gulf oil fields in a coming war with Iran (See former supreme NATO General in Europe, Wesley Clark´s prediction) suddenly explains the otherwise insane attempts to oust Assad and make the same chaos in Syria as in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.


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