War on Terror Is Basically Western War on Russia by False Flags. American Attempt to Make Us Believe that NATO Partner IS(IS) Is of Russian Origin! Phantom Al Qaeda now US Ally

LATEST: TOTAL CONFUSION: Veterans Today 14 March 2015:  “CIA Director John Brennan said Friday the United States does not want to see a chaotic collapse of the Syrian regime as it could open the way to Islamist extremists taking power.
“None of us, Russia, the United States, coalition, and regional states, wants to see a collapse of the government and political institutions in Damascus,” Brennan said.

Comment: So why did the US arm the Al Qaeda rebels and found, fund, train and equip rebels against assad? Why is the US bombing Syria. To create chaos to build their NWO on the rubble?


Abstract: Prof. Chossudowsky, Global Res. writes: “The actions of the Western military alliance (US, NATO and Israel) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Syria and Iraq are coordinated at the highest levels of the military hierarchy – coordinated with a process of destabilizing Economic warfare. It violates the Nuremberg Charter, the US Constitution and the Charter of the United Nations.”
On top of that, EU Commission President Juncker calls for an EU army to fight Russia and others on behalf of  Western NWO (the EU is its model).

Now Obama himself admits that the coup in Ukraine against the legitimate President Yanukovych, was the work of the United States. Nevertheless  the West is accusing  Russia of aggression (the Crimea) and is building a dangerous war sentiment.

Illuminati ideologue Zbigniew Bzezinski launched the plan of the Grand Chessboard on the encirclement of Russia – the purpose of which is to enforce the resolution of this multi-ethnic state into small nations. The Russians see this plan in today’s big game and are ready to counter it with nuclear weapons.
In this light the conflicts in the Ukraine and the Middle East have to be seen. Since there are strong forces in play to accelerate Messianic Bible prophecy, I  now see the Middle East – and especially Syria – as the more dangerous front. National interests in the Middle East  only pertain to Israel, while the US / NATO only pursue  the one-world interests of their Pharisaic bankster masters.

In the Middle East, the US, NATO, Israel and the Gulf States created, are funding, training and equipping their false flags group,  IS(IS) as their proxy to wage  their endless Orwellian “war on terror”.  They hesitantly fight  IS(IS) with the actual  purposes of bombing out the infrastructure of Iraq and Syria and of driving these  populations into the EU in order to destroy  nation-states and the last vestiges of Christianity there –  to raise their NWO from out of the rubble!

The US John Birch Magazine, The New American, is trying to hoodwink us into believing the Russians were the originators of  Islamic terror in the days of Brezhnev – and later of IS(IS). The premises are quite untenable – indeed void,  the only leader from the accused so-called Caucasian Emirate, Abu Omar al-Shishani,  who has sworn allegiance to  IS(IS),  did so only in November 2013, while IS(IS) was founded in 2006. It is true that the leader of the Caucasus Emirate, Dokku Umarov, worked with Putin’s FSB and was the mastermind of FSB’s Bomb Terror in Russia. However, he considered al-Shishani and his followers to be traitors against the North Caucasian Jihad. After  Umarov’s death in 2013, some of his people have joined the IS (IS) – allegedly there are 1,700 Russian  IS(IS) operatives.

The New American fails to recognize that even in the 70s, Brzezinski and the CIA, together with Pakistani ISI, founded the phantom, the empty shell of Al Qaeda, as a scapegoat for US-Israeli crimes such as the Sept. 11, which these primitive Mountain Warriors were not capable of  carrying out. According to Sheikh Nabil, a former al Qaeda leader, al Qaeda and  IS(IS) are exactly the same organization.

While Western politicians import such enormous quantities of Muslims as refugees from their senseless bombings in the Middle East and Libya as never before, suddenly Muslim False Flag Operations (Hebdo, Copenhagen, Ottawa) occurred creating an anti-Muslim attitude – in order to intensify the War in the Middle East and probably soon again in Libya with popular consent.

Canadian Prime Minister Harper has just delivered an anti-Muslim speech in Parliament.
Henry Makow writes as an explanation: Divide and conquer is the proven tactics of the Illuminati. Harper´s  central banker masters have asked him to demonize Muslims in the eyes of Christians (which  after 1400 years of history of inhuman Islamic conquests and a glance at  the Middle East and North Africa as well as into the Koran ought not to be difficult!!). Harper tries to have an unpopular torture-law passed!


“The  war (on terror) has been provoked to destroy the Russian World, to draw Europe into it, and to surround Russia with hostile countries. Unleashing this world war, America is trying to deal with its own internal problems.” – Sergei Glazyev, Advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Global Res. 10 March 2015.

Putin said, that Russia is ready to react to aggressions – even using nuclear weapons. Personally, he was not sure, if the West  would not use military force against Russia under  cirumstances. (DWN 15 März 2015).


grand-chessboardIt was Zbigniew Brzezinski who through  his “Grand Chessboard” introduced the NWO dogma of encircling Russia, to make it collapse into its multinational states.
One front today is the Ukraine. But in my opinion the most dangerous front is the Middle East, especially Syria (Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38-39). Not only is this Biblical end time prophecy, but very strong forces are pushing Putin (“Rasputin” Rabbi Berel Lazar – Lubavitch Chabad) and the Pentagon/White House (furthermore the Pentacostal section called the Promise Keepers) to fulfil these prophecies in the hope of thereby accelerating the coming of the “Messiah”: Talmudic ben David, his opponent, Jesus Christ (Luke 21, Matth 24). These promoting fools little know that not they  but our Creator, the intelligent designer of DNA and a pixelated universe, and here and here  decides that last day – and that there is only one real proven Messiah and here  and here and here. 

Why would co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski, make a Grand Chessboard plan?
The answer is in this prophetic sitcom video from 1981. Th man is considered crazy, the public laughs – but he was/is totally right: The goal is Rothschild/Rockefeller´s one world government – as clearly seen today. Thus, the MSM understands to make the truth so ridiculous that no one believes it!

Bizarre things are happening in the Orwellian War on Terror. It was originally declared on Al- Qaeda – the CIA/Brzezinski´s scapegoat and false flag partner organisation- which was really just an imaginary  phantom organisation  and here. The US even declared the fight against Al Qaeda to be WWIII  and here.
Now all of a sudden, the very  Council on Foreign Relations declares bin Laden successor Al Zawahiri and his Al Qaeda to be a necessary ally of the US in its hesitant fight against IS(IS) (Foreign Affairs 9 March 2015) – although former Al Qaeda leader Sheik Nabil declares IS(IS) and Al Qaeda to be one and the same thing.

Brother Nathaniel  describes WWIII as having the goal of implementing the Frankist-Weishaupt-Rothschild NWO 6-point program.

Prof.Michel Chossudovsky, Global Res. 8 March 2015  writes: “The Global War on Terrorism is a Lie. The alleged enemy of the West is fabricated. Counter-terrorism is invoked as a pretext to wage an all out war of conquest and escalation extending from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean to Central and South Asia.

Under a global military agenda, the actions undertaken by the Western military alliance (U.S.-NATO-Israel) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq are coordinated at the highest levels of the military hierarchy coordinated with a process of destabilizing economic warfare.   It violates the Nuremberg Charter, the US constitution and the UN charter.”

But now, The President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is calling for a European Army as a response to “Russian aggression” due to the Ukrainian crisis which the EU and the US (instigated by the usual Illuminati banksters)  provoked by ousting corrupt but democratically elected Ukrainian President Yanukovitch.

The fact is that the EU already has the small  EUFOR rapid deployment force as  well as a European Gendarm force of previous Elite soldiers (Eurogendfor) – to suppress domestic riots. However, the EU has 68.000 men to deploy within the framework of the  Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).
European Parliament News 7 Nov. 2012:  The EU’s common security and defence policy (CSDP) must respond to strategic trends and play a full part in the Union’s external relations, said foreign affairs and security and defence MEPs.

The puppets ruling Russia are Crypto-Jews.
Daryl Bradford Smith (Co-author of the Timeline of the House of Rothschild) interviews Iskander Hashim, September 6, 2008 on Crypto-Judaism (video below): Ashkenazic Jews vs Sephardic Jews, Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, Mainstream Media, Communism, Boris Yeltsin, KGB, Lubavitcher Rabbi Berel Lazar, Georgia, Israel, United States, John Kerry, General Wesley Clark, Yury Luzhkov, Nicolas Sarkozy. It´s Hegelian dialectics.

I have previously written about IS(IS)´US, NATO, Israeli and Gulf State roots.

In an attempt to distort facts, The New American tries to make us believe IS(IS) is of Russian origin!

The New American 9 March 2015 – THE RUSSIAN ROOTS OF ISIS:
“The banner of Islam may lead into [the] struggle for liberation,” declared Leonid Brezhnev
, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) on February 23, 1981. Brezhnev’s Soviet policy of building communism under the guise of Islam eventually culminated in the Soviet creation of the USSR Islamic Revival Parties in the late 1980s.
The Islamic Revival Parties proclaim a fundamental Islamist ideology.

Thus, the CPSU had provided the more radicalized Muslims of the USSR with a political home.

One of the early founders of the USSR Islamic Revival Party was the late Chechen terrorist and Wahhabist ideologue Supyan Abdullayev. Back in the 1980s Abdullayev was recruited by the KGB. He actively participated the rebellions in Chechnya and rose to the rank of brigadier general, then joined the Caucasian Emirate, a separatist militant Salafist Jihadist terrorist organization allied with al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the al-Nusra Front in Syria, and ISIS, where he was serving as one of their leading field commanders and chief ideologist for its leader Dokka Umarov.

Comment: Supyan Abdullayv would not leave the Caucasius. His enemy was Putin – and while he declared his community with bin Laden he did  not mention IS(IS) – video

In fact, Abu Omar al-Shishani, one of ISIS’ top field commanders, admitted in an interview, that he arrived to fight in Syria “on the orders of Dokka Umarov. And for a certain amount of time “he has supported us financially.” This same links adds: “Abu Umar claims that Umarov had agreed to the North Caucasian fighters in Syria swearing allegiance to Baghdadi, though this does not explain why some fighters who previously swore oaths to Umarov have refused to pledge allegiance to the ISIS leader”.

dokku umarovuvChechencenter 3 April 2010: More and more Chechen rebels that were under so-called “Imarat Kavkaz” are leaving Dokku Umarov.
1) Dokku Umarov (right) is accused of working with FSB (former KGB).
2) He took the responsibility of explosions where many innocent civilians have been killed, which counts as the dangerous sin in Islam (!?) Mujahedeens said the  explosions were made by the FSB and that some people in so-called “Imarat Kavkaz” are working closely with Russian Secret Security Services.
In 2013, the FSB declared to have “neutralized” dokku Umarov.

In an interview with DELFI, a daily news website servicing Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine, former Chechen Prime Minister Akhmed Zakayev admitted that Umarov was in fact an asset of Russian security services, the FSB and GRU (Russian military intelligence):
In 2007, Umarov declared war on America, Great Britain and Israel.

If this admission holds accurate, it would further corroborate that Russia is behind the very Islamic terrorism while ostensibly opposing it.
According to Yuri Andropov (chairman of the KGB, from 1967 to 1982,  general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1982-84), the Islamic world was a petri dish in which the KGB community could nurture a virulent strain of American-hatred.

bortnikovThe New American 3 March 2015:  The Obama administration welcomed a very strange guest to its recent White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism: Alexander Bortnikov (right), the director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB, the successor to the Soviet KGB).

 Alexander Bortnikov, like his boss, Vladimir Putin and much of the rest of the Kremlin’s present ruling class, was a longtime agent of the KGB terror trainers before transitioning to his current FSB post.

FSB behind Chechnyan terror
After a series of bombings in the weeks before, a police patrol discovered three white bags, the middle one with holes and an electronic watch set to detonate the next morning at 5:30 a.m. a Ryazan the police arrested the would-be bombers, two men and a woman, and to the surprise of many in Russia they were FSB agents. The FSB operative was caught planting the same type of RDX explosives that have been used in the previous bombings, but unsurprisingly the FSB denied any involvement in the previous attacks.

LITVINENKO_2582317bIn 2002, FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko (left – murdered by FSB by radioactive polonium ) and Russian historian Yuri Felshtinsky wrote a book entitled, Blowing Up Russia in which they detail that the Ryazan incident was a planned Russian false-flag terror attack ….to solidify Putin’s rise to power as president.
A former KGB General Oleg Kalugin said, “The entire history of the KGB is full of this kind of activity.”

On July 16, 2005, the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita published an article in which Litvinenko identified that al-Qaeda second-in-command “Ayman al-Zawahiri – today Al qaeda boss – was “an old agent of the FSB,” trained at a Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) base in Dagestan in 1998.”

Now the Article in the New American does not at all prove that the Russian government has anything to do with IS(IS), which only arose in 2006 – just that one Chechen FSB agent terrorist, Umarov, had connections with Al Qaeda terrorists. Abdullayev was also a FSB terrorist but had nothing to do with IS(IS).

In fact, the the Caucasus Emirate (CE)  and thus the Russian government had nothing to do with the founding of IS(IS). Only Umar Shishani and his people have sworn allegiance to ISIS – as late as in november 2013 – while IS(IS) was founded in 2006! The CE is fighting Jihad at home –  – both Abdulayev and Dokku Umarov distanced themselves from IS(IS) and saw Dhishani as a traitor. See here. After the revelation of Umarow´s relations with the FSB and his death in 2013, some of his followers may have joined IS(IS) – up to 1700 acc. to Russian diplomatic sources.

The whole game is a rigged spectacle towards creating the chaos on which the NWO is to be built (Order out of Chaos – but first destroy the old world order): Western politicians have for years promoted free Muslim immigration – calling those who could see what disaster that would lead to, racists – even threatening them with severe punishment (Eromediterranean self censorship for media  as well as the European Framework on Racism and Xenophobia, opening up for 3 years imprisonment for e.g. Islam criticism.
Now all of a sudden the mood is officially turning against Islam – all the while “our” politicians quietly allow the largest Muslim immigration ever seen after WWII.
Canadian Prime minister Harper  (completely correct) now calls Islam a foreign and anti women culture – wanting to forbid their niqabs – video below. It comes after a series of false flag operations (Charlie Hebdo and  Copenhagen and Ottawa) – a common  procedure to promote the NWO.

Henry Makow 14 March 2015 has an explanation  Divide and conquer is the time-tested tactic of the Illuminati. Clearly Harper’s central banker masters have demanded he demonize Muslims in the eyes of  Christians (which should not be difficult considering 1400 years of inhuman Islamic conquest and a glance at the Middle East, North Africa and the Koran). Harper staged a false flag terror event last October  in Ottawa and is trying to shepherd an unpopular repressive new anti-terror bill through Parliament.

But what the New American does not mention is that Al Qaeda is a  product of the CIA and Pakistani ISI to fight the Russians in Afghanistan – and its leader, Osama Bin Laden was later abused by the US as a scapegoat for US military/Israeli Mossad crimes like 9/11. – which was much too complicated for these primitive Mujahedeens. Nor does the New American enter upon the clearly proven founding, funding, training and equipment of IS(IS) by the US, NATO, Israel, Gulfstates,

obama-communism-islamNo doubt, the Soviet Union actually tried to spread communism through Islam. In fact Islamic communism is being practised. in particular in Muslim Brotherhood member  Obama´s USA! And no doubt, Putin also uses false flags by means of his Chechen mujahedeens. But they have nothing to do with IS(IS) – as far as we


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