Arrogant French and British Foreign Ministers: Syrian President Assad Has No Role in Our World Order Syria

The following message from the British and french Foreign ministers is an incredible, arrogant one world supremacist NWO lie.
In other words, they are saying:   “We are the rulers of the world. We decide who rules where. Assad is incompetent and incapable of ruling his country  because he has not defeated our IS(IS) and Al-Qaeda rebels”!

assadNews 24 AFP 28 Febr. 2015:  Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad could not “credibly” be part of any future government combating the threat from the Islamic State (ISIS) group in the country, Britain and France said on Friday.

Assad is “stoking injustice, disorder and extremism” in Syria, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and his French counterpart Laurent Fabius wrote in a joint editorial published by newspapers Le Monde and Al-Hayat.
They claimed that Assad is seeking to rehabilitate his public image despite a conflict in Syria which has lasted nearly four years, killed at least 210 000 people and displaced nearly 12 million others.

“For our own national security, we have to defeat ISIS in Syria. We need a partner in Syria to work with against the extremists and this means a political settlement agreed between the Syrian parties leading to a unity government in Syria,” the editorial said.
It is clear to us that Assad could not credibly be part of any such administration.

“The editorial added that most Syrians would not accept Assad as part of the solution to the conflict.

ISIS jihadists have taken swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq, prompting an international coalition led by the US to launch air strikes on selected targets from last year onwards.

Syria is the victim of a brutal attack by NATO because 1) she refuses to have a Rothschild controlled central bank – just like Afghanistan,Iraq, and Libya – before they were made failed states by NATO. 2)  Besides, it´s all part of Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard strategy to encircle Russia, pressurizing it to dissolve into small states of it´s many nationalities
Iraq and Libya were stable states under their dictators, Saddam  Hussein and Gaddafi. Today they are chaos. NATO wants Syria to be, too, by ousting it´s only stabilizing factor, Pres. Assad. Why? Divide and rule – this protecting UN´s/Rothschild´s  Israel. and here (years 1895-1957).

But it´s long since decided that the governments of Syria and then Iran are to be “taken out” – Former NATO General Wesley Clark in 2001.

How can they blame it on Assad that 210.000 persons have been killed in a civi wat their countries and NATO have brought about?  By the Way – the figures are delivered by the strongly exaggerating and dubious  Syrian Observatory of  Human Rights, an obscure person named Abdel Rahman who seems to be an integrated part of the British Foreign Ministry.

What right do French and british Foreign Ministers have to decide who is the right man to lead Syria?
By the right of  bombs they are throwing  – not only against IS(IS) – but purportedly against Assad`s Oil infrastructure. Their think tank, Brookings, recommended a new oppositional  Syrian Army  to oust the regime and fight ISI(S).
2) By the right of the foreign oppositional rebels that these powers and their NATO allies have founded, although they all are closely allied with IS(IS) and Al-Qaeda, are funding, training  and here – and equipping and here them in Syria and Iraq as well as elsewhere.
3) The Syrian Government is now pressing the IS(IS)/Al-Qaeda rebels so much that  NATO´s UN is begging for ceasefire (Activist Post 19 Febr. 2015), in order not to have the IS(IS) warriors now encircled in Aleppo crushed by the Syrian army. However, the IS(IS)-warriors  decline the offer.
4) Most Syrians do accept Assad acc. to a NATO poll, 70% being for Assad, 20% neither for nor against him, and only 10% against Assad (The World Tribune 31 May 2013).
5) Behind their arrogance is  the UN´s R2P – Responsibility/Right to Protect – “coercive action against a state to protect people within its borders from suffering grave harm”.
United Nations Security Council (UNSC)  passed Resolution 1674 (2006): “protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity”.
One principle that always surfaces in relation to R2P is that of non-intervention under which “a sovereign state is empowered by international law to exercise exclusive and total jurisdiction within its territorial borders.

Two general thresholds that must be met in order for R2P to become applicable – namely “large scale loss of life, actual or apprehended, with genocidal intent or not, which is the product either of deliberate state action, or state neglect or inability to act, or a failed state situation” and “large scale ethnic-cleansing, actual or apprehended, whether carried out by killing, forced expulsion, acts of terror or rape” (ICISS Report 2001: 32).

R2PRight: US Shock and Awe  in Syria: The Responsiblity to Protect/R2P

Now, the conditions for R2P in the case of Syria (nor in the case of Iraq nor Libya) did not exist. NATO/US was unable to attack Syria in 2013 due to Russia. Instead, they have for years been supporting foreign rebels from Al Qaeda and IS(IS) to make Syria a failed state – so that they can react acc. to R2P – if they dare defy Russia!
Not even rebellion allows the NWO to infringe on the jurisdiction of a  sovereign state.

Claiming that the Iraqi army is not ready, the Pentagon announced it has pushed back plans by Iraqis to mount a major attack to regain Mosul from the Islamic State. Iraqi officials and prominent Republican Senators were stunned the offensive was being telegraphed in advance to the enemy. They were equally appalled when Pentagon officials leaked specifics of the number of fights and configuration (Russia Today 28 Febr. 2015).

One can only conclude that the US will not weaken its child and partner, IS(IS).

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