Disgraceful Origin of IS(IS)

The US created Al Qaeda. And the US created IS(IS) and   in 2006 by 1) having in 2003 created a power vacuum in Iraq after saddam Hussein and 2) funding, training and equipping the Syrian Free Army (FSA) up to this very day  – although the US knows that the FSA is but a purveyor warriors and US delivered weapons to ISIS.
Acc. to  US Congress member Tulsi Gabbard, the USA directly and indirectly  supplies  IS IS and Al Qaeda and delivers weapons to them.

But in fact, ISIS means Israeli Secret Intelligence Service = Mossad

 But what is less known ist the UK´s role in planning a regime change in Syria – even since the time of Prime Minister McMillan – and reinforced by David Cameron at the time of the formation of ISIS.

The  Lebanon Daily Star 8, Sept. 2014  quoted the FSA-leader, western oriented Idriss, of the FSA as saying:  “We cooperate with IS(IS) and the Al Nusra-Front (Al Qaeda)”. Rebel groups independent of IS(IS) no longer exist in Syria (CNS News). Alongside with the US, also Israel is  training, funding, and even taking care of wounded IS(IS) warriors.
Now, the US is providing the IS(IS) with anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down NATO planes and civilian jets.

Acc. to US Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard, The US US is directly and indirecly funding ISIS and Al Qaeda as well as delivering weapons to them.

Infowars 3 April 2016  The Pentagon has admitted that it’s currently training Syrian rebels.
US Army Colonel Steve Warren told journalists on Friday that ‘dozens of people are now being trained’, without disclosing any additional details.
However, US officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity that the training takes place in Turkey.

The latest effort comes as a revamp of the Pentagon’s previous multimillion dollar program aimed at training and arming thousands of Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State jihadists.
Radio Sputnik discussed the latest revelations with Middle East analyst and Editor of Politics First magazine Marcus Papadopoulos.
“Ever since the end of 2011 beginning of 2012 when the West really began to intervene in Syria, the West has projected this idea to the world that honorable America is training and arming freedom fighters in Syria,” the analyst said.
“The reality is that America is not honorable and that the people who the Americans have been training for the last five years in Syria are not freedom fighters, they are not rebels. They are militants. They are Islamist militants. They are terrorists. These are the people who have been carrying out some of the most heinous crimes imaginable not just against Sunnis in Syria but also against Shia, Alawites, Jews and Christians.”
The whole false flag scam  and here is funded by the American tax-payer as a pretext to wage a decade long Orwellian “War on Terror”.

These videos are on the shameful origin of IS(IS).

General Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme commander in Europe  during the shameful war on Serbia says “ISIS got started by our friends and allies”!!!

Second Russian intelligence report on Turkey’s current assistance to DaeshThis is from Voltairenet  9 April 2016:  Illegal trafficking in weapons and ammunition (from Turkey) to Syrian territory under ISIL control

The main supplier of weapons and military equipment to ISIL fighters is Turkey, which is doing so through non-governmental organizations. Work in this area is overseen by the National Intelligence Organization of Turkey. Transportation mainly involves vehicles, including as part of humanitarian aid convoys.

The Beşar foundation (President — D. Şanlı) is most actively engaged in pursuing these objectives and, in 2015, formed around 50 conveys to the Turkmen areas of Bayırbucak and Kızıltepe (260 km north of Damascus). Donations from individuals and entities are “officially” its main source of funding. In point of fact, the organization’s account receives such funds from a specific budget allocation of the National Intelligence Organization [MIT]. The Beşar foundation has opened current accounts in Turkish and foreign banks with the support of the Government.

The İyilikder foundation (President — Mr. I. Bahar) is also a major supplier of weapons and military equipment to Syrian territory under ISIL control, having dispatched around 25 different supply convoys in 2015. The leadership of this non governmental organization is funded by sources from European and Middle Eastern countries. Funds in hard currency are transferred to Kuveyt Türk and Vakıf bank accounts.

The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms [IHH] (President — Mr. B. Yıldırım) is actively engaged in delivering munitions to terrorists in Syria. It is officially supported by the Government of Turkey and acts under the direction of the Turkish intelligence services. Since 2011, the foundation has sent 7,500 vehicles with various supplies to territory under ISIL control. This organization is funded from Turkish sources and by other States. The Turkish banks Ziraat and Vakıf are used for fundraising.

Furthermore, to address the challenge of delivering weapons and military equipment to ISIL-controlled territory, officials from the National Intelligence Organization have arranged for control over the weapons and ammunitions stores located in the border towns of Bükülmez and Sansarin (530 km south-east of Ankara, Hatay province). The weapons are delivered to fighters through the Cilvegözü checkpoint (530 km south-east of Ankara), with the support of Turkey’s intelligence officers and gendarmerie forces.

For example, between 2 and 8 November 2015, a batch of weapons was transferred from the Cilvegözü checkpoint to the town of Atma (310 km north of Damascus). Fighters in the area were supplied with rounds for TOW anti-tank missile systems and for RPG-7 grenade launchers, as well as ammunition for small arms.

In November 2015, the movement of military equipment was organized for illegal armed groups located in the province of Latakia. Islamists received M-60 recoilless rifles and ammunition, 82mm mortar shells, 23mm and 12.7mm ammunition, hand grenades, communications tools and equipment from the Turkish intelligence services.

Between 11 and 21 January 2016, Turkish intelligence officers supplied Jabhat al-Sham terrorists with 7.62mm and 12.7mm ammunition and with rounds for RPG-7 grenade launchers. The cargo was transferred across the Turkish-Syrian border, in the area of Kizilcat (540 km south-east of Ankara), to a fighters’ camp in the province of Latakia. Some of the weapons and ammunition received were subsequently sold by field commanders to ISIL representatives (in exchange for petroleum products, food and tangible assets).

On 25 January 2016, the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms financed a shipment of equipment and food (approximately 55 tons) to ISIL terrorists. The union of fraternal societies and foundations of Turkey was responsible was forming the convoy. The “humanitarian cargo” travelled through the Yayladağı border crossing (530 km south-east of Ankara, Hatay province) to the Bayırbucak district. Earlier, in July 2015, the Foundation assisted The Association for Human Rights and Solidarity for the Oppressed in transferring over 177 tons of military cargo to the north of Syria.

Smuggling explosives and industrial chemicals to terrorist groups operating in Syria is also usually organized from Turkish territory, through border crossings in the vicinity of Reyhanlı (Turkey), Azaz (Syria), Al-Qamishli (Syria) and Jarablus (Syria). Waterways, particularly the Euphrates River, are often used to transport large consignments of explosive components: nitroglycerine, ammonium nitrate, gunpowder and trinitrotoluene (TNT).

Total supplies to terrorists through Turkey were as follows in 2015: 2,500 tons of ammonium nitrate (worth approximately US$ 788,700); 456 tons of potassium nitrate ($468,700); 75 tons of aluminium powder ($496,500); sodium nitrate ($19,400); glycerine ($102,500); and nitric acid ($34,000).

The bulk of the chemical components are purchased in the south-eastern provinces of Turkey (Mersin, Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa) with the assistance of local companies. In particular, one company acting as an intermediary is Tevhid Bilişim Merkezi (city of Şanlıurfa, Alcak district, Bağdat trading centre, office 1). The owners of the company, Ismail and Ahmet Bayaltun, acquire products manufactured in enterprises from the “Mersin free economic zone” (city of Mersin) and ensure that the cargo is then dispatched to the fighters. In addition, the company Tsitrkimya (Istanbul, owner Zaur Guliyev) supplies aluminium powder directly to ISIL.

The companies Trend Limited Şirketi (city of Şanlıurfa) and Maxam Anadolu (city of Malatya) specialize in transferring safety and detonating fuses to terrorists (main active ingredient — pentaerythritol tetranitrate), as well as caps, primers and electric denotators.

In order to pass through the border controls unimpeded, effectively with the complicity of the Turkish authorities, products are processed for companies that are purportedly registered in Jordan and Iraq. “Transit through the Syrian Arab Republic” is indicated in the supporting documents, under the section on method of delivering the cargo to the recipient. Registration and processing of the cargo are organized at customs posts in the cities of Antalya, Gaziantep and Mersin (Turkey). Once the necessary procedures have been carried out, the goods pass unhindered through the border crossings at Cilvegözü and Öncüpınar (520 km south-east of

The International Reporter 18 Apr. 2016 https://theinternationalreporter.org/2016/04/18/unmasking-isis-the-shocking-truth/ISIS started as rebels under the US occupation of Iraq. They grew by ravaging Libya and Syria. Their backers are Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and they fight as proxies for US neocons and allies. The motives are oil, gas, and empire-building.

ISIS is a supercharged new brand of Al Qaeda, which like Gladio was founded by the US to fight Russia. The so-called founders and bogeymen of ISIS, Zarqawi and Baghdadi, were puppets invented by the CIA.

ISIS is the latest offensive in a very long-term Anglo-Zionist “Divide and Conquer” project to balkanize and subjugate the Middle East, by fostering narrow sectarianism and infighting among its peoples. Britain installed the Saudi-Wahhabi monarchy over 200 years ago, which is the main source of funding for Islamic extremism, including ISIS. Turkey’s dictator Erdogan runs ISIS for NATO; like the Saudis, he is an Islamic fundamentalist and a long-term ally of Israel.

The US and its allies in Europe and the Middle East covertly support ISIS, while pretending to fight it, leaving Russia to take action on its own to quash the cancer threatening the entire region.
However, the attacks in Paris, San Bernardino and Brussels are best explained as classic Gladio false flag operations, pinned on ISIS to foster the “Clash of Civilizations.”

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