Jesuits 1890 – Masters of Jewish Elite – Created Zionist Tool: Antisemitism. Jewish NWO Elite Infiltrating and Using Masonry to Destroy Christianity and the West

The Order (of Jesuits) controlled the infamous House of Rothschild since no later than the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, after which Jesuit-led Crusade the Rothschild family was surnamed the “Guardians of the Vatikan Treasury (1830).” Eric Jon Phelps, „Vatican Assassins”, 3rd Ed., p.90.


The following is a paradox and must be seen as Hegelian dialectics, since The Jewish Rothschild bankers from the start of the Illuminati worked with the Jesuits to establish the Illuminati order, using Adam Weishaupt who had been raised by the Jesuits for that purpose. And acc. to Baron von Knigge, Weishaupt built the Illuminati order on Jesuit principles and remained a Jesuit in disguise. This order took over control of the Masonic lodges at Wilhelmsbad in 1781.

The Jesuits were the originators of  NWO´s  Freemasonry – not least via the Rosicrucians. Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Knight of St. John) and all of his 5 sons were Masons.  The Jesuits were from the very start a Crypto-Jewish organisation – one purpose being to destroy Europe through revolutions – and they still have that purpose. The Jesuits control the House of Rothschild – and the EU.

Furthermore, the Rothschilds are said to transfer US tax money to the Vatican! – where a Black and White Jesuit  Pope now rule.

Vcity-of-london_smalleterans Today 27 Jan. 2015: For too many years, Judaics have been able to deflect any appropriate criticism about their dysfunctional tribal behaviours and the anti-social actions of Israel by invoking the false charge of anti-Semitism and honest discussion on how the social virus of Malignant Judaic Tribalism emerged from World Zionist (WZ) Propaganda originating in the City of London from the Rothschild private Fiat Central Banksters

La Civiltà Cattolica  is a periodical published without interruption by the Jesuits in Rome since 1850 and is among the oldest of Catholic Italian periodicals. All of the journal´s articles are the collective responsibility of the entire “college” even if published under a single author’s name. It is the only one to be directly supervised by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See and to receive its approval before being published. 

La Civiltá Cattolica, Series XIV, Vol. VII, Fascicule 961, 23 October 1890 

P. 18. The crowning achievement, which, with the help of the masonic sects, has increased modern Jewish power a hundredfold, is the Universal Israelitic Alliance , founded in Paris by Crémieux; it extends all over the globe, conferring on the various groups of Hebrews scattered to the four winds the vigour of the entire body of Israel. Its founder was therefore correct in calling it…an instrument of domination so powerful that it governs the world. Its organization is simple. It is ruled by a sanhedrin that has sixty members, bears the title of a Central Committee, resides in Paris, and communicates with the local committees.

criticize-2-320x232P.19: It is certain that in the past century, Judaism didn´t shrink from interfering in Freemasonry, nor using its customary diabolical finesse from imbuing it with its spirit, directing it towards its goals, uniting itself with it, and making itself its mainspring, in order to rise as high as was not to be hoped even in a dream.

Fighting Christianity the primary goal
P.20: In order to arrive at this apex of domination, which was always and still is the superstitious goal of Judaism, the Israelite rabble understood quite well that there was a formidable obstacle in its way… we mean the Christian religion, the basis of all of the institutions and laws from which for centuries had proceeded the regulation of civil order. But in order to set about suppressing the Christian religion, and especially Catholicism, they had to make their assault through foreign troops, and to bring the fort to ruin in the name of liberty.

amschel-mayer-von-rothschild-thumbmayer-carl-rothschildLeft: Amschel Mayer Rothschild with the Cross of the Masonic Order of St. John/Knights of Malta.
Right: Mayer Carl Rothschild with the Masonic Octagon and the cross of the  Knights of Malta.

Thus, it was necessary to undermine this granite pedestal and the entire edifice of Christianity. And they have set to work upon this venture by placing themselves at the head of the occult world through Masonry, which is subject to them.
Meanwhile, the bonds uniting modern Judaism to Freemasonry have become
so evident that it would be naive to doubt them.

Tboaz_jachinwo copper, brass or bronze pillars, Boaz and Jachin  stood in the porch of Solomon’s Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem.
Our lodges are a representation of King Solomon’s Temple”. More about their Cabbalistic meaning.

Today it is known how much of its own ideas the talmudic Cabbala has introduced into the rites, the mysteries, the symbols, and the allegories of the masonic degrees. It is known that the Jews not only intermingle with all of the lodges and, where they are particularly numerous, fill them with members of their kind, but moreover constitute several supreme lodges or those directing all the others, to which have access only such people who are of Israelite blood and religion. Thus it is thought to be sure and perfectly certain that the entire structure of Masonry is controlled by a Hebrew sanhedrin whose power has no other limits than those of the infamous sect.

Because of which one of France´s most respected periodicals has justly written that
today, Judaism and Masonry apparently can be reduced to an identical formula: since Judaism governs the world, one has necessarily to conclude that either Masonry has become Jewish, or Judaism has become

All that is Judaism is comprised of a love and a hate: the insatiable love of gold, auri sacra fames , and the inextinguishable hatred of Christ. All of the rabbi-ginsburgpredominance, overt and covert, of Freemasonry has to serve the furious Jewish eager for felling the Christian power.

P. 23: Celebrating, in 1889, the first 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution, the Grand
Orient Lodge of Paris held a World Congress.
On what point did most of the speakers dwell for their auguries, or better, their prophecies? Here it is: That the Christian world, 100 years after the upheavals of 1789, was lying in death´s agony and, by the year 2000, would be finished off; that the destruction of monarchies and religious in those countries still immune to the benefits of 1789 ecstasies was imminent.

P.25: During the first revolution, the clergy were reproached with their 4 billion; and today, nobody wonders to see that the fortune of one single family of Hebrews
(that of the Rothschilds), which has come in order to plunder us completely within a little more than sixty years, amounts to this same sum

P. 30:  But as long as Christianity doesn´t shed the political yoke of Masonry, it will be vain to propose and discuss possible solutions for liberation.

The author then takes on certain terrible Pharisaic/Talmudic principles behind the NWO.
I am sorry to say that the Talmud  and here confirms these allegations.

Henry Makow 22 Febr. 2015: In order to distract society from the real enemy gnawing at its heart, the central bankers have always created a series of phony enemies and unnecessary wars.
For example, Intelligence agencies (i.e. CIA, MI-6 and Mossad) are responsible for 90% of “terrorism.” They created and finance(d)  ISIS and Islamic extremism as a bogeyman. Anti-terror measures (militarization of police, NSA surveillance, etc.) protect the credit monopoly, not the public. The emergent police state ensures that the “debt” is honored and interest paid. The people are collateral on trillions of dollars of “debt” i.e. the money supply.

In order to maintain the fraud, the bankers share the spoils with a whole class of society. First, they enlisted many of their fellow Jews. Then, millions of Gentiles under the rubric of Freemasonry (Jewish Cabalism, i.e. Satanism.) They enlisted the corporations, which they control. Education, the media and politicians complete the list of traitors.

gaiaThe central bankers promote mass migration, miscegenation, globalism, feminism, homosexuality, diversity and pornography to divide, destabilize and degrade society. “We corrupt in order to control,” Giuseppe Mazzini wrote. Thus they undercut the four legs of human identity: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.)

Look at who promotes the “terrorist” scam and you see a society fundamentally subverted, a society in which the “ruling” class is in fact a colonial administration conspiring against the general public. Most wars are fought to protect, consolidate and expand the bankers’ fraudulent money monopoly.
In denial, society suffers from a “Stockholm Complex.” We hope our financial masters won’t wreak too much havoc if we play along with their delusions. Unfortunately, placating the banksters will result in more terrorism and war. If the past is indeed preface, our prospects are not good.

The Rothschilds are administrators of the immense wealth of the Jesuits. They are blamed for the evil plans imposed upon mankind by the Jesuits by the hands of the Rothschilds – so it seems (video)

I see the above Jesuit attack on the Jews in general and Rothschild – Jesuit-close partner in the Illuminati NWO in particular as the start of a Jewish-governed, strategic  antisemitism as a   1) Jewish tool to to force Jews to Palestine, as formulated by Theodor Herzl in 1897 after the 1. Zionist Congress. Furthermore, this Jewish generated antisemitism, which has a 2000 year-old-story, after the writing of the hateful Talmud, has been further 2) elaborated by the Jews to subjugate us by a perpetual, unreasonable guilt feeling, not least after WWII staged by the Rothschild  and Rockefeller Zionists via their financing of Hitler and their ownership to their money machine, the IG Farben. 

john d. rockefellerJohn D Rockefeller was the biggest shareholder of IG Farben. But also Rothschild´s FED and Paul Warburg was on the American Board of IG Farben, while his brother Max was on the German board: Jews in cooperation with Nazis – Theodor Herzl´s idea.

This corporation ran the Jewish Labour camp of Auschwitz where Jewish slaves producing synthetic  petrol and rubber for Hitler – on licence from Rockefeller´s Standard Oil! It did motivate the Jews to go to Palestine – the purpose of WWII.

But antisemitism has an important role: To keep the tribe together – not least in Israel: It is much too dangerous for Jews out there – only in Israel are you safe! – says Netanyahu after Attacks on Jews in Paris and Copenhagen. But how long?
For the tools of the Jewish Elite, the Masons, the Pentecostal “Promise Keepers” and the Lubavitch Chabad have already planned Israel´s demise in War acc. to the biblical Doomsday Prophecies..

The Number of 6. mio. Jews killed in the Holocaust is an unproven number – is, in fact, a friend-of-a-friend storystarting in the Year  1900, shortly after the 1. Zionist Congress.

According to the Jewish World Almanac, the world population of Jews increased (!) between 1933 and 1948 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000 – although 6 mio. were said to have been killed in the Holocaust, which is now Jewish Religion.

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39 Responses to Jesuits 1890 – Masters of Jewish Elite – Created Zionist Tool: Antisemitism. Jewish NWO Elite Infiltrating and Using Masonry to Destroy Christianity and the West

  1. Klemens says:

    “The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’”
    Please read this book!

  2. Flanders says:

    This is the type of article I expect to see from jewish Hasbarats. Diverting responsibility from the jews controlled by Rothschild’s Sabatean Frankists, and their controlled jewish and Zionist organizations, onto other organizations which the jewish leaders have also created for their purposes, including for the purposes to hide and shield the jewish control, and to misdirect the public into many diversionary cubbyholes. It is not the NWO that people need to be concerned about. It is the J[ewish]WO, in conjunction with their often duped lower Freemasonic brethren, who are led and controlled by the Rothschild front, CFR. The tentacles of those reach deeply in working against freedom for the common man.

    This article is similar in it’s diversions to the ones which are often contrived by the “awakened” jew, Henry Makow, who seems very well-intended, but who hides the true jewish nature controlling the “NWO” behind other terms, such as “Illuminati”, “Jesuits” and other jewish-front sources. I had better hopes for your site, which is obviously intelligently researched, but I have to wonder when you print this misleading garbage. I hope other people will watch for this tactic and expose you, if you persist.

  3. Anders says:

    Hello, Flanders.

    Thank you for your comment.

    You write: ” I have to wonder when you print this misleading garbage. I hope other people will watch for this tactic and expose you, if you persist.”

    I certainly still do exist – see about on this blog.

    Please, prove that this is garbage. La Civiltà Cattolica is a periodical for the jesuits in Rome
    What makes you believe that the article in 189o referred to above does not exist – but is “garbage”?

    Furthermore, you write: “Henry Makow, who seems very well-intended, but who hides the true jewish nature controlling the “NWO” behind other terms, such as “Illuminati”, “Jesuits” and other jewish-front sources. I had better hopes for your site”

    Please search the organisations you mention on this site and You will see that I have written about them innumerable times. I cannot enter upon them in every article.
    It is not my impression that Henry Makow hides anything about the Jews or their organisations. He even goes to lengths where I often say stop – when he describes their satanic features and ways, although I know he is right.

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  18. Kris says:

    How do you stop a beast such as this? Has humanity done it before, is there a plan in history to stop it? Other than Devine intervention, I mean. We know the enemy. How do we defeat them?

  19. Anders says:

    Hello, Kris.

    If 1 mio. angry people, supported by the masses around the world, would demonstrate around the Vatican – or even invade it, these scums would run to their refuges and never come back.

    But people don´t do that, for they do not know what we know – and they don´t want to.

    Therefore, only the 2. Coming of Christ will stop those Antichristian deceivers.

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