Copenhagen: Amateurish Muslim Killing Conspiracy a False Flag Operation? The Beneficiaries are very Obvious

“10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine of Christ, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds” (2. John Epistle).


False flag operations  and here of governments are seen very often with the dirty purpose convincing a nation´s citizen of the justification of the following war and police state by killing one´s own people, then blaming it on the enemy.

OmarAbdelHamidelHussein2013The killings of an incidental Dane and a Jew  as well as the wounding of 5 policemen in Copenhagen on 14 Febr. 2015, committed by a Palestinian immigrant son, Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein (left), was not the deed of a lone wolf; he had at least 2 Muslim helpers – now arrested.
omar-deadAt the scene of the killing of Omar (right)
lights have been placed and flowers laid down in remembrance of the deceased murderer… Some young people of “another ethnic origin” in a car found the situation amusing, shouting (H)alla, (H)alla at the policemen.
“…it is  vital, that we as Muslims do not distance ourselves (from the killings)” (Junes Kock, Hizb-ut Tahrir-spokesman, 15. februar 2015) – Uriasposten 16 Febr. 2015.

Were the killings in Copenhagen  a false flag operation? No one knows – although Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today 15 Febr. thinks they had all the hallmarks of the script for a false flag operation – very similar to that of the Charlie Hebdo “massacre”. But although the murderer was shot by the police here, too, there are assistants of the felony who will be able to give information as for the masterminds of this crime. As the murderer did not hit his prime target, Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who years ago drew Muhammad as a dog the operation seems pretty amateurish as compared with the Hebdo “massacre” – although the video in Paris was also very amateurish.

Cui bono?
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for a “mass immigration” of European Jews – now after the killing of a Jew in Denmark, and one month ago after the Kosher “massacre” in Paris. Israel badly needs new Jewish immigrants. His government planned to adopt 39.5 million euro ($45 million) plan “to encourage the absorption of immigrants from France, Belgium and Ukraine”.
Israel is waiting for you with open arms,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

2. EurActiv 16 Febr. 2015: The Danish prime minister is also pushing forward a referendum on Denmark’s opt-out from EU´s justice and home affairs cooperation. The referendum could be much closer now than previously expected (!!!)

After 16 years as part of the criminal law enforcement agency Europol, Denmark might soon have to leave the EU’s police corporation. Denmark will also be excluded from the EU’s possible new Passenger Name Records (PNR) legislation. Danish Minister for Justice Mette Frederiksen also told DR, the state broadcaster, on Sunday that new laws on terrorism could be expected after the attacks. “There are dark powers that want to harm us and therefore we need to deliver a significant response.”

And Frederiksen is a main responsible politician for the presence in Denmark of these dark forces – is even provoking the Muslims and driving their immigration here by meaningless Danish bombing raids in the Middle East and Libya against  NATO/US/Israeli/Saudi-arabian false flag Al-Qaeda/IS(IS), and here, and here. And they are all under the command of even darker NWO forces.
Acc. to Global Res. 16 Febr. 2015Iraqi Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, has stated that the US Embassy in Baghdad is a command base of ISIS.

However, it is obvious that in Copenhagen, true Muslims were living up to their obligations acc. to the Koran (e.g. Sure 8:60 and 9:1-5) to terrorize and kill infidels. But they seem to often be the useful idiots of even darker and Pharisaic NWO forces needing eternal war and terror. See their program. Here are some of their methods.

Below:  40.000 citizens with the Danish top politicians as participants and speakers deeply moved commemorating  the victims of terror. The politicians´message: Now we must stand together – Danes and Muslims, etc. They will not understand that Islam is the Quran with its numerous calls for terror against the infidels and conquest of their lands (e.g. sura 33:27) – and that there is no moderate Islam (Tayyip Erdogan).
This  crowd in its mass hypocrisy  is approving of the largest Muslim immigration in history – and thus of much more future  Muslim terror and a future Danish Sharia state.
When we have protested against Islam we could only gather 25-30 persons – and no one cared. Solidarity with Islam -“the religion of peace” – gathers 40.000 Danes!!!
They are totally brainwashed by NWO media lies.


However, there could be a deeper NWO-political profit for the Danish political establishment toharvest from the Copenhagen terror attacks:
The Danish political elite is deeply frustrated that the Danish voters rejected the Maastricht and Nice Treaties as well as the Euro. The voters were lured into the the EU treaties by means of 4 opts out – among them an opt-out from the EU´s judicial cooperation.

In 2005 the EU Constitution was rejected by the French and Dutch. Instead the Lisbon Treaty was launched – acc. to the author of the Constitution, Valéry Giscard d´Éstaing, identical with the Constitution only some especially precarious sections were dishonestly transferred to the already passed Maastricht and Nice Treaties. Even in the Lisbon Treaty, there were 9 (Danish) unconstitutional elements. By means of tricks by EU lawyers, these elements were covered by i.a. the Danish opts-out –  3 of them by the judicial opt out. Thereby, NATO Secr. General hopeful Anders Fogh Rasmussen could cheat the Danes of a promised referendum in 2007. For that deception he was accepted by standing ovations in the EU Council and pronounced Secretary General of NATO!

Now the Danish political establishment wants the judicial opt-out to be abolished in a referendum in which they do not tell the voters that if they vote for the abolishment they vote for the abolishment of the Danish Constitution!!!

Such high treason and deceptionare only possible if the population is sufficiently scared. That´s where the Copenhagen terror attacks fit as easily as falling off a log.
But of course, this does not prove that the Israeli and/or Danish governments are are the mastermind(s) behind the botched terror attacks in Copenhagen.

But again, the alliance between “Danish” Jewish and Muslim organisations do remind of Theodor Herzl´s and James de Rothschild´s Zionist program from 1897: To ally with the antisemites to force Jews to flee to Palestine, as they did with the zionist funded WWII. Acc. to Netanyahu this is equally necessary today  as 120 years ago to build “Greater Israel”. See the Yinon Plan.



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