Former FED CEO Alan Greenspan´s And George Soros´ EU/Euro Demise Prophecies. The Banksters´ Debt Trap Snaps Shut

For a long time, celebrity NWO speculators/economists have been insiststing on transforming the EU into a fiscal union, i.e. the United States of Europe, so that their political CIA/Council on Foreign Relations project, the  economically impossible euro, and their one-world state component, the EU, can survive!

Here’s Illuminati stooge Bloomberg’s presentation of the EU´s  economic situation and his demand for this fiscal Union,  in which the Illuminati vassal state, Germany, must foot the  bill to be paid to the banksters all over the euro area (Video). Of course, it is not mentioned that the only solution is to give a damn in governmental debt, sending the banksters and their FIAT money loans – printed out of thin air –  to their religious lord and master at once. He will have their “souls” anyway.

greenspanInfowars 9 Febr. 2015:  Alan Greenspan, former FED CEO, opining on Greece, told BBC Radio’s the World This Weekend that “Greece will leave the Eurozone. I don’t see that it helps Greece to be in the Euro, and I certainly don’t see that it helps the rest of the Eurozone. It’s just a matter of time before everyone recognizes that parting is the best strategy.… At this stage I don’t see any people who are willing to put up the funds for Greece

And it wasn’t just Greece that the Maestro decided to throw under the revisionist history bus: he took a stabe at the Eurozone itself. “The problem is that there there is no way that I can conceive of the euro of continuing, unless and until all of the members of eurozone become politically integrated – actually even just fiscally integrated won’t do it.”

“Take a look at the Maastricht treaty. There is no indication of any conceivable way of unwinding the Euro and that was done purposefully but that’ doesn’t mean that the markets won’t pull them apart. Indeed I would suspect that what’s allowing the big surge to go on, or will go on, in ECB expansion is what Draghi said originally when he came up with the so-called OMT, which meant lending to anybody for any occasion. If that doesn’t work: If numbers start to borrow under the OMT facility and something goes wrong, what happens then? And if you’re talking about a crisis – that is a crisis. Greece leaving the Eurozone is miniscule compared to that as an issue.”

sorosBBC 12 March 2014:  Billionaire George Soros has told the BBC that the European Union may not survive its “long-lasting stagnation”.
In his book, The Tragedy of the European Union, Mr Soros also writes that he believes the banking sector is a “parasite” holding back the economic recovery and that little has been done to resolve the issues behind the 2008 crisis.
Only the Germans can save the EU.

Comment: How nice! This man has successfully speculated against his master´s  Bank of England and South Asian economies, sending millions into unemployment – and staged the Ukrainian coup d´etat and, civil war and poverty. Only the last and best euro milk cow remains for him to empty! Like the Rockefellers and his master, Rothschild, This man is always being called a “philanthropist” in Western media!!

euro-zone-sovereign-debtsRight from Wikipedia

The New American 4 Febr. 2015:  Following in the extremist “Quantitative Easing” (QE) footsteps of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank vowed to create massive quantities of new currency — more than $68 billion each month, eventually reaching well over a trillion — to buy (junk) government and corporate bonds across Europe. Under the guise of achieving an “inflation target” of two percent, the ECB will devalue all euros while propping up megabanks, Big Business cronies, European Union institutions, and out-of-control EU “member states” already drowning in a sea of red ink. More than a few experts, though, say the ultimate result of the scheme will be economic disaster. Some have also suggested that the QE bond-buying plan may violate EU treaties.

The currency-printing extravaganza, with details formally announced in late January by ECB boss Mario Draghi, will begin in March and is expected to last until at least September of next year. “Inflation dynamics have continued to be weaker than expected,” Draghi was quoted as saying at a press briefing.

From Wikipedia: EU-bail-outs, meaning more debt, interest, austerity, poverty and dependency on Germany (i.e. Rothschild & Co), the IMF and the World Bank.

ECB purchases of bonds from imploding governments such as radical socialist-ruled Greece will be subject to “additional eligibility criteria,” Draghi said. If bloated eurozone governments on the brink of collapse default on their obligations, public and private bondholders will supposedly be treated on “equal terms,” officials claimed.

The New American 5 Febr. 2015: On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the federal government will be paying $800 billion annually just to service the interest on its massive debt by 2025, up from just over $200 billion currently (see graph here). By 2021, those interest costs will equal what the government is projected to be spending on national defense, and on non-defense (so-called “discretionary” items), and will greatly exceed those two budget items just by 2025.
(This means much more Bankster loans.)

The Journal also noted that “non-discretionary” items (so-called “mandatory” expenditures) will continue their inexorable march upward, from $2 trillion currently to more than $4 trillion by 2025.
As far as faster economic growth is concerned, the Fed has been pumping up the economy with cheap (nearly free) money for years, with precious little to show for it except bubbles in the stock and bond markets.

As for the “quantitative easing”/mass printing of money, the World Bank says it is of no avail!!
Alan Greenspan  – as well as another Rothschild agent, George Soros – see the EU and the Euro falling apart, because they have not integrated politically to form a really building brick  as a Brzezinski Grand Chessboard  region to form their one world government through regionalization and here. As Henry Kissinger has said: The NWO is, therefore, in (a wanted antithetic) crisis, as the EU is the very model of the NWO one world Agenda 21 one-world-state.

Tdebthe above also shows the method by which Rothschild´s Central banks, IMF and World bank are grabbing control over nations: Sovereign debt – as monstrously demonstrated here! Besides, his pickpocketinvestment banks are playing Casino with our savings.

What do they intend to replace the EU with, after it collapses? For as Chancellor Merkel says: If the euro falls, the EU falls? Therefore, the euro will not fall until they have drawn every cent out of our bank accounts. The Cyprus model was just the beginning.

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