Landgrabbing for Sovereign Debt: Function of Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility

Summary: Already  in 2010,  I described how, at the Rio Conference in 1992, Edmund de Rothschild succeeded in obtaining the acceptance by 179 (now 183) nations of its Global Environmental Facility (GEF) lending bank on the basis of the climate change-hoax  and eco-religion. These countries are represented in the GEF´s board. This pirate organization provides high interest loans consisting of money  printed out of thin air to defaulting States on the verge of bankruptcy – and then on insolvency takes over  their wildernesses with enormous natural resources as forfeited collaterals.

What the GEF does not tell us is its main task: to seize countries around the world as part of the Communist Agenda 21 of the Rothschild agent, Maurice Strong, to round up  mankind like cattle (goyim) in Mega-cities  without access to nature  – the final one-world dictatorship. This is all in accordance with Prof. Carroll Quigley’s description of the function of Rothschild’s BIS, the central bank of central banks

Argentine economist, Adrian Salbucchi, describes the looting of Argentina by Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility/World Bank and the IMF: Juan Peron did not want to join the IMF. He wanted Argentina not to be indebted to the mega-banks – but paid out all Argentina´s sovereign debt. Therefore, he was overthrown by the mega-bankers in a bloody military coup. After that, Argentina was pushed into the IMF – and the country made debt to the extent that it went bankrupt in the year of 2000 and was forced to accept severe austerity measures as well as sky-high interest rates. In 2010, the country went bankrupt, and  again in 2014. The more debt – the more bankruptcies – new loans – total dependence on The Illuminati bankers.

This time it is due to the fact that the Manhattan Court  under Judge Daniel Griesa upheld the claim of 2 US “vulture” -Investment companies: These “vultures had bought Agentine bonds for a few pennies on the dollar before the bankruptcy – but now demanded the entire nominal sum!! This proves: Argentina is not sovereign any more but subject to  NWO-subservient USA. Debt enslaves. After the bankruptcy, Argentina can only cede tracts of land, in particular Patagonia so the rich in mineral resources,  to the creditors as forfeited collateral!

However, now some IMF author of this land-for-debt swap warns against implementing  this method now: A new and less controllable sovereign debt crisis could annihilate  the plans of the global elite for an “orderly transition to a new global legal architecture,” enabling the orderly liquidation of financially defaulted countries such as Argentina.
Salbucchi writes: Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa – World Government is coming!

Former clothing magnate Douglas Tompkins has bought a piece of natural paradise in Patagonia, George Soros, Ted Turner and Sylvester Stallone have, too. Very strong Jewish interests are linked to Patagonia, and Jewish “heroes” from the “Cast Lead” war on Gaza have been seen by the numbers in Patagonia. Salbucchi says that the Jews are looking for a new homeland – for the time after Israel’s demise? (Luke 21: Matt. 24, 38-39, Ezekiel, Jeremiah 25).
 Corrupt Argentine governments do not seem unwilling to swap their governmental debt for land to Jewish banksters. Of course not, because they are probably also Freemasons.


In 2010, I have previously described how Edmund de Rothschild managed to have the Rio 1992 Conference accept his Global Environmental Facility (GEF) based on the climate change hoax and eco-religion – to finance defaulting states with money printed out of thin air against high interest rates – then taking their wildernesses with enormous mineral riches as forfeited securities. 179 states accepted and financed this absurdity – even being represented on the board. Today there are 183 on board this NWO pirate

Right: The fathers of the Eco-religion- scam, Club 1001 members: David Rockefeller, Edmund de Rothschild (father of the lie about man-made CO2-global warming scam  – after the 28:45 min. mark),  Maurice Strong, and Al Gore

Wikipedia: The GEF Assembly meets every three to four years. Ministers and high-level government delegations of all GEF member countries take part in the meetings. There is also a GEF Council with representatives from 16 developing and 14 developed countries as well as 2 from transitional economies.
There is a secretariat and a GEF Evaluation Office.

The list below describes 10 GEF agencies currently operating:

United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Environment Programme
World Bank
Food and Agriculture Organization
Inter-American Development Bank
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Asian Development Bank
African Development Bank
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International Fund for Agricultural Development
World Wildlife Fund
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Conservation International.

What the GEF does not tell us about is its main task: To grab the lands of the globe as part of Rothschilds agent Maurice Strong´s Communist  Agenda 21 the final one-world dictatorship with mankind rounded up like cattle (Goyim) in mega-cities.

Before we continue, let us take a look at the cause of  sovereign debt, the basis for the banksters´ landgrabbing and making more and more peoples slaves of the worlds megabankers.

The world´s central banks are under Rothschild bankster control   through the  Bank for International Settlement (BIS) the central banks of central banks – see below – with the exception of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, the so-called rascal states to be taken out – as general Wesley Clark told us (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya immediately got Rothschild central banks after NATO´s  NWO invasions:

In his Tragedy and quigleyHope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966) – see under the year of 1930 – Prof. Carroll Quigley of the Council on Foreign Relations revealed the key role played in global finance by the BIS behind the scenes. Dr. Quigley was Professor of History at Georgetown University, where he was President Bill Clinton’s mentor. He was also an insider, groomed by the powerful clique he called “the international bankers.” He wrote: “I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960’s, to examine its papers and secret records.”

Quigley wrote of this international banking network:The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.” The key to their success, said Quigley, was that the international bankers would control and manipulate the money system of a nation while letting it appear to be controlled by the government.

It is important to understand that these central banks print money out of thin air, FIAT money, lend it to governments which should do the printing themselves – against interest, fixing the rate themselves. As countries become more and more endebted, they must increase taxes/ borrow still more money from the money makers at home and from Wall Street/London City – and dismantle their social states – thereby becoming more and more dependent on Rothschild. This has cost the nation states of the world their sovereignty.

But there is more money in Rothschild´s banking system: The fractional reserve system – which works wonderfully for the banks – until everybody wants his money at the same time. Then the bank crashes – and everybody has lost his money – except the banker who can make more FIAT money at any time. 

Now to Rothschild´s ongoing bankster land grabbing through the GEF: Sovereign debt for territory: A new global elite swap strategy:
Russia Today 12 Aug. 2014 Adrian Salbuchi, Argentina.
In recent decades, dozens of sovereign nations have fallen into ever-deepening trouble by becoming indebted with the “private megabank over-world” (GEF-system) for amounts far, far in excess of what they can ever pay back.

Are we seeing global power elite long-term planners slowly achieving their goals?
It all ties in with a global model for domination driven by a system of perpetual national debt which I have called “The Shylock Model”.

griesaArgentina is again dancing centre-stage to global mega-bankers’ financial tunes after falling into a new “technical default”. Not just because the country is unable to pay off its massive public debt by heeding the “rules of the game” as written and continuously re-vamped by global usurers, but now with added legal immorality and judicial indecency on the part of New York’s Second District Manhattan Court presided by Judge  Griesa (left).

Griesa has shown no qualms in putting US law at the service of immoral parasitic “bankers and investors” such as Paul Singer (Jewish) of the Elliott/NML Fund and Mark Brodsky of the Aurelius Fund – so-called “vulture funds”.
Comment: New York’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Aug. 23 that Argentina must pay $1.33 billion to the two predatory vulture funds—NML Capital and Aurelius—that bought up that nation’s debt prior to its 2001 default, at pennies on the dollar, and then demanded payment of the full face value of those bonds after default.

Sovereign debts are a major problem in just about every country in the world, including the US, UK and EU nations.

More and more people are starting to ask a fundamental common-sense question: why should governments indebt themselves in hard currencies, decades into the future with global mega-bankers, when they could just as well finance these projects and needs far more safely by issuing the proper amounts of their own local sovereign currency instead?

What happens when countries default on their unpayable sovereign debts? – as they invariably and repeatedly do – not just in Argentina, but in Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, France, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Portugal, Russia, Bolivia, Iceland, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Nigeria, Mexico, and Indonesia?

Again the voice of the “experts”: “Then countries must “restructure” their debts kicking them forwards 20, 40 or more years into the future, so that your great, great, great grandchildren can continue paying them” (I.e. also being our slaves!).

Their “red numbers” (aka sovereign debt) should be owed to the governments themselves; their own nation-states debt should be in local currency, whereby the whole “debt crisis” basically becomes a short-term internal affair (albeit painful!

Argentina’s recurrent defaults and debt restructuring go back many decades. For brevity’s sake, let’s just point to 1956 right after President Juan Perón was ousted by a very bloody 1955 US-UK (and mega-banker) sponsored military coup.
Perón was hated for his insistence on not indebting Argentina with the mega-bankers: In 1946 he rejected joining the International Monetary Fund (IMF); in 1953 he fully paid off all of Argentina’s sovereign debt. So, once the mega-bankers got rid of him in 1956, they shoved Argentina into the IMF and created the “Paris Club” to engineer decades-worth of sovereign debt for vanquished Argentina, something they’ve been doing until today.
But each sovereign-debt crisis cycle became shorter, more virulent and more toxic.

anne kruegerBy December 2001, Argentina had collapsed (see year 2000) financially sinking into the largest sovereign debt default in history. Immediately, the IMF’s deputy manager Anne Krueger (right)  proposed some “new and creative ideas” on what to do about Argentina.

She published them in 2002 in an article on the IMF’s website: “Should Countries like Argentina be able to declare themselves bankrupt?”- adding that the IMF believes “this could be done by learning from corporate bankruptcy regimes like Chapter 11 in the US”.

She pointed this out the “key features would need the force of law throughout the world”, creating “a predictable (global) legal framework”.

From the stance of global mega-bankers’ geopolitical long-term planners, Ms Krueger’s proposal consisted of  first gradually driving countries into 1)  receivership, and then sequentially into 2) full-fledged bankruptcy. Then they could be 3) broken up into as many “digestible” pieces as possible, to be 4) gobbled up by international creditors in some global vulture-fest banquet.

In the interview below, former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer explains about the terrible effects of fractional reserve of the “money mafia” on the economy of Canada after Rothschild´s BIS took over and ruled Canada´s central bank in 1974 – without conferring with the Canadian government.

These ideas were developed in greater detail in her IMF essay, “A New Approach to Debt Restructuring”, and in a “Foreign Affairs” (mouthpiece of the powerful New York-Based Elite think-tank, Council on Foreign Relations) article published in July/August 2002 by Harvard professor Richard N Cooper: “Chapter 11 for Countries”.
Countries as forfeited securities
Here, Cooper very matter-of-factly recommends that only if the debtor nation cannot restore its financial health are its assets liquidated and the proceeds distributed to its creditors – again under the guidance of a (global) court” (!).

Patagonia_Map_ImageMapDuring those turbulent years, the global press – Time and The New York Times, for example – even suggested that the immensely rich Patagonia southern region should secede from Argentina as a defaulted debt payment mechanism.

As Argentina became more and more structurally mired in debt, its sovereign debt crisis cycle grew shorter and shorter so that by 2010 a new debt crisis was in the books involving yet more debt reengineering.
But that too failed to hold for long, and today Singer’s NML/Elliot Fund and Brodsky’s Aurelius Fund have pushed Argentina again into default.

The very fact that today the fate of Argentina’s sovereign debt lies with the US Judiciary is an eloquent sign of things to come.
As Ms Krueger recently recommending Judge Griesa and his “Vulture Nest” boys should not act hastily killing off the Argentine hen that lays golden eggs.

The specialized and mainstream media – Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist – are also recommending Judge Griesa and his vulture chicks to show more restraint because in today’s delicate post-2008 banking system, a new and less controllable sovereign debt crisis could thwart the global elite’s plans for an “orderly transition towards a new global legal architecture” that will allow orderly liquidation of financially-failed states like Argentina. Especially if such debt were to be collateralized by its national territory like Patagonia (what else is left!?)

If we tie this all in with what the unfolding of Act III” in the on-going Israel-Palestine crisis whereby re-settling millions of Israeli civilians into southern Argentina might be on the drawing board, we can then begin to understand how nicely Argentina’s next debt crisis will tie in: The global Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Lazard’s, Soros, Rockefellers will be able to “legally” take over Patagonia, and then “legally” hand it over to whomever they wish without a single shot being fired!

Does anybody believe it will stop there?
Beware Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa – the world government is marching in!

stiglitzThe Money Changers” -see year 2001: Professor Joseph Stiglitz, former Chief Economist of the World Bank, and former Chairman of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, goes public over the World Bank’s, “Four Step Strategy,” which is designed to enslave nations to the bankers: 1. Privatization. 2. Capital Market Liberalization: Initially cash comes in from abroad to speculate in real estate and currency, then when the economy in that country starts to look promising, this outside wealth is pulled straight out again, causing the economy to collapse. The nation then requires IMF help and the IMF provides it under the pretext that they raise interest rates anywhere from 30% to 80%.
3. Market Based Pricing. This is where the prices of food, water and domestic gas are raised which predictably leads to social unrest 4.  Free Trade.
This is where international corporations burst into Asia, Latin America and Africa, whilst at the same time Europe and America barricade their own markets against third world agriculture.

This is the meaning of George Soros´”Open Society acc. to the Soros Dossiers: Any nation that rejects absolute globalization (i.e., British/Rothschild imperialism and looting), is a closed society and subject to attacks from Soros and his shadow government of national agents.

As for Patagonia For some reason, the “elite” are buying large swathes of land there.  The former clothes tycoon, Douglas Tompkins, is the most colorful of the multi-millionaires who have bought a piece of Patagonia’s natural paradise. George Soros, Ted Turner and Sylvester Stallone have all bought land in South America’s southernmost tip. And very strong Jewish interests are associated with Patagonia.
Corrupt Argentinian governments do not seem quite unwilling to swap its sovereign debt to the country´s Jewish bankster lenders

Kawther Info:  The Israeli war criminals who participated in the so-called “Operation Cast Lead (Palestine bombing) continue traveling in large groups and even in complete military units to Patagonia in the south of Chile and Argentina. I know the IDF criminals and officers well, I know the Israeli troops. Is Patagonia planned to become a new or alternative homeland for the Jews – after Israel´s demise?  (Albert Pike and Chabad Lubawitsch, Luke 21, Matth. 24, Ezekiel 38-39 Jeremiah 25).  
In 2008,  Wolfgang Eggert wrote that almost one sixth of Patagonia – which means a territory as big as Austria and Switzerland together – is now owned by 350 foreign “investors”. A storm is brewing and the Jews are looking for a safe haven.
In fact, the rich of the world seem to see this storm coming: They are buying land strips in far away places like New Zealand to save themselves from the deluge they have prepared for us Goyim.They are even scared.

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