Rothschild´s New Year´s Message: Prepare Yourselves for a Diabolical NWO New Year – unless You Accept Our NWO instead of Your Nasty Nationalism

The following picture is the front cover of the New Year Edition of the Magazine “The Economist” in Japanese. Here is a far reaching interpretation  – I do not know if it holds.



In order to interpret the picture, one must know who edits it and what it edits. Wikipedia: The “Economist” publication belongs to The Economist Group, half of which is owned by Pearson PLC via the Financial Times. A group of independent shareholders, including many members of the staff and the Rothschild banking family of England,  owns the rest. It is edited in London. The Economist generally supports free trade, globalisation, and free immigration. The news magazine favours a carbon tax to fight global warming.The Economist favours the support, via central banks, of banks and other important corporations. Karl Marx deemed The Economist the “European organ” of “the aristocracy of finance”. The paper has also supported liberal causes on social issues such as recognition of gay marriages, legalisation of drugs. It once published an “obituary” of God.

The following video points out who the depicted persons are. The speaker cannot recognize the bespectacled head just above Obama´s right shoulder. That person is French Pres. Hollande.

What I can see is this: The Janus head above right represents “the ugly face of nationalism” and is from an article by The World in 2015, Gideon Rachman.  “In 2015, however, it will become increasingly clear that nationalism is back.
The biggest security question facing Europe—and perhaps the world—will be whether President Putin rides the nationalist wave he has helped to create”.

Rothschild-party-bird-cageThe lady staring at Pres. Hollande is some beauty queen. Her hat bears outspoken similarity to the hats worn at Madame Marie-Hélène Rothschilds bizarre Illuminati party at Chateau de Ferrière in 1972. Why is she the only one staring so at somebody else? Is she his mistress – or does she indicate that something will happen to France? We remember that Hollande said the Hebdo “massacre” was the work of the Illuminati (Les Illuminés) acc. to Veterans Today 12 Jan. 2015 and here.

Furthermore, Alice in Wonderland is looking at the Cheshire cat and the illuminati henchmen of the world – while the Illuminati themselves are absent. At Alice´s feet 2 arrows have been shot  in an acute angle into the ground. On them 2 dates are wirtten: 11. 3 and 11. 5.

This number, 11, reminds uncannily of 11.9. Do these dates hint at coming false flag operations? The Madrid bombs exploded on 11.3 in 2004. There is something about the number of 11 having a special significance to the numerology-obsessed Masons/Illuminati.
As for the number 5, the Illuminati see it as the number of death

 In front of the little Chinese boy eating nudles, there is a placard with the word: “Panic”  -why? Below the ugly face of nationalism there is a mushroom plume as seen after a nuclear explosion.
Why is Spiderman – a symbol of the posthuman technological (programmed)  ideal of the Illuminati future – fluttering around on the picture? He is making the sign of  the Devil´s horns – he is a hero – so small boys do as Spiderman – worshipping Satan without knowing. This is what the Illuminati want

Napoleon is in the group to remind us that 2015 is 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo, which gave Nathan Rothschild the opportunity to crack the London Stock Excange and take over the Bank of England – this making him the de fato ruler of the british Empire. Apart from  Napoleon, there is another deceased person and war hero – Winston Churchill. Why have these 2 warriors been conjured up from their graves?Are they telling us that we can expect another battle? A ghost!! is seen between Merkel, who makes her usual Masonic sign,  and Obama. A man is wearing Oculus virtual reality goggles – I do not know what that means. ISIS figures are seen quite back (with AK47 gun?) and quite links – looking for something in through field glasses.
Alice is out of a fairy tale. But here she is looking at reality – i.e. virtual and reality: It seems a fake or a nightmare – but it is real.
While the corporations are in good shape (Castrol) a drone is buzzing around above.

fabia-n_tortoiseFinally, there is the tortoise, reminding of the logo  of the  Fabian Socialists: Slowly, but certainly to Communist NWO.

So, my readers, now I am excited to hear how you interpret this collage photo from Rothschild´s “The Economist”.

Is this a warning of what will come to pass with increasing nationalism instead of more NWO?
Or is it a prediction of coming events? In that case, in particular the dates  11.3. and 11.5.  are of concern.










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  1. elder says:

    11.5 and 11.3 look like powers in algebraic rules for working with powers.
    11^5=161051 (something about 7.01.15?)

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