US Bankster-rulers Looting the Ukraine Directly, Europe and Russia by Sanctions, while US Increases Exports to Russia

Abstract:  Through  its Russia sanctions – imposed on it by the US – the EU has shot itself in the foot. So much so that Germany, France, Italy are groaning under the harsh economic setbacks thereof. These countries are now saying louder and louder that it is necessary to drop the sanctions against Russia because they  have no effect on Putin, anyway.  Merkel even seeks a joint security pact with Russia – who is inviting the EU into its Eurasian Union – urging the EU to drop the TTIP with the US!

Just like the ruble,  the Euro is plunging into the abyss that both Russia and the EU exports fall dramatically,  not least  those of southern Europeans. Merkel called the possibility of a Greek exit from the euro zone as manageable. ECB chief Draghi, suggests  to let the printing presses run faster – which Germany has been strongly opposing  having the hyperinflation after World War I in painful memory. However, in order to save the NWO model, the EU, one can expect everything from these Illuminati minions.

Paradoxically, Russia seems better equipped toendure the sanctions than the EU: Russia’s  reserves will last until 2017.  However, Russia is suffering from the sanctions, too, the population suffers from shortcomings, but it is accustomed to need – and the feeling of a  “great common cause, “Holy Russia”, to fight for with their grand, almost “sacred” leader, Putin.

Now to the clever trick by the USA: The sanctions are increasing US exports to Russia, i.e. the United States is gaining  the market shares of their vassal, the EU, by the sanctions  it demands submissive EU to impose on Russia!

At the same time, the US/London City banksters have occupied  Ukraine with their loyal henchmen after illegitimately overthrowing the elected President of Ukraine and their massacre at the Maidan Square – even unconstitutionally installing 3 foreigners in the new-democratic government there. Members of the previous Parliament were excluded from the recent elections because they were against the US regime. This is being staged by Rothschild agent, George Soros, with his notorious American-Ukrainian Advisor Committee, which has stolen most of the values of the Ukraine.
Against Russia’s expressed will, the Ukrainian Parliament has now paved the way for Ukraine´s  NATO membership.

Western US banksters and capitalists, the worst enemies of mankind, that possess “our” mass media are always  referred to as “philanthropists”/ humanitarians, while their colleagues in Eastern Europe (including Putin) are always portrayed as ugly oligarchs.


The European Union seeks “to establish a system of security in Europe jointly with Russia” that will not be directed against the Russian Federation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a New Year address.”
Merkel continues to play a double game. The ‘flexibility’ that she is showing, much of that is driven by the growing public realization that EU leaders sold their own people out to a US policy that has been paid for on the backs of innocent EU constituents who have taken the sanctions hit.  Every week more articles appear showing that the West’s policy to destroy the Russian economy is going to take the EU down with it (Veterans Today December 31).


This is a follow-up on  my recent post on the NWO banksters´ thefts of our savings and pensions  by making these funds part of the  capital structure of their investment banks – to cover their losses to other Rothschild banks in high-risk derivatives speculations. Winner in any case: Rothschild.

I: Ukraine
arseny-yatenyukI have previously written about how Jewish Rothschild is using his agent, Jewish  1) George Soros, and his American-Ukrainian Advisory Committee to rob Ukraine of its values.

George Soros now smells access to our money in the Ukraine: He states that the EU is at war with Russia, that it should give up fiscal austerity and let tax payers pay 20 bn dollars immediately to the Ukraine and later as much money as is needed – through the destructive IMF (see Years 2000 and 2001)enabling Soros and other Rothschild banksters to extract our money via the Ukraine!

These Illuminati even had one of his central bank laqeys, Jewish 2) Yatsenyuk,  (with his Jewish Skull -and-bonesman master, Kerry -left), a former centralbank chief  and here  made prime minister in the Ukraine after the US State Dept. had ousted the legally elected Ukrainian president and instigated the Maidan false flag massacre. “They are people with a dirty past”, says the Estonian Foreign minister. More about Yatsenyuk´s  NWO affiliation.The first thing Yatsenyuk did as a prime minister was to steal Ukraine´s gold reserves and have them flown out of the country to the same “safe haven” which has stolen the gold of nearly all other countries.
In particular China has just experienced  thefts  of her prepayments of 3bn. dollars  to the Ukrainian government. 1o Mio EU-Euros also disappeared unexplicably over night.

pinchukAnother Jewish leech in the Ukraine is 3)  Victor Pinchuk: “The Party of Regions was built around oligarchs – such as Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Pinchuk (right) – based in Eastern Ukraine, who participated in plundering state resources after the restoration of capitalism in Ukraine. With their robbing the country of public services, tax revenues and imposing deplorable working conditions, they were largely responsible for the deficit in Ukraine’s budget and the a deep hatred and anger amongst the masses.

AFP 23 Dec. 2014: Ukraine took a historic step toward NATO on Tuesday in a parliamentary vote that stoked Russia’s anger ahead of talks on ending the ex-Soviet state’s separatist war.
Lawmakers in the government-controlled chamber overwhelmingly adopted a bill dropping Ukraine’s non-aligned status. Moscow had set Kiev’s exclusion from all military unions as a condition for any deal on ending the pro-Russian uprising. Putin’s view of NATO as modern Russia’s biggest threat has only been reinforced.

But the bankster greed and immorality goes much deeper than to instigating a civil war in the Ukraine.

William F. Engdahl and Jim W. Dean, Veterans Today 20 Dec. 2014: Ukraine will now become the most recent example, after Syria, of the moral bankruptcy of Western Democracy, where international gangsters are taking more control as I type.

While this was in progress, all civil office holders of the former government were terrorized out of their positions, being publicly beaten in the streets, while policemen watched and video cameras rolled.  And our own Mr. Nobel Peace Prize had not a word of complaint.

Mass media has been fully aboard the charade, with corporate media now a virtual subsidiary of the cabal. The US advisors’ solution at the regime-change division at the State Department came up with a knockout punch solution… disband the parliament and ban all former government members from running in the new elections. Not a single “democratic” Western country objected to this.

porochenko4) The US-picked Ukraine President Pjotr Porochenko called “snap” elections at the end of August for October 26, because the old parliament had significant opposition parties to the US-engineered February 22 coup d’etat and they had blocked many key pieces of legislation that the Western vultures were demanding, from changing key land ownership laws to privatization of precious state assets. By law, the old parliament would have sat until its five year term ended in October, 2017.  The new President of Ukraine is another Victoria Nuland favorite, the “Chocolate King”, a corrupt oligarch billionaire.

Yatsenyuk, former finance minister in a previous criminal regime, and a suspected senior member of the US-intelligence-friendly “Church of Scientology,” has named 3 complete foreigners as cabinet ministers in key economic posts.

jareskoNow, the Ukrainian Constitution stipulates that government ministers be Ukrainian. So, in an extraordinary act, Porochenko made the three instant Ukrainian citizens in a ridiculous ceremony.

5)  The new Ukrainian Finance Minister is one Natalia A. Jaresko. She speaks fluent Ukrainian. She was an American citizen, a US State Department veteran who is also a US investment banker.
And as the privatizers have planned: it is easier to believe a non-Ukrainian would let the country be raped than a native Ukrainian, even corrupt natives. “I’ve been living in Ukraine for 22 years and until this day I was the head of a large company that controlled three investment funds,” she told Ukrainian television. What Jaresko did not say was that she had been sent to Ukraine 22 years before as a member of the US State Department.

Jaresko’s qualifications for the job fit the requirements of a vulture fund of rapist bankers. She was CEO of a private equity fund WNISEF. WNISEF was established by the US Congress and funded by the US government via the USAID. Harvard-trained Jaresko worked for the US State Department in the IMF-steered looting of the country that began just after the US-inspired collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. From 1992-1995 she was Chief of the Economic Section of the US Embassy in Kiev. When US-backed Viktor Yushchenko was installed via Washington’s “Orange Revolution” as President in 2004, Jaresko served on his Foreign Investors Advisory Council.

abromavicius Nuland’s Washington friends have installed
Aivaras Abromavicius, a Lithuanian investment banker, to be Economy Minister.
According to the official US Government propaganda site, Radio Free Europe, Abromavicius, has worked in Kyiv since 2008 as partner and fund manager at the East Capital asset management group. East Capital is a Sweden-based “frontier markets” fund active in 25 emerging market countries.

Rounding out the bizarre new Cabinet of Yatsenyuk is
7)  Alexander Kvitashvili, a Georgian.
Kvitashvili was health minister in Georgia between 2008 and 2010, under then-President Mikheil Saakashvili. Kvitashvili studied and worked in the United States before becoming Georgia’s health minister.
He is to tackle rampant corruption among health authorities.” However, the designated corruption-fighter has one handicap: he does not speak the Ukrainian language.

II: Europe and the United States
DWN 19 Jan. 2015: On Wednesday, The European Central Bank will  make the decision to buy government bonds for hundreds of billions of euros (printed out of thin air), which is to give European economy substantial liquidity (the road to hyperinflation).
Given the estimated flood of money, German economy warns the European Central Bank (ECB) of a currency war. Indebted France cheers – and the World Bank says it is of no avail.

Federica-MogheriniDWN 30. Dez. 2014: The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, (left) says that the EU must initiate a new debate with Russia, which should be directed toward ending the “confrontation” in Ukraine.

Mogherini says in an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica: “It would be in Moscow’s interest to contribute to ending the conflict in Ukraine. At the same time, we all know that Russia is playing an important role not only in the Ukraine, but also in Syria, Iran, the Middle East and Libya. Ukraine and the United States are also interested in a peaceful solution. “It is not true that Europeans are softer than the Americans: While the EU has made losses, trade between the US and Russia is increasing.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in early December that Russian sanctions can be lifted only if Russia abandons the “occupied territories” in Ukraine. Italy´s exports are collapsing due to Russland-Sanctions, and  French Präs. Hollande demands an immediete end  of the Russia sanctions.

 euro_dollar_rateRight: The euro value is declining on the dollar. Inflation in the euro area has fallen from a 3% annual rate in 2012, to just above 0% now. Energy and telecommunication were cited as the biggest reasons for the weak inflation figure in November. But what about falling exports to Russia of cars and agricultural products etc.?oil-price -jan-2015

Left: Putin´s nightmare. Oil price Jan. 2015: 50.04 Dollars.

DW 5 Jan. 2015: The Euro fell to as low as $1.186, reaching a level last seen in March 2006. It comes after the Mario Draghi, CEO the ECB, said  that the risk of the central bank not fulfilling its mandate of preserving price stability was higher now than half a year ago. “The market took his comments to mean he’s ready to adopt quantative easing,” Merkel says Greece exit is manageable. (Germany will hardly allow “quantitative easing).

III: Russia
In November, russian GDP fell by 0.5%. Finance Minister Anton Siluanow had recently announced, the economic output could shrink by 4% next year. German exports to Russia will plummet by 20% in the coming year. This is likely to have an impact on jobs, particularly in the automotive industry.
Russia’s own finance minister, Anton Siluanov, on Saturday told press in Moscow that if things don’t change Russia will enter recession in 2015 and use up its $399 billion rainy day fund by 2017.

On 1 January 2015, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia formed the Eurasian Union after the EU model, and from May, Kyrgyzstan will join in. Russia wants  EU´s Eastern partners Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and the Ukraine to be involved, too.
At the same time, Russia proposes that the EU drop the the TTIP  with the United States and negotiating instead with Putin’s Eurasian Union!

The purpose is not only to enrich these criminals. It is to make us absolutely subservient to their one-world government – and to start the planned last war for them to complete Albert Pike´s plan.

US-GDPThe US is pressurizing Europe to more and more sanctions against Russia – which hits European economy hard. At the same time, the USA is increasing its export to Russia – where half of Putin´s government are oligarchs leaning to the US. This US government list of US export activities in Russia confirms Mogherini´s statement above. So no wonder, the US GDP is increasing .
In the euro zone, however, things are developing in the opposite direction:

Recession recession(right): The financial crisis started in the USA (Wall Street) – and Rothschild  (Wall Street) has gained from it.
The US is thus conquering market shares from its allied Europeans through the Russia sanctions.

The Economist 14 nov. 2014: There are now serious worries that the euro zone will succumb to a “triple-dip” recession. Inflation fell to just 0.4% in October, well below the European Central Bank’s target of almost 2%. Seven euro-zone countries are forecast to have public-debt-to-GDP ratios of over 100% next year (60% allowed).

By the way, have you ever wondered why the worst enemies of mankind, the British and US banksters and Capitalists are always being called “philanthropists” – while their East European colleagues are always called ugly “oligarchs”?


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