Rothschild Prints Hebdo! After 7 Jan. Hebdo Has Increased Run Print from 30.000 to 7 Million!

Dutch Ecomy Magazine “The Quote” 9 Jan 2015: The Rothschilds Print Charlie Hebdo: “We doubted whether we should buy the newspaper”
France is on fire, after the cowardly attack on Charlie Hebdo and the spectacular developments thereafter. The newspaper The Libération, where next week the satirical magazine (Hebdo)  – fortunately – is to be made, has recently been taken over by a descendant of the illustrious family of  Rothschild bankers.

However, this purchase brought about quite some discussion within the Rothschild family,  scion Baron Philippe de Rothschild (left) recently   told in an exclusive interview with “The Quote”, published in the January issue.

“There’s been some considerable discussion about the takeover by my uncle Baron Edouard de Rothschild,” said Philippe. “Some relatives wanted to block the purchase because the media would make us a political force. We want to avoid that at all costs. We have nothing to do with politics, or at least not outwardly. Ultimately the critics in the family were overruled.”

The smiling girl on the video below was the girlfriend of a “killed” Hebdo editor – and a Rothschild agent. The photo is said to have been taken after the “killings”. So either the editor must have been a bad lover – or he is still alive. Unfortunately the public has not seen the “dead” bodies of neither the editor nor the other “killed” colleagues at Hebdo

The entire interview can be seen here in Dutch.

The recognized New York based Epoch Times 20 Jan 2015  also has the story in German and tells that Edouard de Rothschild took over Liberation  in December 2014.

This may explain quite a lot about the Illuminati-tactical Hegelian false flag attack on Hebdo and here. One thing is certain: The attack has increased Hebdo´s print run enormously in Rothschild´s favour. Thus,  Yahoo 17 Jan. 2015 reports a print run of  7 million copies of its latest edition acc. to  Agence France Presse. That’s far more than its typical print run of 30,000.
And Israel has mobilized the West mentally against her enemies, the Muslims, which is good  for Europe – but bad  for world peace.
Please note that the “Rothschilds do not occupy themselves with politics” – outwardly!! Their method is manipulation and corruption.
As French President Hollande said: The Hebdo massacre is the work of the Illuminati (Veterans Today 12 Jan. 2015 and here).

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