Theodor Herzl´s Zionist Diaries: The Cause of World Wars I and II and Many False Flag Operations

Theodor_Herzl2In relation to my latest post, a reader has asked for the source of Theodor Herzl´s diary comment from 1897 at the First Zionist Congress. I have taken the quotation from the recognized Timeline of the House of Rothschild by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Daryl Bradford Smith. But apart from that the quotation is widely propagated in the internet,

The following excerpts are from The Diaries of  Theodor Herzl

The papers were released by a Jewish publisher

Theodor Herzl is speaking to an assembly of Zionists. On page 163 it is clear that there is a/are Rothschild(s) among the audience

Page 132 So they will chase you out of these countries and in the countries where we take refuge they will kill us
Is there no salvation? Oh yes, Gentlemen, there is one, one that has existed before. It will be necessary to repeat a very old, very famous, very provenmaneuver, albeit in a different, modern, more refined form. AH the resources of the present may be used for this simple, easily understood purpose. This simple old maneuver is the exodus from Mitzraim (Egypt).

Page 10 However, anti-Semitism, which is a strong and unconscious force among the masses, will not harm Jews. I consider it to be a movement useful to the Jewish character

complete_diaries_of_HerzlPage 83 It would be an excellent idea to call in respectable, accredited anti-Semites as liquidators of property

Page 84 The anti-Semites will become
our most dependable friends. the anti-Semitic countries
our allies.
We want to emigrate as respected people.

Herzl-diary_billbillPage 118 I believe I have found the solution to the Jewish Question. Not a solution, but the solution, the only one.
It is a very voluminous, complicated plan. I will tell you in two sentences the principle that it is based upon. This will help you understand everything more easily.
We shall solve the Jewish Question by either safeguarding or liquidating the fortune of the wealthy Jews. If we cannot do it with the help of the wealthy Jews we shall do it in spite of them.

Page 136 Jews who do not go with us could fare badly.

Page 145 In many places the moving business is in the hands of Jews. These companies will be the first we will need and the first  we will liquidate

Page 152  But no great certification will be necessary to stimulate the migration movement. The anti semites are already taking care of this for us.

Pgutleage 163 I don’t know whether all governments already realize what an
international menace your World House constitutes.
Without you no wars can be waged, and if peace is to be concluded, people are all the more dependent on you.

For the year 1895 the military expenses of the five Great Powers have been estimated at four billion francs and their actual peace time military strength at 2,800,000 men. And these forces, which are unparalleled in history, you command financially, regardless of the conflicting nations. But if you do go with us, we shall enrich you one last time more. And we shall   make you big beyond the dreams of the modest founder of your House (Mayer Amschel Rothschild – see House of Rothschild) and even of his proudest grandchildren.

Page 165 In order to prevent for all time subtle pressure from those in power, the second prince (of the state of Israel) will not be a Rothschild and never will a son be allowed to succeed his father.
Esupremecourtven the first prince Rothschild will not have attained this high position because of money. We shall be in glittering gala when we march to crown the the Prince.

Dorothy & James de Rothschild´s Supreme Court building  in Jerusalem is a Rothschild-Temple for their Masonic  Antichrist and his one-world-government.

Supreme Court Jerusalem_ frontPage 170 But wherever opposition may appear, we shall break it down. We shall impose extensive but firm limits on public opinion.

Page 180 Anti-Semitism increases among the nations every day, every hour, and must continue to grow.

Page 182 The antisemites   will have turned out to be right, because they are right.

Page 226 The rich Jews must be destroyed if they lead lives of avarice.
epicureanism  and vanity, while the poor are being persecuted.

Page 241 Ehrlich didn’t know of any outstanding and prominent Jew. He thinks that the project could cause great danger for the Jews, that is, emigration could lead to persecution. But this very apprehension on the part of Ehrlich shows me how right I am in the major points. For if I can manage to make the problem an acute one, this is the only effective instrument of power at my disposal, and it is a terrifying one.

Many think the equally terrible Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion aiming at destroying the non-Jewish Goyim (cattle) were also authored about the same time as Herzl´s plan to destroy Jews not returning to Palestine was launched, viz. at the 1. Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897.
Behind these cynical papers is the Satanic misanthropic  and here Talmud, the book of the Pharisees of old and today. In fact, the world is being governed by “pious” Rothschild Talmudists who are also Sabbataean Frankist Satanists (video) – on behalf of (also see my comment to that post) the also Satanist Jesuits in the Satanist Vatican.

This cynical wish to chase the Jews to Palestine through WWII – and now probably again through the Hebdo massacre – is the very core of Zionism -paradoxically  coinciding with Biblical prophecy – to bring about the end of the world as promoted by the Lubavitch Chabads.

The purpose of WWII was to chase unwilling Jews to Palestine in order to fulfil the Balfour/Rothschilds Declaration of  1917 , the precondition that the financial Jews/Jesuit Col. Mandell House, would drive the US into WWI. Today, the reason for the  false flag operations and here is 1) to divide Israels enemies and pave the way for Greater Israel – 2) to chase in fear of “Antisemitism”, the best tool of the Zionists, and 3) to speed the 2. coming of the Lubavitch Messiah ben David., the deceased Rebbe Schneerson –  who is to rule the world. This must happen in WWIII.
American-IG-Farben-directorsThe American/Wall Street division of the IG Farben (Anthony C. Sutton), the world´s largest chemical concern in the 1930es, financed Hitler and delivered materials and enabled Synthetic petrol production on Rockefeller Standard Oil license as well as synthetic rubber for the warplanes in its branch, Auschwitz. After the concentration camps, there was no problem in making the Jews emigrate to Palestine –the overplayed “Holocaust” was simply a repetition of  the “plagues of Egypt”, as Herzl had planned.


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