NWO Celebrates Itself against the Backdrop of the False Flag Hebdo Massacre in Sickening Hollywood Style

French President Francois Hollande:  “Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam”/(‘Ceus qui ont commis ces actes, ces terroristes, ces illumines, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien a voir avec la religion Muslime’) (Veterans Today 12 Jan. 2015, and here).


The circus show in the aftermath of the obviously staged Terrorist massacres in Paris is a travesty.

First this from the Activist Post 12 Jan. 2015: 
Signs of False Flag operation (all present in Paris)
je-suis-charlie-7-jan-20151. Mass mainstream media buildup and rollout, with ready-made “placards” to call global attention to event. The placards left were shown already on 7. Jan. 2015, i.e. the day of the  attack – they were pre-printed for the event
2. Questionable videos and details of the event, as well as drills or security buildup prior.
3. Military training for the perpetrators, while the “terror” suspects with deep state connections and rap sheets run free.
4. A false dialectic of left versus radicalism polarizing public consumption of propaganda.
5. Investigators and key individuals in the event end up “suicided.”
6. Media quickly fingers low IQ duped patsies based on magical ID appearance (think 9/11).
7. More funding for militarization, surveillance and police state with media replaying past terror events ad nauseam (or the videos disappear mysteriously).

The following interview with French Colmain points out  that that and gives reasons that the Paris terrorists were trained by western CIA agents with the result that “our” politicians can enforce their police state where every one is suspected of being a terrorist!

In fact, The Algerian authorities had warned France, that this was about to happen – see this video from the 2:44 min. mark. But French security services obviously ignored the warning.

Anyway, it was a tragic event for those hailing the freedom of expression – although in my opinion Hebdo was often not only tactless, but also unnecessarily evil. I am not Charlie – but yet I understand veteran Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Bernard Holtrop: “We vomit on all those people who are suddenly saying they are our friends We’ve got a lot of new friends – the pope, Queen Elizabeth, Putin”.

But the NWO “nobility” has understood to show the public how they are on the good side – although many of the ones taking part in the 1 mio. participants´march in Paris  should have a very bad conscience for fathering the  mass immigration of a religion the holy book of which commands to do just such things like the Paris massacres (e.g. Koran sure 9:1-5). And I think some of them know more about the massacres than we can even guess.
DWN 13 Jan. 2015: At the memorial march in Paris, the leaders are not (as propagated in the mass media) marching at the head of the people. They marched isolated and closely guarded through a side road. The staging shows symbolically the gap between the political elites and citizens. Modern policy should renounce on such artificial events – not least in order not to jeopardize their credibility even further.



obama-press_3161834cHowever, Muslim Pres. Obama refused to participate in the show.

At least he seems to have so much shame that he would not shame the deeds of his JSOC trained and US founded Al-Qaeda militant covert ally – the US pretext for waging WW3 for its NWO-masters – the FBI was even dining with one of the Al-Qaeda leaders (falsely) accused of being behind 9/11. Al-Qaeda is a US imaginative partner which the CIA and US government invented. Whosoever acts in the name of Al-Qaeda acts on behalf of the US. The Paris-terrorists acted in the name of Al-Qaeda!

The Daily Mail 12 Jan. 2014
Amal Clooney used her first Golden Globes red carpet to make a political statement – pinning a ‘je suis Charlie’ button on her Dior handbag in support of France following a series of terrorist attacks last week.
Film producer Harvey Weinstein wrote in a Variety column that he hopes stars use the Golden Globes as a chance to pledge solidarity with French journalists who were killed last week: ‘There’s always champagne on the table. I hope we can all raise glasses and that someone like Tina, Amy or George Clooney will urge us to toast with 300 million viewers around the world: ‘Je suis Charlie, je suis juif, je suis Ahmed”.


One big sickening NWO circus show against the backdrop of a disgusting NWO event – to show us how good the NWO is.

Alex Jones shares my feelings: I never saw this man so mad at the political hypocracy before: As the politicians turn up to demonstrate for free speech they have for several years been cracking down on it – and are already using this opportunity to repress free speech even more. As Alex Jones say: They are showing their “disgust” for Al Qaeda which they are training and funding more and more – to promote NATO´s NWO conquest.

Free speech is being scuttled by these hypocrites – and more so by means ogf the Hebdo massacre:
Prison Planet 11 Jan. 2014: “We forcefully noted the need for greater cooperation with Internet companies to guarantee the reporting and removal of illegal content, particularly content that makes apologies for terrorism or promotes violence or hate,” said French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. US and EU bureaucrats gathered at the French interior ministry to formulate a response to the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups, many supported, trained and financed by the Gulf emirates, Turkey, western intelligence and the U.S. military.

The meeting in France will be followed by a “security summit” to be held in Washington next month.The Paris attack will be used to impose new and more draconian legislation over free speech and the right to communicate without interference by the state.

France’s police state apparatus is one of the continent’s toughest. Article 13 of its 2014-19 defense appropriation legislation permits monitoring, collecting and maintaining Internet user data. The legislation requires ISPs and web sites to provide government with information on users’ activities and authorizes surveillance by the state.
Britain, often cited as the incubator for police state activity in the West, leads the way.

There is something very wrong about the “terrorists” shooting scene in the now deleted Youtube video (below).

Here is a video that supports my latest post: The policeman on the pavement of the video was not shot in the head – but the bullet hit the pavement in front of him – although the opposite is MSM. It´s unbloody – so why did Youtube take it down immediately?

The next video is from an experiment made by Veterans Today. Using the same AK47 gun on concrete the reaction is totally different than from what is  seen in the above video.

Later Sky News came to the scene to photograph the huge blood stain caused by the miss and dust cloud, blood not seen on the actual shooting video, not a single drop. This is totally insane, Jim W. Dean says it looks like it was done with a paint roller. Liquids don’t move around like this, flowing up and down and around unless “helped.”
On the terrorist video above there was no blood

In the following video, the Sky News reporter has a slip of his tongue, saying THE BLOOD THAT WAS PUT THERE YESTERDAY -eh was shed there Yesterday.

Now I ask you normal folks out there, what would you do, unarmed…after hearing the shooting? Would you just stand there or duck and using the parked cars for cover…run like hell. Would a trained police officer just stand there? After all the shooting going on at the Charlie office on the other side of the square? He has no weapon. We see no radio in his hand that he would be using to describe the car they might be driving.

Here is what an AK 47 bullet into the head looks like (water melon test)

The BBC, too, has come to the conclusion that the Hebdo massacre is a false flag operation

This certainly bears the hallmarks of a false flag operation. The VIPs are not mourning. They are showing that they stick together like pea straw – and even celebrate this tragic, staged murder happening. They try to give the world the impression that their one-world government stands – which it does not.

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