The Hebdo Massacre a Staged False Flag Operation

LATEST: DWN 11. Jan. 2015: The 45-year-old deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Limoges, Helric Fredou, has committed suicide in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. He is said ti have suffered from depression.
Fredou was tasked to investigate the assassination of the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”.

Very convenient that the the man who may have found the truth disappears. This reminds me of the banker suicide epidemic.
TIP News 26 Febr. 2014  Over the past couple of months, news of bankers committing suicide has been making the headlines left and right. In just a week, three bankers allegedly killed themselves for reasons still unknown.Because the suicides happened so close to each other, it is difficult to chalk it up to coincidence. There are others who believe that these “suicide” events are not really suicides.
They believe that these bankers were gotten rid of due to some information they are privy to.Others believe that these bankers took their own lives because they knew something was about to happen and they didn’t want to be around when it happens.
These banker suicides are continuing up to now


The US-created and  here “Al-Qaeda´s” terror attacks in Paris are a stage play – a false flag operation and here – as shown by the below video. No wonder, that Youtube immediately deleted it – it reveals the amateurish staging – the photos being taken in several scenarios and positions of the car of the “terrorists” – who only left and returned to the car once. The policeman on the pavemant shows no blood. One fired bullet shot from a distance of 50 cm hits the pavement and ricochetes from itt – while the policeman showed no jerks of pain at the shots – though alive. After the shots he seemed to be dead.

Jim Stone, The Rebel  9 Jan. 2015:  Look at where the cue line is in all these frames. NEVER IN THE SAME SPOT! Since our “terrorists” only got out once, the car should not be in multiple places, as indicated by the pre-drawn line on the road. This totally busts the lie.

Amazingly, there are 2 lines drawn on the street: one parallel to the axis of the car – and one across this axis. On the upper photo there is no cross-line. In the next row left, there is a cross-line in front of the right front wheel. To the right of this photo, the line is behind the front wheel. On the left lower photo, there is no cross-line – and on the lower right photo, the line is again in front of the right front wheel.

Hebdo-fake-1How fast all the signs were printed. How fast all the light shows with that phrase got set up. Not rational at all. And the “I am Charlie” theme was no doubt fronted to make everyone feel touched by “Islamic terror”.  They really took it over the top and no doubt had it all scheduled ahead of time. Need I mention the common theme of the lost ID? Could it be any more obvious?

Charlie was going under, probably had layoffs scheduled, and now has a million magazines (far more than the usual number) going out to stores to handle excess demand caused by this publicity stunt. COME ON NOW, IF YOU JUST GOT SHOT UP, THE NEXT EDITION IS CANCELED. Incidentally, Hebdo´s Director-in-chief was not at home. He was in London!!

Conveniently, Said Kouachi left his passport behind – just like the 9/11 “highjackers”.

Left the ID Card,The Youngest of 3 Paris Gunman Surrenders after attack on Charlie Hebdo

Veterans Today 9 Jan 2015 hints at Israel being behind the massacre
Russia Today 23 Nov. 2014: Netanyahu: Palestinian state recognition will be a ‘grave mistake’, Netanyahu warns France.
Nevertheless, France has recognized a Palestinian state in the UN.

Israel played a significant role in 9/11. and the London bombs 7/7, 2005

Henry Makow 9 Jan. 2015 Points to this UN vote, too.
It seems like they’re spinning out PSYOPS these days faster than the writers of plots for a daily soap opera. Ottawa and Sydney are already old news.
The three latest headlines have probably been: the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France, the downed AirAsia plane (MH17?), and “North Korea hacks Sony.”
While no conclusive explanations have yet been reached, these three seemingly distinct events all have something in common: running afoul of Israel.
Clearly, the beneficiary of the Charlie Hebdo incident is neither France nor Islam, but Israel.

What the NWO wants to obtain by its series of false flag operations is usually: 1) to make people minded for a big war 2) to divert a discontented people´s attention from bad government 3) to introduce more police state.
For the introduction of the NWO´s absolute one-world government, all 3 elements are needed.

This bodes ill for the near future. Who benefits? Certainly not Islam – but certainly Israel who will now see more mobilisation of its NATO allies led by her Jewish-controlled puppet, greater Israel, the USA,  against her enemies. As the postulated terrorists were from Al-Qaeda and Syria (educated by by the JSOC -US Joint Special Operations Command) one can gues at a coming NATO/Israeli war against Syria.  remember the Albert Pike plan for 3 world wars.

The World Wars of Albert Pike

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