Angela Merkel´s “PEGIDA Scolding and Boundless Opportunism” (DWN) is Cynic against the Backdrop of Sharia Description by German Foreign Ministry

husseini_hitlerADDENDUM: A commentator sent this link to an  English article, stating that  through her PEGIDA scolding,  Mrs. Merkel is on the side of the Nazis.
The Gand-Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin Al-Husseini, was, in fact, affiliated to the Nazis from the beginning, fled to Berlin, advised Hitler, and raised the  Division Hanjar in the Balkans. Hitler liked Islam und Al-Husseini very much.

The Muslim Academy  even writes:  Many people think that Hitler was a Muslim as he supported Islam. He worked for the betterment of Islamic culture, and put efforts to encourage and awaken Islamic tradition among people. Many Muslims are proud to have him as their reformer. It is also said that Hitler made a statement that he respects Islam a lot and loves to follow this religion.

Now Islam is adding Merkel to its praise.


DWN 1. Jan. 2015: In a prominent,  widespread opinion in their network, funded by Saudi Arabia,  The “Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization” (ISESCO) praises Angela Merkel’s PEGIDA scolding in  her New Year´s address.

The Saudi president of the group demands Germany to respect human rights – although Saudi Arabia is trampling on these same human rights. The applause from the wrong corner is a testimony to the boundless opportunism of the federal government in the refugees debate.

A religious virtue police is monitoring the (Arab) citizens like the STASI and takes them to task at the slightest offence. Executions are always on Fridays and are public. Foreign guests are invited or pushed forward – so that they can experience the spectacle authentically, and probably also to motivate them strongly for good behavior.

While the IS-executions, the authenticities of which are guaranteed by the US government and usually within hours, immediately find their way into the media,  protests – such as from Angela Merkel –  against the brutality of the Saudi executions are unknown”.

“The devil himself could not be so cruel” (Video)

The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany in June 2014:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sees itself as a strictly Islamic, non-secular, monarchical State whose law, society and politics are based on tribal traditions, religion and Sharia  in Wahhabi interpretation. Death penalty was enforced  at least 79 times  in 2013 (2012: 76 times), corporal punishment such as whipping or caning are performed regularly, dissidents are imprisoned, confessions are enforcedwomen are denied essential human rights, underage girls are forced into marriage, freedom of expression is only partially possible, banned public worship of non-Muslim religions, the Shiite minority in the east of the country is being discriminated against, foreign workers often cannot enforce their rights. Women and men who are not  married or related to each other, are not allowed – with a few exceptions such as shopping – to stay together in public space.

The above does indeed make PEGIDA a necessity if man is to survive as an animate being and not as a trained circus animal.

Angela Merkel had good reasons to scold PEGIDA. For these people oppose her ideal system – which is also the ideal of the other NWO fellow elitists: Muslim absolutism with absolute obedience or severe punishment, for the Agenda 21 world-communist state is possible only within such a dictatorship.

Feuromedurthermore, Merkel can rejoice in ISESCO´s praise: This organization was – together with the other Arab organizations of ALECSO, the OIC, the Moroccan king – The UNESCO and – I am blushing with shame – the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Council of Europe and Muslim-boot-licking Anna Lindh Foundation behind the notorious but fortunately failed Rabat  Commitment in 2005 on the Islamization of Europe on behalf of the Euro-Mediterranean Process. Check out this outrageous  speech by Olaf G. Hansen in Rabat in 2005.

Merkel is part of this conspiracy against Europe.
She is co-responsible for seeing to it that the EU has granted Morocco, the genocidal, Christians- persecuting homeland of the ISESCO, the advanced status with visa facilitation/abolition. Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt are to follow – opening the gates for endless Muslim immigration.
What is allowed to say and not say in this scheme was decreed by the EU in 2006 – under the threat of legislation against the freedom of speech, unless the media observe selfregulation.

The first Anna Lindh Foundation Director, Traugott Schoefthaler: “Cultural policies must avoid schematic concepts such as the popular distinction between “Us “and “Them”. They (UN Secretary General de Cuelhar and Amin Maalouf) even warn us against the use of the term “the other” since it opens the door to imposing collective identities on the individual (Christian and national).”

Merkel is now endorsing this NWO concept – which PEGIDA declines it.
This is our real choice today: Will we let our inherited identity disappear in the spiritually dead mass  – or will we stick to our inherited identity?
Therefore, Islam is so popular with the Illuminati and their minions while Jesus Christ’s message of free will/free choice is so hated.

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