The Daily Mail: Cornered Putin more Dangerous than Ever. Whom Is He afraid of?

Is Putin under the heavy domestic and foreign pressure more dangerous than Ever?

panic-shopping-in-russiaThe Daily Mail 18 Dec. 2014: The fact that economic collapse now threatens the Putin regime means the situation is terrifyingly volatile. Given his past form, it’s more than likely that Putin’s KGB-trained instinct will be to try to repress all opposition to his rule – even though it is growing by the day.

Worse, there’s a strong possibility that he will attempt to distract the population with a military adventure.

The newly elected Republican-dominated US Congress recently authorized the provision of $350million of weaponry for the Ukrainians.
This could be just the kind of excuse Putin has been waiting for to escalate the conflict in Ukraine. He knows that Russian aggression increases global tension – and that this has always led to increases in oil prices.

The fact is that Russia’s failed economy and increasingly restive population(?) mean Putin is cornered, like a wounded animal, with very few options left. That is why, right now, he is more dangerous than ever.russia´s-rich-lose

The Telegraph 27 July 2014:  “Germany’s intelligence services have informed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government that a power struggle is under way in the Kremlin with hardliners and oligarchs at loggerheads over how best to respond to western economic sanctions. Some of the oligarchs who are worried by European Union sanctions will soon start the brakes on Putin,  Der Spiegel wrote”.

Comment: Putin is probably losing the support of the rich and influential  oligarchs of Russia. Due to Putin´s ineptitude to manage Russia´s economy they have lost enormous (stolen) fortunes (right).

To whom? To their Jewish bankster colleagues in the West.
1. Usmanov is Jewish married.
2. Viktor Vekselberg is Jewish

3. Roman Abramovich is Jewish

4. Mikhail Friedman is Jewish
6. Alexey Mordashov is Jewish
9. Leonid Mikhelson Jewish – No 37 on the Jewish billionaire list.
12. German Khan is Jewish – No 17 on the Jewish billionaire list.
13. Oleg Deripaska is Jewish
14. Vladimir Lisin is Jewish.

Putin-chabadistsHowever, Putin is probably a Jew himself, born  Epstein. And he is the world´s richest man!, a super oligarch:
Bloomberg 17 Sept. 2013  by Leonid Bershidsky, the founder of Russia´s top business daily, the Vedomosti:
“Putin´s fortune is often quoted to be 70bn dollars – without proof. In my opinion this sum is much too small: The country’s “capitalists” are merely holding and exploiting property on behalf of the state — meaning, ultimately, on behalf of Putin. It is enough for Putin to snap his fingers, and state-owned companies will cede assets to his friends at bargain-basement prices. A whisper from him, and wealthy private businessmen will chip in for the lavish refurbishment of a presidential residence as he has refurbished his family.”

The Daily Mail 18 Dec. 2014:This is a very dangerous situation, we are just a few days away from a full-blown run on the banks,’ Russia’s leading business daily Vedomosti said in an editorial on Wednesday.

The Eurozine has analyzed the Russian attitudes on the basis of a poll made by the Levada Center. Here Putin´s popularity. In Nov. it was even at 87.5%. But, DW 18 Dec. 2014:  Putin’s popularity could take a beating.It’s the fault of Putin and the government. They’re all corrupt and have bled this country dry,” Prof. Nikolai says.

putin´s popularityThe dire predictions come as Barack Obama prepares to sign a new set of legislation authorizing more economic sanctions on Russia – and the EU, too although more and more Westeners understand that the sanctions against Russia may be hitting Europe harder than Russia.

Deutsche Welle 18 Dec. 2014:  To the press today,  Putin said he believed that Western sanctions play a relatively minor role in Russia’s economic crisis, 25-30%. Putin again promised to diversify Russia´s economy.

The Eurozine: Russian attitude toward the USA

russian attitude towards USADWN 18. Dez. 2014:  The imminent collapse of the Russian economy has  alarmed Germany and Europe. The situation is really serious,” a spokesman for Foreign Minister FrankWalter Steinmeier said on Wednesday.
The sanctions strengthen the nationalists in the Kremlin. Chief of the US private intelligence agency Stratfor: Alternative to Putin would be much worse for the West: With unpredictable radical nationalists in Moscow at the helm, the economy would probably collapse completely. The price for the EU would be significantly higher in this case.

The Eurozine Russian attitude towards the EU

russian attitude towards eu

Zapaday 16 Dec. 2014: In the meantime, Armenia and Kyrgizstan are joining Putin´s Eurasian Union alongside with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Putin can only fear his fellow oligarch Jews: Jews were the force behind the Bolshevik Revolution. This former KGB official knows all about that.  Putin is at loggerheads with the super Talmudist/Pharisaic Jew, the financial “prince of the world”, Jacob Rothschild after his confiscation of the  Khodorkovsky/Rothschild Yukos shares. And he does have reasons to fear his fellow oligarchs acc. to The Telegraph.
The Russian population is very peaceful – unless awakened by skilful agitators like Lenin, e.g. It is accustomed to suffering – as Putin has once remarked.
Putin will probably some time soon take the autocratic rule of Stalin to secure his power base – acc. to his confident, Fyodorov and The Moscow TimesI think he will only attack the West, if his Masonic masters command him to.

putin-kabayevaFor love is softening Putin´s mind: For 6 years rumours have been connecing him  with Kabayeva, and today – 1 year after his divorce – he has confessed to have found love (The Daily Mail 18 Dec. 2014). 

Let us rejoice: Enamoured people do not want to die – and usually do not want to kill others. Who does Putin now love more: Power or Kabayeva?



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