EU Communist Redistribution: Theft of Europe´s IQ, Cuts in Wages, Taxpayer Guarantee for High-risk Bankster Investments

I have often written that the EU is the model of the stinking, immoral  one-world state of international Communism, which again is the child of Adam Weishaupt´s and Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s  6-point-program This program was elaborated into the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx  at the request and with the money of Marx´s  cousin, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, Mayer Amschel´s son and owner of the bank of England and the British Empire and here.

Rothschild-JacobThe EU is pursuing the Communist program of redistribution of wealth under centralized dictatorship and dechristianisation

Rothschild could rightly add:  I own  your souls through my clever CFR-EU. Not only does it  rob Europe of its white race through its  mass immigration. It also lowers Europe´s IQs thereby – so that I can more easily tax and rule you gentiles as my Talmud commands and here.

euromedDanish Statistician and demographer, Ebbe Vig, has studied national immigration statistics and national IQ Tables and projects decreasing IQs in Europe proportional to the number of 3. country immigrants. See  Graphs in “Europe Driven to Suicide“. You can see an  IQ-table for nations here on p. 23, Table 5.

In Graph 1 ______: Europeans – Turkey   – – – – – : Asia incl. Turkey  . . . . . . : Africa


















RothschildBankingMeme1EUbusiness 27 Nov. 2014: European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi (Rothschild´s man as a  former Goldman Sachs CEO) on Thursday called for an “adjustment of wages” in the eurozone to strengthen the viability of the single currency.   Draghi also said that although the euro was “irrevocable”, the monetary union was “still incomplete” since there was no permanent mechanism for wealth transfer from richer nations to poorer ones. This threatens the essential cohesion of the Union,” he said.

EUobserver 26 Nov. 2014 Most members of the European Parliament on Wednesday (26 November) endorsed the investment plan of Jean Claude Junckers/the EU Commission. EU parliament chief Martin Schulz, a Social Democrat, was asked by journalists how he can endorse a scheme that very much resembles the “casino (Ponzi) capitalism” that triggered the financial crisis. He said “we need this” because it will relaunch the economy.
Belgian Green MEP Philippe Lamberts said the scheme reminded him too much of the “socialisation of losses and privatisation of profits”.

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 26 Nov. 2014:   The European Commission decided to set up a new fund of 21 billion euros, with which then capital expenditure of 315 billion euros are to be activated within the next three years. This is to be achieved by the European Investment Bank (EIB) taking over risks in projects by private investors.

1) A fiscal Union is being introduced through the back door: For indeed tax money is to be centrally distributed in different countries – and in addition to the EU budget. Thus the foundation was laid for a transfer union.
As the FT reports, at the presentation of specific projects, there are to be different guarantee mechanisms that hold the investments of  private investors risk-free. Thus, there is to be a “first loss” guarantee to make sure, that the taxpayer “absorbs” the first losses.

2) The EU wants to introduce credit structures, which have the long pursued goal to realize  the EU  as an investment bank.

corporate-eu3) Corporate participations of the EU is planned – that is an initial supranational “nationalization”.
The comprehensive arsenal of state guarantees and assumptions of liability, enables banks to sell virtually risk-free investments.

As with free trade, the institution would then have to deal with EU law and not with national law. As with the TTIP no involvement of national parliaments is provided in the current procedure, either.

The German deputy CDU/ CSU parliamentary leader Hans-Peter Friedrich: “The Commission wants a state guarantee scheme for investments that are too risky for investors, but for which the taxpayer will be liable in Germany and Europe. It is poison, what the EU is now up to.”

DWN 29 Nov. 2014: The EU funds are to be derived from the „Connecting Europe Facility“,, a pot of 30 billion euros for transnational infrastructures, and ‘Horizon 2020′ of 80 billion euros for a research and development program, as well as other household reserves.

ponzi-schemeEU-Observer 25 Nov. 2014:  Only €60 billion will be actual loans disbursed via the member states-owned European Investment Bank (EIB) for infrastructure projects and small enterprises. The rest is due to come from private and public sector top-ups.

Overall, the new initiative is projected to boost the EU economy by €330-€410 billion and to create over 1 million jobs over the next three years. This would correspond to a yearly GDP increase of 0.7 to 1 %.

The €60 billion in loans will be raised on the financial markets based on €5 billion of the EIB’s own money and a €16 billion “EU guarantee” issued by the commission.
An independent “investment committee” consisting of “experts” will have the last say on each project, which will be picked from a list submitted by member states.

The EIB could call on an €8 billion “reserve”, and, possibly that EU member states would have to cough up the remaining €8 billion in the EU guarantee.”Projects don’t go bankrupt on the day they are signed and they will not occur at the same time,” one EU official said.
But there are questions.Will the EIB board – where member states are represented – approve this scheme, which, given the high-risk investments, might dent the bank’s triple-A rating. “We have some doubts about that. The risk aversion is still high”.

corruptionA member of the European Court of Auditors also questioned the viability of the scheme. In its last annual report, the Court found that only 37 percent of the funds from other financial engineering instruments actually went to the beneficiaries.
The EIB is known for its talent to let EU funds disappear into tax havens and the pockets of dictators.

EUbusiness 26 Nov. 2014: “The money we are putting forward today comes on top of what already exists.” Juncker said the plan would not break the EU’s strict budgetary rules.”

welfare-state-beginningGianni Pittella, leader of the Socialists and Democratssaid that 21 billion euros was merely a “good starting point”.”
Dimitrios Papadimoulis of the Greens meanwhile said Juncker’s plan was just a drop in the ocean.

welfarestate-endingEU states already owe the EU over 320 bn Euros. But now the EU Commission will let taxpayers be liable for twice that amount for top risky projects. At the same time, the OECD warns against austerity in the eurozone. The OECD has thrown its weight behind the argument for relaxing budgetary policy – which Germeny rejects.

The above ongoing looting of Europeans  is diabolic Communism. The elite is not only stealyng our money: They are stealing our freedom, our national, cultural and racial identity for the purpose of enforcing their intolerable one-world state on us.

The EU has i.a. the following functions:
EUCCP1. Communist redistribution of  the wealth thrifty and laborious people have created by transferring it to the Illuminati banksters and their Jesuit masterminds and not-thrifty peoples.
2. To brainwash and enslave mankind at various levels for the purposes of the ruling Illuminati elite
3. Destroy nation states and Christianity. Muslim mass immigration and here  is the best means for this purpose.
4. To destroy the white race by creating racial mixing through mass immigration, in order to abolish tensions in the NWO one world state. This means decreasing intelligence  – also without racial mixing – and less critic thinking.
5. This requires an aggressive, violent, standardizing ideology. Islam is the perfect solution – since Muslims obey their imams, their Caliph and the Muslim Brotherhood, a Muslim Masonic NWO salafi order the top of which are Masons. That has been agreed upon with the EU a long time ago



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