End Time Game? III: Obama Going For Assad via ISIS. Once more Revealed: Faked Propaganda Used to Justify All-out War

LATEST: Russia Today 18 Nov. 2014:  Putin:’US wants to subdue Russia, but no one did or ever will’. Australian authorities created an exceptionally friendly atmosphere for discussing solutions to economic challenges at the G20 summit in Brisbane, the Russian president said, dispelling rumors there were any confrontations. “We had very constructive discussions of not only the themes that had brought us together, but some very grave issues involving the Malaysian Boeing. We discussed that in every detail. I can assure you that everything was decent and rather friendly,” said the Russian leader.


The means to have your accept for the mad war on the only man who can prevent Syria from sinking into total chaos like in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, which were “liberated” by NATO,  are false flag operations (9/11 and here) and faked propaganda lies – like the faked IS(IS) beheadings and here and here.

The video below shows such a faked propaganda film – produced by the Norwegian NATO government – and spread by the State Dept., as seen by a purported eye witness.

Here you can see how the big media brought this fake as the terrible truth – in order to pave the road for war on Assad:



That Western top leaders are blatantly lying to us in order to promote their New World order by war is well-known. Obama solemnly promised and here  that he would send no ground soldiers to Iraq.
But here is the truth:









And there are already 3.000 of them in Iraq – called “advisers” to the Iraqi army.

In the NWO, truth is lie and lie is truth, war is peace and peace is war (George Orwell “1984”).
But the very claim that IS(IS) or Al Qaeda are enemies is a giant lie: The United States, NATO,  as well as  Israel and the Golf States, have trained, equipped and funded ISIS!!  IS(IS) is a pretext for a 3-years or longer lasting war on Assad´s Syria  against Assad´s Syria – to force him under the sway of the NWO and Rothschild´s central bank system (see Prof. Carroll Quigley) and one world government – like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

A common enemy is necessary to unote the global tribe under one ruler!- even if the enemy is mankind itself (Rockefeller´s Club of Rome´s “The First Global Revolution”, see p. 75)”, the climate lie with puported man-made natural disasters and here, the swine flu lie / the Ebola lie

The danger now is that Russia severely opposes Obama/UN-NATO´s  aggressive Syria policy on behalf of the Illuminati.
The following photo is from the “family portrait” of the participants in the G20 world government session in Brisbane. Is Putin only seemingly officially isolated? To me he does not look tense in this assembly of Illuminati officials – although he is clearly placed in an off side position.


The photo right contradicts this opinion: Australian Prime Minister Abbott, who had harsh words over Putin, exchanging cordial, occult Masonic hand signs. Putin is not the only one  to show this oath sign.

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