End Time Games II. Pravda Threat: “Russia Prepares Nuclear Surprise for NATO”.

Abstract: A dramatic enmity is building up in the media between Russia and NATO in recent months. It started with the fact that  in 2013 Russia blocked an attack on Syria after Western operations under false flag, thus “angering” the Jewish lobby and its US-UK stooges. Then Putin also dared annex the tidbit that the EU wanted to annex, viz. the Crimea, after the US and EU overthrew the legally elected Ukrainian president, because he would rather join Putin’s Eurasian Union than the EU. After the Western powers  had thus triggered a civil war, Putin supports the richest and breakaway part of the Ukraine – mainly Russians – militarily, just as  the West is supporting Kiev.

Enmity has gone so far that old Communist Pravda now writes, “Russia is preparing a  nuclear-surprise for NATO!

Putin has serious problems with the Russian economy and the rouble because of Western sanctions – and apparently also because of a power struggle with his old FSB cronies: They both want to dominate the Home Office and thus 200,000 security forces!
What will Putin do to keep his power position?

Meanwhile, NATO leaders meet with Putin at APEC and G20 meetings, where they give their  theatrical performance to the world: bad words are flying exclusively from west to east – with allegations of Putin being responsible for the massacre on the MH17 flight – even though it is already documented that a Ukrainin war aircraft shot down the plane  from the air. Putin is not a saint – he is the antithesis of the Illuminati game, while NATO is the thesis. They are all hired actors with “heroes” and “villain” roles

Through their Masonic handshakes and friendly smiles at each other, they let us suspect their fatal play.

A climax is apparently approaching. The Pravda reported and assigned numbers showing that the West has allowed  Russia to rearm, while carefully disarming itself to let Russia reach reach a vast superiority in respect to tanks and tactical nuclear weapons. NATO has destroyed its stockpiles of old  – but  but usable – tanks and tactical nuclear weapons, which the Russians have not done. Whether the US was blind at the START3 – or it gave the  Russians this superiority on purpose – remains a mystery.
Now NATO is trying to catch up with this lead – but as the Pravda scornfully writes: It’s too late! The gap will merely grow bigger.


In the last few months a dramatic enmity between NATO and Russia has flared up – starting with Putin´s resistance against a NATO attack on Syria 2013 under faked preconditions and 2014 by the US and EU ousting the legally elected president of Ukraine, because he preferred Putin´s Eurasian Union rather than The US Council on Foreign Relations´and CIA´s EU.

One also has a feeling that the Western military industrial complex wants more investment of taxpayer money in their deadly products – after a long period of Western disarmament. The hoax with the unidentified “Russian submarine” in the Swedish sherries immediately led to Swedish rearmament.
g20-putin-to-leaveAnother factor making the situation unstable is an apparent struggle for power over the powerful Home Office (commanding 200.000 paramilitary security troops) in the Cremlin between Putin and the secret service, the FSB  (the former boss of which Putin was) – DWN 15 Nov. 2014.

The following will show more on the status of this deadly, long planned elitist theatre.

russian-missiles2Under the headline of  “Russia prepares nuclear surprise for NATO”, the Pravda 12 Nov. 2014 ominously writes: According to the report from the State Department, Russia has 528 carriers of strategic nuclear weapons that carry 1,643 warheads. The United States has 794 vehicles and 1,652 nuclear warheads.

It just so happens that today, Russia’s strategic nuclear forces are even more advanced in comparison with those of the US, as they ensure parity on warheads with a significantly smaller number of carriers of strategic nuclear weapons. This gap between Russia and the United States may only grow in the future.
It is generally believed that NATO is a lot stronger than Russia. Yet, a first encounter with reality smashes this misbelief into pieces.russian-strategic-missiles

Russia took the US in at the START3 negotiations – or was it intended?
The progress was made possible thanks to the treaty on the limitation of nuclear weapons, also known as START-3. The treaty was signed by Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama on 8 April 2010 in Prague (came into force on 5 February 2011). In accordance with the document, nuclear warheads of the parties are to be reduced to 1,550 by 2021. The number of carriers (intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers) is supposed to be cut to 700 units in the treaty. Thus, the Americans undertook to reduce their strategic nuclear potential, while Russia won an opportunity to increase it.

russian-tanksAs is known, the main striking force, the core of combat power of the ground forces are tanks. By the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Armed Forces had about 20,000 tanks in the European Theater of Operations (ETO)

The Americans, in turn, deployed 6,000 heavy Abrams tanks on the territory of the allied group.The solution was found in a move to deploy a group of US tactical nuclear weapons on the continent, and that was done soon. By early 1970s, the US arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons counted about 7,000 units of ammunition. The highest achievement in the area was the creation of weapons of selective action – neutron warheads (for guns of 203-mm and 155-mm caliber.

armata-tank In early 2013, the Americans withdrew the last group of heavy Abrams tanks from  Europe. In NATO countries, over the last 20 years, one new tank would replace 10-15 old, yet still capable, tanks. At the same time, Russia was not decommissioning its tanks. As a result, today Russia is the absolute leader in this regard. In mid-2014, the balance of the Defense Ministry had as many as 18,177 Russian tanks.

Here is another surprise. As for tactical nuclear weapons, the superiority of modern-day Russia over NATO is even stronger.
The Americans are well aware of this. They were convinced before that Russia would never rise again. Now it’s too late.
To date, NATO countries have only 260 tactical nuclear weapons in the ETO. The United States has 200 bombs with a total capacity of 18 megatons.

Russia, according to conservative estimates, has 5,000 pieces of different classes of TNW – from Iskander warheads to torpedo, aerial and artillery warheads! The US has 300 tactical B-61 bombs on its own territory, but this does not change the situation against the backdrop of such imbalance.
The US is unable to improve it either, as it has destroyed the “Cold War legacy” – tactical nuclear missiles, land-based missiles and nuclear warheads of sea-based Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The Russian  supreme commander, Oleg Saljukow, inspects



War preparations increasing – rearmament is the purpose of the new,  so far Cold War
Ria Novosti 14 Nov. 2014: Pentagon chief calls for an additional $ 10 billion investment in US nuclear forces.
Ria Novosti 14 Nov. 2014: NATO chief: Military presence of the alliance strengthened on Russia’s borders.
Ria Novosti 14 Nov. 2014: Russian army  intensely renewing its military equipment. Soon,  a new type of armoured vehicle is to come. From December, the army will test a Russian produced new battle dress. Military units in different regions will be equipped with  effective short-range missiles.
The Russian land forces are to receive more than 11,000 new armoured combat vehicles and approximately 14,000 more military vehicles by 2020.

“Hateful”  atmosphere between Putin and NATO
(Remember, it is all one big theatre with a long planned outcome, played by brainwashed Masonic puppets).

Рабочая поездка В.Путина во ВладивостокThe BBC 14 Nov. 2014:  NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg: Russia has ‘violated international law’.
Russia Today 14 Nov. 2014: Amazingly, Putin says exactly the same thing about the West!
The Taipei Times 15 Nov. 2014: Russia sending troops, arms to Ukraine.
Business Insider 14 Nov. 2014:  “Putin believes NATO is a weak alliance led by a weak America that will shatter at the first real military confrontation and he is trying to send that message with increasingly daring and increasingly stupid stunts.”The many (40) Russian provocations against NATO are “not normal, it is not typical even of Soviet actions during the Cold War,”Prof. Tom Nichols said. “It clearly comes from the very top as an expression of Putin’s foreign policy.” Even though the provocations are not currently a direct military threat, these actions could still lead to war. Nichols envisions two such scenarios: “First, an accident resulting from Russian recklessness. Second, that Putin misjudges NATO and engages in a provocation so extreme that the West is forced to react.”

The Guardian 14 Nov. 2014: The meeting between Cameron and Putin is likely to be a bruising affair, especially after the British prime minister likened Russia to Nazi Germany, saying Europe had learned lessons from history about the way that a big country could bully others.cameron-putin-masonic-handshake

Right: Judging from the Masonic handshake Cameron and Putin exchanged in 2012 and in Brisbane 2014 (below), one would guess there would  be a fraternal meeting behind closed doors between 2 Masonic puppets with opposite roles in the ongoing Illuminati drama for their one world state, Putin possibly even being initiated for a very special role. Their smiles also indicate collusion. Now an explosive confrontation (The Telegraph 15 Nov. 2014) is reported between this thesis and antithesis puppet at the G20 meeting – but this is purportedly not the case, of course. They are professional actors.

The game is clarified in this pro-Putin video by truthful attacks on thesis actions of the West  against the antithesis, Putin, who is glorified. Note, however, the logo of the inverted-pentagram-triskeleHolographic Disclosure. comin the lower left corner of the video. I was not able to find out who this very active producer is. The logo is an Illuminati / Masonic, inverted Pentagram of Baphomet/Lucifer inscribed with a Triskele. This symbol is called the “Eye of the Dragon/the Devil.
In other words: Masons attack Mmasons to confuse you and to make you a player on one side or the other of their satanic game with our souls, making you believe that if one side is evil, the other side must be good. In the NWO, they are equally bad, however.

ölpreis-nov. 2014Russia  and Putin are being cornered  by falling oil prices (agreement USA-Saudi-Araba).

Putin said Russia’s economy had the reserves to withstand a collapse in oil revenues. Russia gets half its total budget revenue from oil and natural gas taxes. From 33 to the dollar in January, this morning the rouble passed through 48. And the worrying thing is, it’s hard to see where this stops. The Russian central bank’s own website writes, Russian reserves stood at US $409.224 billion at the end of September.
Even with a solid currency and a high oil price, Russia’s economy was in an increasingly perilous state. Sanctions are hitting the country hard. For most, it is an investment destination to be avoided for now.

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  2. SILVIO says:

    Mi spiace, Anders: ma non sono assolutamente d’accordo con te,
    Il “Male” assoluto è rappresentato solo dai burattini dei governi occidentali e dai loro burattinai.
    Sostenere – senza mostrare prove inconfutabili – l’interpretazione della falsa dialettica hegeliana della “Tesi/Antitesi massonica” su scala globale significa solo fare il gioco dei Rothschilds e degli altri squali finanziari .

  3. Anders says:

    Ciao, Silvio.

    Purtroppo, Putin è anche participante a questa conspiratione mundiale – perfino probabilmente con una parte principale: http://new.euro-med.dk/20140320-is-putin-still-a-freemason.php e http://new.euro-med.dk/20140318-warning-against-putin-his-roll-and-environment-are-much-more-dangerous-than-those-of-scheming-obama.php

    Saluti dalla Danimarca

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