End Time Game? I

Veterans Today 11 Nov. 2014 lists a very large number of US Generals being sacked – in fact  200 leading military officers have been sacked from 2012 forwards – and asks why this ongoing purge of these commanders? Is it part of what plan?

“The only certainty is that the US nuclear war command is being subjected to a deliberate and wholesale restructuring of its personnel for some unspecified reasons.
And, there seems to be only 3 probable scenarios that fit and do make some sense out of the these ongoing shuffles and purges:

1)An accommodation has been made with both the Russia and China.
nuclear-explosion In the event of a limited nuclear strike on the US by the Russians and Chinese, the US Strategic Command will be ordered to Stand Down – The surrender and disarmament of the US. Therefore, the officers who could resist, are being removed and replaced by the preferred cadre.
2) An extreme False Flag operation on the US soil might have been planned – Strategic command could detect it and blow up the cover – so, the resisters have to be removed.
3) The ground is being prepared for the Armageddon scenario – A preemptive Full Spectrum nuclear strike on both the Russia and China is being planned – The commanders who could stop this madness, and may have contacts with their counterparts in Russia and China, are being removed from the command.”

APEC2014The picture left is from the APEC meeting of the leaders of the Agenda 21 Communism NWO leaders in China, Nov. 2014. How sweet!
The game is preposterous: They meet in friendship, wine and dine at the cost of taxpayers, dress in the same future NWO citizens uniform – part and play their Masonic thesis-antithesis roles to promote the one world government of their Illuminati masters – toward their final war to create their one-world state (Albert Pike, Matth. 24)  – which war they will survive, of course – to have us reduced to the number of 500 mio. slaves in their one-world state.

The Guardian 23 Oct. 2014:  (Rothschild agent) George Soros has warned that Russia’s expansionism poses an existential threat to the EU. Neither the European leaders nor their citizens are fully aware of this challenge,” Soros writes in an article published in the New York Review of Books.
“Now Russia´alternative is based on the use of force that manifests itself in repression at home and aggression abroad, as opposed to the rule of law.”

Soros said the EU had become a dysfunctional relationship between credit and debtor nations, resulting in widespread resentment.“The failure of Europe as an experiment in supranational government would make Russia a potent threat.
George Soros, says Putin has established good relations with those agitating against Europe.

sorosSoros, founder and chairman of the Open Society network of pro-democracy foundations, predicts that after the elections in Ukraine , Putin could open by force a land route from Russia to Crimea and Transnistria [a pro-Moscow breakaway statelet in Moldova] before winter”.
Soros calls for radically boosted western support of Ukraine with an “immediate cash injection of at least $20bn with a promise of more when needed. The European Union would save itself by saving Ukraine,” Soros said.

The European Leadership Network lists 40 Russian provocations to NATO countries within the latest 8 months. Putin could be testing defence.
Even though direct military confrontation has been avoided so far, the mix of more aggres
sive Russian posturing and the readiness of Western forces to show resolve increases the
risk of unintended escalation and the danger of losing control over events. To perpetuate a volatile stand-off between a nuclear armed state and a nuclear armed alliance and its partners  is risky at best. It could prove catastrophic at worst.

The replacements among those generals of the US Army/Navy/Air Force with  fingers on the nuclear triggers in case the central command no longer exists is alarming. The 3 scenarios given by the Veterans Today could very well be realistic.

But there is yet a 4. possibility to explain the mass sacking of US Generals,
although it remains peculiar that they are mostly from the Stratgic Command:

baphomet2Obama may be replacing generals who are disloyal to him after the Benghazi scandal and here during the Obama election Campaign.  Apparently, a subsequent attempted military coup against Obama took place

Soros is still called a philanthropist, although he does anything he can to enrich himself and his master at the cost of mankind. The American Ukrainian Advisory Committee is an example of how he and his fellow tribesmen have plundered and spoilt Ukraine. Now he calls for European tax payers to invest more money in Ukraine for him to rob. And the EU does exactly that!
Soros is a longtime fervent supporter of every  internationalist endeavour to subvert national sovereignty and advance the building of an omnipotent world government.

Soros´Open Society is behind the Colour revolutions and the Arab Spring, too, and has only created misery and death.
Why is this Rothschild minion so eager to present the possible death certificate of his once favourite project, the EU, now, after he and his Illuminati bankster friends of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs CEO, Hank Paulson,  who was promoted to be US Treasurer, created the subprime financial crisis, the cause of the EU Finance crisis? Why does he paint the picture of war with an aggressive Putin over Russian populated parts of Ukraine – while he does not criticize US aggression in the Middle East as a danger to peace?
Why does the EU/US start the whole shenanigans in the Ukraine and NATO the missile threats in Poland acc. to Brzezinski´s long planned Grand Chessboard plan  to encircle Russia – then describes aggressive  Russian flights up to NATO borders as a threat to world peace?
What do Obama and Putin really talk about at the table in their Communist uniforms?
About when their and Soros´ masters will give one of them the sign to open their war ball?

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