A Further Jesuit President´s, Jean-Claude Juncker´s, Corrupt EU Commission: Corporations Have now Bought Control of EU-Kommission.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of EU Commission:  “When it becomes serious, you have to lie”.
On the introduction of the euro: “We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”
On eurozone economic policy and democracy: “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it” (The Telegraph 15 July 2014).


The Santer EU Commission had to resign because of corruption in 1999.
In 2008, MEP Nigel Farage made shocking statements in the EU Parliament on Barroso´s unqualified, dishonest Commission of criminals and old communist apparatchiks. The Juncker-Commission is incorporated corporate corruption from the very start to an extent that the corporations have become part of the EU.

And Both Juncker and his predecessor, José Barroso, belong to the real rulers of the world, and here and here and here and here,  viz.  the Jesuits and here, acc. to now former EU Council President, Jesuit Herman van Rompuy

Global Res. 3 Nov. 2014:  The newly elected president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and his cabinet  have deep ties with powerful corporate interests that make them poor choices to support citizen rights.

Commissioners were not adequately grilled about their background and possible conflicts of interest and thus if they were suitable for the role,” says Olivier Hoedeman of Corporate Europe Observatory, a Brussels based research and campaign group.

Let´s have a look at some of the most compromised new EU Commissioners

Jean-Claude Juncker
The Guardian 12 July 2014:  Juncker has dedicated his career to ensuring that  wealthy institutions and individuals can avoid the taxes little people and small businesses must pay.
The only difference between pirates old and new is that instead of using muskets and cannons to seize other people’s money, Luxembourg uses accountants. During Juncker’s reign as Luxembourg’s prime minister from 1995 to 2013, Luxembourg reinvented itself as Europe’s largest tax haven.

Juncker is asking to be put in charge of a European Commission that is supervising an investigation into deals he insisted as prime minister of Luxembourg should remain hidden.

Corporate Europe Observatory 22 Oct. 2014:  Too many of the Juncker commissioners have backgrounds which make them unsuitable for their new portfolio and MEPs should have shown some political muscle by rejecting those about whom serious concerns were raised.”

hillJonathan Hill
as finance commissioner has had no fewer than four trips through the revolving door between UK government and politics and the lobby/ PR industry. When he left Quiller Consultants in May 2010 to join the UK government, 55 per cent of Quiller’s then declared clients (five out of nine) were either banks or finance firms: HSBC, Bank of America, Citadel, Marwyn and Brewin Dolphin. Hill refuses to answer MEPs’ question about his former financial lobby clients.
Quiller is owned by Huntsworth which also owns the EU lobby firm Grayling  and UK firm Citigate, yet MEPs failed to secure that he would not meet with Quiller, Huntsworth, Grayling, Citigate or any of their clients while commissioner. This link has more about Quiller.

Discussion between Miguel Arias Cañete, on the right, and Jean-Claude JunckerArias Cañete
as climate commissioner is the former chairman and shareholder of two petroleum companies, questions about his family’s ongoing involvement in these oil companies remain unanswered. Cañete’s role as an administrator of one of the official representatives of the Spanish subsidiary of  Panama-based company Angelmo Operational Corp  is also controversial. Panama was on the Spanish list of recognised tax havens between 1991 and 2013.
Nearly 600,000 citizens signed a petition to say that Arias Cañete should not be approved by MEPs. But MEPs ignored this strong signal and approved his nomination after a secret deal was struck between Jean-Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz MEP (President of the European Parliament) and Manfred Weber MEP (leader of the EPP group).
“Our fear is that this Commission will prioritise corporate interests over citizens’ interests”.

moscoviciPierre Moscovici as Commissioner for economic policy is a former vice-president of the industry lobby group Le Cercle de l’Industrie, which describes itself: “Established in 1993, the Cercle de l’Industrie is a place of dialogue and exchanges for large industrial companies. It brings together the presidents of large public and private companies involved in all industrial and politicical sectors. In 2013, member companies of the Cercle de l’Industrie achieved a turnover of more than EUR 865 billion and employed nearly 2.7 million people.
The Circle is distinguished by its  commitment to European integration. Le Cercle de l’Industrie is based in Paris and Brussels.”
The President of the Bilderberg/RothschildEuropean Round Table of Industrialists“,  started by Rothschild agent Pehr Gyllenahammar, Benoit Potier, is on the administrative Board of Le Cercle de l´Industrie – and many additional boards.

The following is from Corporative Europe Observer 22 Sept. 2014 

Discussion between Carlos Moedas, on the right, and Jean-Claude JunckerCarlos Moedas
is the Portuguese commissioner-designate for research, science and innovation. He previously served in the Portuguese government as the secretary of state to the prime minister.
He worked at Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux,  investment banker in London for Eurohypo Investment, for Goldman Sachs‘ mergers and acquisitions division,  and for the Lehman Brothers. His proximity to the actors responsible for the financial crash of 2009 have caused subsequent unease in Portugal.
When being appointed as the secretary of state in 2011, Moedas acquired all shares in Crimson Investment Management and transferred them to his wife who is now the sole shareholder of Crimson. Moedas also had shares from two other companies: the investment fund Shilling Capital Partners and the speakers company WIN World.

In 2012 the real estate investment company Norfin, run by Moedas’ ex-partners in Crimson, was awarded a contract to manage a state fund for social lettings when Moedas was already secretary of state. Moedas had already worked closely with Norfin during his time at the consultancy Aguirre Newman.

LVValdis Dombrovskis
is the former Prime Minister from Latvia (2009-14), a current MEP and the commissioner-designate for the euro and social dialogue. Ārija Dombrovska, Valdis´wife,  and Indulis Bukans, the husband of prime Minister Dombrovskis, have a shared business called Land Development and the allegations focus on whether the company received preferential treatment from Latvia´s state Bank. The Latvian enquiry is still under-way.

Johannes Hahn, Vera JourovaVera Jourová
is the Czech candidate-commissioner and has been nominated to the portfolio of justice, consumers and gender equality. After a period of working as a public official on EU regional funding, from 2006 to 2013 she co-owned Primavera Consulting together with her son.

Concern about conflicts of interest relate to her political relationship with the Czech oligarch Andrej Babiš, who has also founded a political  party.
The business portfolio of Babiš is huge and extends into the fields of food, chemicals and the financial sector as well as ownership of the important MAFRA newspaper group. He owns Agrofert,  which is the fourth largest company in the Czech republic with foreign branches. His companies have concluded many contracts with the state and have received numerous national and European grants and agricultural subsidies (link is external). He represents “ the biggest conflict of interest in the [Czech Republic’s] post-1989 history”.

Roth-der stille putschI have to repeat what I wrote on 26 may 2014 because it is in concordance with the above. It is from the book “The Quiet Coup” by Jürgen Roth, one of Germany´s most famous investigative journalists.
Acc. to Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 24 May 2014, the European Financial Services Round Table (EFR – Rothschild´s EU superviser), the CEOs of the most powerful European banks and insurance companies  exert  tremendous influence on the EU-Commission  (van Rompuy).  They  have direct access to policy makers in their home countries.
The Round Tables are offsprings of the Rhodes, Milner, Rothschild Round Table and here.

The politicians in many European countries are bought by the financial industry to do as they are told, because then they will find a profitable job after their office is ended. The initiators are U.S. banks and U.S. corporations as well as the German Bank.

A small financial elite has made Greece and other southern European countries economically broke with the help of the German government and industry. The same politicians are to be found in the Troika (ECB, EU Commission, EU Council) distributing enslaving and poverty-creating bailouts. They want to destroy the last vestiges of the welfare state.

The purpose of the silent coup is also the privatization of all state-owned enterprises, agencies or public or municipal property. Companies will be sold off for a pittance, often to the minions of the ruling political system.

And Juncker´s EU Commission is bought to fulfill this looting of the nation states.

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