Ethnic Cleansing of White Europe, NWO Pretending “Hunt on Illegal Refugees” while Chasing Muslims into EU and US by Wars and Open Borders

Abstract: Thanks to the dictatorial Euro-Mediterranean Process/the Union for the Mediterranean, Europe now suffers from a disease much more deadly to the white race and their culture than Ebola: Muslim mass immigration, which in this century will make Europe look demographically and probably culturally as well like  North Africa today. The financial costs are enormous. One of the EU-fathers, Rothschild-paid Coudenhove Khalergi,  expressed the purpose clearly: Ethnic cleansing of Whites in Europe in favor of a mongrel breed, similar to the ancient Egyptians, and the Jewish master race elite as the rulers of this new world order.

Bilderberger, Trilateral Commissionist, former EU Commissioner, Goldman Sachs Board Director and UN consultant, Peter Sutherland, demanded the EU to do everything possible to undermine the ethnic homogeneity of the member countries.
British Tony Blair said he would  destroy the existing social order by Muslim mass immigration – and in 2008 his successor, Gordon Brown, boasted  to have been the midwife of this NWO.
French President Sarkozy wanted to possibly enforce this racial and cultural crossbreeding  violently, if necessary.

So far, the media, politicians and opinion makers have simply ignored the scope of the immigration problem and protests  with primitive phrases like “racism”- or censored them away. However, now they recognize the growing anger in their populations, who are conscious of the immense costs and the crime wave of immigration in an era where  the welfare state is being economized away.

Some elitists now try to play down the problem by manipulating numbers – while others are more realistic. For instance, the EU makes as if it clamps down on illegal (now acc. to EU Commissioner Malmström a taboo word) refugees. The EU  contributes itself to their numbers by approving of senseless wars of its member states against alleged “enemies” such as IS(IS) and Al-Qaeda, drivin Muslims out of their countries. NATO and the CIA has established, trained and equipped them with EU-approval, let alone the US / George Soros-Rothschild-launched  Arab Spring.
The refugees are embraced  by e.g. the Government Ltd.  – and no government protests against them – except the British one, but it does nothing about it.

The EU acts as if it wanted to halt the flow of refugees across the Mediterranean with a symbolic Frontex to stop, save and return the illegals, which it cannot, however, because the Euromediterranean “partners” do not respect the EU’s human rights. In 2004, thus, 650,000  asylum claims were rejected, but only 164,000 persons were returned – with a fat check! The illegals have an easy play: Spain simply legalized 800.000 of them some years ago. Otherwise, they  only need to beget one child in the EU. The child will automatically be an EU citizen with the right to family reunification with its parents etc..

When a refugee arrives in Italy or Greece and prefers to go where benefits are best, that country is often unable to return  such a social tourists to the EU country of arrival, because conditions there do not meet luxury requirements (Verdict of  the ECtHR Nov. 2014).

In order to facilitate the refugees on the whole,  voices in the EU are becoming loud that the EU should build  offices in North Africa and  the Middle East, where  emigration-willing can apply for asylum and travel into the EU at our expense rather than drowning in the Mediterranean.
Under his Luciferian coat of arms and with the Masonic sign of the claws of the devil, the Pope wholeheartedly supports this European suicide and pays homage to the immigration of Muslims, while they persecute and kill the Christians in their countries.


A disease much more deadly than Ebola has befallen Europe and the world. An engineered demographic process of destruction of the white race and culture is on-going – even on first class for Muslim immigrants. See this horrendous ECHR-verdict:
The European Court of Human Rights has just decided  Switzerland transgressed ECHR´s  article 3.  Switzerland had declined to treat an asylum application from an Afghan family with 6 children and sent them back to Italy, where this family first arrived in Europe. Austria had declined to give asylum. The ECHR found that conditions in Italy were too poor to accomodate the family appropriately! Previously, the ECHR has deemed returns to Greece  inappropriate. The refugees are entitled to a certain degree of luxury at our cost – which will attract many more poor Muslims!euromed

Behind it is the dictatorial so-called Euromediterrranean Process/The Union for the Nediterranean  which is now giving the advanced Status promised by the EU to the “partner countries” in 2003 visas for migrants from the “partner countries” being more and more unnecessary. This status has been given to Morocco, which clamps down on Christians and West-Saharans – committing genocide. Also, Jordan and Tunisia are getting this status – Egypt is to follow.

One argument for the mass immigration is lack of labour – although non-EU immigrants are generally unskilled and without European working morals. Time and again, politicians and media maintain, “Immigrants” are a fiscal gain – without differentiating. A study published  in The Daily Mail 5 Nov. 2014 tells a different story: Non-European migrants living in Britain have cost the public finances almost £120billion since 1995, according to a study by the University College London. Such large sums are a well-known  fact from other studies.

Coudenhove-Kalergi_quoteIt was Louis Rothschild/Max Warburg funded Count Richard Coudenhove Khalergi, the founder  of the Paneuropean  Union and one of the EU pioneers, who said: “The man of the future will be a mongrel. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals […] Instead of destroying Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility”.
sutherlandThe EU should do their best to undermine member countries (former EU Commissioner, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commissionist,  Peter Sutherland (left), EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström).

Tony-Blair-666The Occidental Observer 22 May 2011:  Tony Blair injected Britain with a lethal cocktail of fast-breeding inassimilable aliens in the full and calculated knowledge that the country and its indigenous people would be incrementally destroyed as a result….
Tony Blair and the Labour Party declared war on their own people, and there is (as yet) no substantive reason to believe we can survive this century, let alone the long term.

métissagesarkozy-satan-signGallia Watch 20 Dec. 2008 : (Pres.) Sarkozy: “(…) the objective is to meet the challenge of “métissage”/crossbreeding – the challenge of “métissage”/crossbreeding that the 21st century is confronting us with. .. it is consanguinity that has always provoked the end of civilizations and societies.”
If republican will power does not function, it will be necessary for the Republic to resort to even more forcible methods”.

hagel-new-world-order2While immigrants and refugees are flowing into Europe in so large quantities as have not been seen for many years  the corporate media/government reactions are varying. Some try desperately to defuse the serious situation – while others, including the EU, try to make us believe, they are doing something serious to stem  this tidal wave of immigrants, while doing nothing, in fact.


“It is not all that bad”
few-immigrants-the-independent-29 oct.-2014The Independent 29 Oct. 2014 British people think that there are twice as many immigrants in the country than is really the case – and four times as many Muslims, according to a new survey by Ipsos Mori.
Schweden, Frankreich und Italien.

Asylbewerber-600x450Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 28 Oct. 2014: In Germany, there were 136,000 asylum applications until the end of September. In September over 19,000 asylum applications were filed, of which 23,600 initial claims were from Syrians – three times as many as in the same period last year. However, from all  republics of former Yugoslavia together,  there are almost as many asylum seekers as from Syria. 75,000 of the 239,000 new asylum seekers in the EU from January to June fell on Germany, which are 31%. This places Germany as  No. 1 in the EU, ahead of Sweden, France and Italy.

The Asylum offices were unable to cope with the current rise in the numbers of asylum seekerss. So far this year, they have only made around 87,000 asylum decisions.
Very few asylum seekers are recognized as political refugees. This year there were only about 1,500 so far, which corresponds to a rate of 1.7%. A further 24,000 were given the status as refugees or as  in need of protection for any other reason and may thus also officially remain in Germany. The “total protection rate” is 29.5% accordingly.

german_demography-2012Right: Migrationbackground in Germany 2012 – Wikipedia.
The European immigration group contains Muslims from the Balkans.

The German government embraces the “refugees”
Deutsche Welle 29. Oct. 2014: The German Cabinet has just   drafted a bill that would eliminate some of the restrictions for asylum seekers. The law seeks to ease residency and employment requirements. It targets employment restrictions which currently prioritize German and EU citizens. The cabinet proposed on Wednesday that asylum seekers be allowed to compete equally in the job market after a 15-month stay in Germany. Meanwhile, job seekers with expertise in short-staffed fields would not be subjected to any employment restrictions.
After three months of living in Germany, they would be allowed to move more freely across state lines, for example to visit friends or relatives.

“This is bad”
Deutsche Welle 6 Oct. 2014:  A steady stream of refugees arrives in Germany every day, mainly from Syria, Iraq and the Balkans.
Communities find it increasingly difficult to cope as they run into problems providing adequate housing. German lawmaker Martin Patzelt suggests citizens who wish to do so should be allowed to take refugees into their homes.
Martin Patzelt: This would signal solidarity. In Berlin and Schleswig Holstein, refugees can be housed privately – but the taxpayer foots the bill for rent.  About 100 people have come forward nationwide, saying they would offer accommodation along those lines

The Daily Mail 29 Oct. 201450,000 Illegal immigrants in Britain are missing.
Another 175,000 illegal immigrants are yet to be deported.
29,000 applications dating back seven years are yet to be resolved.
Mayor of Calais says British handouts make it an ‘El Dorado’ for migrants.
Minister Nick Boles admits UK will never control its borders in the EU.

ANSAMED.27 Oct. 2014: Europe has asked Spain to boost border checks in Ceuta and Melilla to prevent jihadists from entering the country. Interior ministry sources said Monday that the request was issued by Brussels on October 9 during the last EU Council of Justice and Home Affairs.

Below: Immigrants crawling over fence to Spanish enclave in North Africa

Moroccans-crawling -into-spanisch-africa-enclave

Madrid last summer sent 200 Guardia civil agents to prevent immigrants from illegally entering and does not reportedly mean to further boost border surveillance. However, it will train agents so they can ”identify terror elements”, the sources said.
Over the past few months, at least four suspected Islamist extremists were able to cross the borders of the two Spanish enclaves in Morocco.
33,913 illegal immigrants entered Spain in 2013.

The Telegraph 23 Oct. 2014: In 2013, more than 75,000 allegations (of illegal immigrants) were received, which by the end of February 2014 had resulted in over 4,000 arrests and almost 1,000 removals. Four out of 10 allegations about suspected immigration offenders are not acted on by the Home Office within a two-day official timescale

At least 10 migrants dead as boat sinks off Libyan coastANSAmed 17 Oct. 2014:  The most obvious sign of Europe cracking down on immigration this fall is European operation Mos Maiorum The two-week-long sweeping police operation across Europe deploys 18,000 security officers to identify and control illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. Also see EU-Observer 14 Oct. 2014 – which furthermore states: Frontex has nothing to do with the Mos Majorum. It only provides the Italians with statistics and data analysis of migratory flows. Estimates suggest there is anywhere from 150,000 to 450,000 people without proper documents are in the EU.

Immigrants are being sent back to Italy – France reportedly sent 3,000 back to the country over the past few months, along with Switzerland and Austria, among others.

Yet as European Union countries are closing their borders and repatriating immigrants, governments are ”outsourcing” surveillance operations against illegal migrants, the agency said. It cited as an example Italy’s donation to Tunisia of two new offshore patrol vessels to check on its coasts – like Libya as ”policeman of the Mediterranean” under a migration agreement signed in 2011.

In Libya refugees are kept in miserable camps, tortures and forced into the al Qaeda militia. ”We are facing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe”, said Zerai, calling on Europe to spend on development policy in countries of emigration rather than to crack down on immigration.

ANSAmed 30 Oct. 2014: The European Union’s maritime patrol operation Triton operated by the EU border agency Frontex, will use six ships, two airplanes, and one helicopter to patrol for illegal migrants fleeing from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe.

But with only one-third of the budget of Mare Nostrum, officials have said Triton will emphasize border control more than rescue. The patrol boats will remain within about 30 miles of Italian land.
However, rescue operations can exceed that limit if needed. About 150,000 migrants – mostly from northern Africa and the Middle East – have been rescued by Italian ships in the 12 months since Mare Nostrum began.
BUT: ANSAmed 31 Oct. 2014: Italian home minister Angelino Alfano said the Frontex operation “could never strip a country of its responsibilities to meet laws” including migrant rescue. But Europe should set up “welcome zones” for warzone refugees in Africa and try to process asylum requests there before waiting for boat people to cross the Mediterranean. He is echoed by the new EU Commissioner for immigration, Dimitris Avramopoul

Irresponsible and unwise EU is now begetting dangerous counter pressure.

nazi-gruss-LeipzigThe Daily Mail 29 Oct. 2014
School for Nazis: Parents’ horror as children in German school begin greeting one another with ‘Heil Hitler’ and using Nazi slogans

Entire year 9 class thought to have been communicating in ‘Nazi slogans’.
German authorities investigating 29 teenagers on WhatsApp conversations
Teens ‘swapped Nazi sayings and slogans throughout the school day
Pictures show teens doing Heil Hitler salutes and wearing Hitler moustaches.

So where does this leave us Europeans looking out for a strong limitation of the endless invasion of Europe by Muslims heeding the call of the Koran to emigrate and conquer the World for Allah (Sure 2:218, 3:195, 4:110, 33:27) – massively supported by EU and national politicians in the name of the NWO?

If the number of  239,000 asylum seekers in the first three quarters of 2014 is correct, we will have 300,000 applicants at the end of the year. The rejected asylum seekers probably only exceptionally leave the EU because the EU fundamental rights are not respected in Muslim countries and the West are taking care of perpetual war in their countries of origin.
Thus, according to the EESC, “650.000 asylum rejections were made in 2004, but only 164. 000 were returned to their home countries, while 500,000 non-citizens were left in a de facto illegal situation. The EU wants them to settle in the EU “.
 Family reunification (probably at least 2 children + 1 spouse  + 2 grandparents  + more children coming) then this adds to their number up to perhaps 1.8 million per year. At the end of the century we will thus have had through 86 years up to 154.8 million migrants, mainly Muslims, in this way, plus  all the Muslims who are already staying here plus the illegals. This latter  group probably makes an even greater number than the asylum seekers.
The illegals need merely produce a child in the EU, which is then automatically an EU citizen  – with the right to stay and remain reunified with its illegal parents  (the Zambrano-verdict). Because European women have fewer children than Muslim ones – in 2012, EU-28’s birthrate was 1.5 per woman,  while Muslim women had 2.2 children.
A politically engineered ethnic cleansing  in Europe is going on.

The Masonic and corrupt EU NWOsystem has felt the increasing anger of their populations and try to calm them by lies and half truths.
The truth is that this is pure nonsense: They mention Libya´s policing as an example!! This “policeman” let 150.000 migrants reach Italy from Libya  within 1 year.

Now take the EU´s Triton Project which started on 1 Nov. 2014. It is an additional effort to save refugees and make their voyage safer: EU Press Release 7 Oct. 2014:  “It implies that Italy will have to continue making continued substantial efforts using national means, fully coordinated with the Frontex operation, to manage the situation.”
malmström-eu-saintEU Press Release 7 Oct. 2014 – insatiable EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström (right): “It is vital that EU states now fully implement the Common European Asylum System, and that a serious effort will be made to establish a truly European program for the resettlement of refugees. The challenges that the EU is facing requires all Member States to take responsibility, and offer protection to those in need.” Ms. Malmström does not care about the 300 Swedish children and 700 women being rape by Muslim immgrants during the first 7 months of 2013 – as though her fellow country women were not in increasing need due to her irresponsibility

Cecilia Malmström is having her lust fulfilled: “No immigrant is illegal“, and “We must strive to keep Europe open to those who seek protection, Malmström said.

pope francis I-devil´s-clawsOf course, Jesuit Pope Francis I supports (left – showing the clawas of the Devil) this Jesuit/Rothschild attempt to deal the ethnic deathblow to the European race and culture – in 25+ years making Europe look like  Nordafrika today.
“Muslims are “our brothers” and Christians must cultivate “mutual respect” with them, while Muslims  persecute and expell Christians. “The Church is close to you (Muslims) in your search for a more dignified life for you and your families” – The Vatican Insider 8 Dec. 2013 – and naturally in Europe  via  Jesuit Refugees Services


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