German Finance Minister Calling for NWO to Plunder the World. Citizens´ Intitiative against Corporate Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble called for   “international standards” and “global governance” in taxation – and a wider context-  from the wealth-producing class in perpetuity. In an October 30 column, Schäuble also touted the global tax-information regime just signed in Berlin between 122 governments.  “Tax legislation has not kept pace with the digital developments,” he wrote, echoing calls by globalists around the world for more plundersee the IWF plan “Taxing Time” and here from 2013.

But the plunder-scheme goes further: The secret TTIP and the TPP negotiations are meant to transfer our money into the pockets of the NWO banksters corporations – at the same time robbing whatever little remains of our democracy.

A Citizens´ Initiative as protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is running. You can sign here
There is a chain behind this action. The German Parliament has already rejected a petition – but the greater the pressure, the greater the concern  of politicians for their votes will probably be.

The TTIP between the US and the EU is being secretly negotiated in favor of the largest global corporations. Only a small inner circle knows what will be in the final document.

However, some effects have already leaked out – but the Devil is in the detail.

From the EU Guidelines for its negotiators, it appears  that the negotiations are also about common values, including the protection and promotion of human rights and international security.
The agreement will be ambitious, comprehensive and go beyond the guidelines of the WTO. The agreement will pave the way for Monsanto’s GMO (will already be  wide open because of the CETA, a corresponding agreement with Canada which is now being technically finalised): Monsanto and other US corporations can invade us via its Canadian branch).

It will depend on the (bought) science of the USA and only prohibit what has been proven to be “scientifically dangerous”  or “unproven”.
Since the Americans have been fed for years almost exclusively on GMO products there will be no reason for the EU to exclude the GMOs of Rockefeller´s  and  the US government´s Monsanto. As for imports of chlorinated poultry and other disgusting products,  the same applies. “What is good for Americans, is also good for Europeans” (video below). Since all  Monsanto-critical findings – despite better documentation than Monsanto´s as for the harmlessness of their GMO products – are swept off the table by the corporate media as “unscientific” and “untrustworthy”, Monsanto’s GMO products will have a freeway into the EU.

A big scandal occurred after  Monsanto succeeded to bribe/threaten the editor of the journal “Food and Chemical Toxicology” in 2013 to to delete a peer-reviewed article one year  after publication. Reason? Professor Séralini’s article showed that rats developed not only kidney and liver damages, but also cancer  in many cases after a long period of feeding with Roundup-sprayed Monsanto maize.
Before that, Monsanto had “proven” the maize to be “safe” with the same strain and number of rats after short feeding!!
Nonetheless, Monsanto had the nerve to say, Séralinis study was invalid due to use of too few animals of an unsuitable rat strain !!

If you do not like the products? Then your State/we taxpayers must pay damages to the companies. They are “discussing”  the extrajudicial conciliation institution that is naturally composed of “interested parties”.
The EU negotiators have been sworn in to report only the positive aspects of the TTIP! (NOTAT 22. Nov. 2013 – Danish).

Here is a rather technical report from the latest TTIP discussions of the 7. round of negotiations from 29 Sept. – 3 Oct. 2014. In it one finds this: “As in previous rounds, there was one day dedicated to stakeholder engagement. This took place in the format of presentations by stakeholders to lead negotiators (65 such presentations were made) and in a town hall ‘type’ meeting in which the two Chief Negotiators engaged with over 300 stakeholders representing a broad cross section of interests.”
The parties discussed access to and use of the internet”.
Who are those important stakeholders? Not politicians who are represented by their committed negotiators. They must be the corporations for whom the whole show is running.EU-inverse-pentagram

Just to make it clear, who is striking this dictatorial deal behind our backs:  See the inverted inverse pentagram star of Baphomet/Lucifer  in the background in the EU building

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 19 Nov. 2013: There is a silly rule: A Canadian – or a US company could build a holiday home in Germany, claiming that it would produce chemicals. If it is denied, the company can submit  a complaint with a claim for damages from the partners  (ultimately the taxpayers) for loss of profits. This is a clever way to let Rothschild´s US corporations rob Europe. Few Europeans can do the same in the US.
The EU countries have  made ​​themselves defenseless colonies of US corporations.

Comment: But then again, these negotiations are not on a relatively small profit: their object is the establishment of the One World State of the NWO.
There is a stalled parallel: The Trans-Pacific Partnership, of which The Public Citizen writes: The Trans-Pacific Partnership – TPP – and the transatlantic TTIP “free trade” agreements are creeping corporate policy that is pushed by corporate America, a dream of the one percent.

It is worrisome for democracy and the free right of expression that these NWO Masons are “discussing our acces to and use of the internet” which has so far been more or less free.

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