Mysterious EU Organisation, ECIPS, Has Rapacious Masonic NWO-Logo

ADDENDUM: Beretzky´s real name is Baretzky.  He serves as the Interim Acting President and a co – Directorate of CYBERPOL, the International Cyber-Security Organization (ICSO) .

During 2010 to 2013, Baretzky served as the Directorate of the South African Counter Intelligence Agency (SACIA) serving along with delegates from NATO, and advisor to members of the National Parliament of South Africa. In 2014 Ricardo Baretzky served as the Chairman for the first International African Counter Terrorism Summit held in London. He participated as an ICSO Official Delegate at the NIAS NATO Cyber Symposium in 2014 and advises the EU Governments on International Risks, Cyber risks, and Political Economical Security risks we faces in the European Union.

I have popped into  the website of an organisation so far unknown to me. It advertizes as its purpose to fight international cyber crime on behalf of corporations and governments, in particular  – which may cover anything from NSA espionage to industrial espionage and snooping into the privacy of unwanted persons.

But here is a logo that really tells whom and what this organisation works for.
The Latin text means “NEW WORLD ORDER”


You do not find much about the organisation by googling. But the double-headed is a Masonic symbol associated with the highest degrees of the Scottish Rite.

The above blazon is very similar to this one:

warhammer 4000Modern take on Double Headed Herald Crest of Role-Playing game Warhammer 4000.
The Warhammer 4000 game is based on Christian Holy Knights of the past in the future fighting “Aliens and Mutants” in an end time scenario. More info here.

warhammer2Left is another Warhammer role-playing game figure – showing the Lucifer/Horus one all-seeing eye

Acc. to its website, the ECIPS, i.e.  The European Centre for Information Policy and Security, is a non-partisan organization that specializes in identifying policy and security information resources. The policy and security research performed at ECIPS ensures focused and principled examination and actions taken by recognized policy experts, appropriate officials, opinion leaders, and general public.

ECIPS owns its success to the elements of diplomatic, informational, and economic strength which have created a greatly effective working environment for the organization. The European Centre for Information Policy and Security addresses issues such as accountability, cross-border data transfers, conflicting national legal requirements and governmental use of private sector data, mediation and negotiations, and cross-border investigations where necessary.

Our strategic global partnership allows our services to be rendered to governments, corporations, private organizations, and law-enforcement and security organizations around the globe with our strategic global partnerships. ECIPS does not act on behalf of any governmental office or European institution.

The European Centre for Information Policy and Security creates and maintains practical and trustworthy partnerships, with its customers, its global network partners, and with its international qualified experts. This facilitates not only the realization of mutual objectives, but moreover, contributes to a sustainable creation of “Rural Intelligence”, the missing intelligence link to security and justice.

beretzkyPresident Baron  Ricardo Beretzky (works with a selected legal team from all over the world to ensure that all research is properly verified and objectively meets with the targeted outcome). Mr. Baretzky is one of the main founders of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS).

The European Centre For Information Policy And Security – ECIPS- Ltd. can be reached in London, Regent Street, Westminster. The enterprise managed to achieve a significant degree of success around the time when the company debuted in the field one year ago (on 2013-11-18). But it was also active in 2011.

What is the ECIPS relationship with the EU?
Little or nothing is found on this subject. But its e-mail address and website header tell a ECIPS-header
The President of the ECIPS addresses current and emerging threats to international and European entities, corporations and private companies in security, independence and our ways of life. Mr. Baretzky was the conflict resolution initiative (CRI) mediator and consultant for South Korea during 2006. In addition, he conducted the investigations into diamonds for arms trade in Africa from 2006 to 2012.

The relationship of the ECIPS with the EU is obvious – but to what extent is this mysterious NWO organisation behind the EU´s policies? And who is/are behind this organisation?
I should be happy if my readers can tell more about it.

The ECIPS seems to be  another entity than the EU´s EUISS (EU Institute for Security Studies), the backbone of EU´s  military. It seems to offer high level spy information, adviser activity and problem solution as well as  mediation to whoever wants it. Where does this organisation have its stated “economic strength” frrom?
It is worrisome that this unknown and purportedly very influential organisation addresses “our ways of life” and “mutual objectives”.

Why does A Luciferian role-playing game and an EU affiliated organisation have the same Masonic, dualistic double-headed eagle logo? Was it a game for EU youth? The ECIPS does not seem to be a role-playing game.Warhammer was shut down on 18 Dec. 2013.



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29 Responses to Mysterious EU Organisation, ECIPS, Has Rapacious Masonic NWO-Logo

  1. ADAMUS says:

    The ECIPS seems to be a very mysterious organization, They are everywhere and yet not much in public. Some say that it backdates to the times of the Templers Knights and that it was established by the families who were from the original bloodline. Either way, ECIPS seems to have a great influence since they always seems to direct public views and policy. Why are they controlling all ?

  2. asger says:

    where did you find that logo? could not find it any where but this webside and have also looked on ecips webpage it also looks very home made to me as you can see that it is clearly photoshopped like the image you link to. it would also be nice if you could show me the webpage(the exact page) you found the image you linked to?

  3. asger says:

    The only images with that NWO stuff that show up on google is from this webside…

    Anders please comment on this or i will assume that you are making false logos!!!

  4. Anders says:

    Hello, Asger.

    I don´t really know what to comment.
    The Logo with the inscription: Novo ordinis saeculorum is from ECIPS´ EU-internet address, as I have stated above.

    I had hoped that you could give me more information on this mysterious organisation. For we really do not know much about it – as I have written above.


  5. asger says:

    i asked for the exact page you found the image on, not the link to the image itself!

    yes indeed very mysterius that a organisation that is so “powerfull” photoshoppes their logo. but if the image you link to is real then what about the image with the eagle that is also clearly photoshopped?

  6. Anders says:

    Hello, Asger.

    I suggest we pass your question on to ADAMUS – the first to comment on this article.

    I first read of ECIPS and the Novo Ordinis Saeculorum Logo in a post in The US Veterans Today 26 October 2014

    The post was by ADAMUS.

    But no matter where the logo comes from, it has an EU internet address. And you can see the ECIPS 13 stars sublogo on the above Eagle Logo here on an ECIPS website with the same initial address as on the Eagle logo above:, namely

  7. asger says:

    again i cant find the logo with the eagle or the NWO on their webside.

    the image you link to in your article could have been a comment adamus put on ecips webside(looks very likely to me when you consider that it is photoshopped). also anybody can have a EU domain you dosnt have to be affiliated with the EU in anyway.

    ADAMUS what do you have to say about all this?

    ps. isn´t funny that they would use the warhammer style double headed eagle?

  8. Anders says:

    @ asger

    I don´t think any one can copy and abuse the internet address It would not be accepted. When I try to make an internet-addres/ a mail/Skype addres, my suggestions are very often declined, because the address is alreay in use.

  9. asger says:

    all i meant to say was that because they have a .EU domain dosnt mean that they are an EU institution any one can have a .EU domain.

    but still waiting for respons from you ADAMUS!

  10. Anders says:

    Hello, asger.

    I have mailed ADAMUS and asked him to answer you


  11. asger says:

    okay thank you very much.

  12. ADAMUS says:

    I have done research and it seems that ECIPS is indeed a very powerful entity. They are the backbone for government on security affairs across Europe. The fact that they are not in main stream media is because they don’t need to be. I also find out that the Veterans Today is a CIA operation headed by a guy named Duff.

    I am very certain that if you use any material from their website they will send the men in black ? All materials is protected under laws if you do your homework. Either way, they seams to part of the Bilderberg Group and may very well be the future of the New World Order in my opinion.

    The question – On whose side are you ?

  13. ADAMUS says:

    I forget to mention i also foudn this:

  14. Anders says:

    Hello, Adamus.

    Thank you for your comment.

    But you have not answered asger´s question: Where did you find the ECIPS logo with the eagle and the inscription: Novi Ordinis Saeculorum?

    As for what side I am on: I see what is going on in the world today as a battle between Jesus Christ and the Devil, who rules the world until the 2. Coming of Christ.
    I am on Christ´s side – neither on the thesis nor antithesis side of Lucifer and his minions.

  15. HET_SYSTEEM says:

    The text is in Latin, therefor the organization is operates from the only country in Europe that has Latin as their language.

  16. Nick Ashton says:

    Please contact as we have had dealings with the infamous Baron, even more in the last few days. WE must have hit a nerve and his House of cards is very unsecure…


    at the email:
    +1 (614) 655-1247
    Skype: nickinam

  17. ADAMUS says:

    Interesting comment from Mr Nick Ashton. Anonymous did a bit of homework and found out that Mr Nick Ashton and his comrades ( two others to be exact ) tried to extort $25 000,from this BARON and after it went sour and failed to work, he begun to sell bogus information online simply made up but his two buddies. Now that a bummer !!! Fortuitously there is some dirt on this on the Dark Web if you know where to look. User ToR for this, The Dark web, a place of Deep Places hAhA. On the other hand this BARON seems to be a demon of the highest order and i am certain that demonic powers is at work here.

    ADAMUS part of the Anonymous Group nothing to loose nothing to gain.

  18. Anonymous Group says:

    Dear Nick Ashton,
    I saw your message attack above and found it very interesting.
    So interesting that I went to check a bit on your background and found that there are no real offices in any of these locations as per your websites:
    “Worldwide Locations: Ohio, North America, Utrecht, the Netherlands, Mumbai, India”
    It got me curios and I also found no official registered tax records for these so-called web companies”
    More interestingly is that they are registered to
    Registrant Contact Information:
    Name: Nick Ashton
    Organization: CommSmart Global
    Address 1: 5530 Oakmont Dr
    City: Columbus
    State: Ohio
    Zip: 43232
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.8019177433
    Email: Email

    Domain Name:
    Registered On
    October 08, 2015
    Registrar URL:
    Registrant Name: Nick Ashton
    Registrant Organization: CommSmart US
    DNSSEC: unsigned
    Registered On
    October 01, 2014
    Registrar URL:
    Registrant Name: Nick Ashton
    Registrant Organization: CommSmart Global
    DNSSEC: unsigned
    Domain Name: TRACOMETRY.COM
    Registered On
    October 15, 2009
    Registrar URL:
    Registrant Name: Nick Ashton
    Registrant Organization: Tracometry, LLC.
    DNSSEC: unsigned
    All three last websites with no Contact Information
    No contact info was available according to the public listings.
    This got me even more interested.
    I went to dig a bit further. What did I find?

    I found this very interesting that you proclaim to have information on anybody since we also did a bit of research on Tracometry LLC proclaiming to have the miracle solutions for fighting crime. Wound it make sense that all such listings will then be official? My main question is what is your competency on these matters? here is the interesting part. Read for yourself from the registered office in Utah.

    Tracometry, LLC is an Utah Domestic Llc filed on October 19th , 2009. The company’s filing status is listed as Expired and its File Number is 7491966-0160.

    The Registered Agent on file for this company is Nicholas E Ashton and is located at 397 N 800 E, Provo, UT 84606. The company’s principal address is 397 N 800 E, Provo, UT 84606.

    Company Name: TRACOMETRY, LLC
    File Number: 7491966-0160
    Filing State: Utah (UT)
    Filing Status: Expired
    Filing Date: October 19, 2009
    Company Age: 6 Years, 2 Months
    Registered Agent: Nicholas E Ashton
    397 N 800 E
    Provo, UT 84606
    Principal Address: 397 N 800 E
    Provo, UT 84606

    Company seems to be not active for some time already! mmm ????
    Did you know that by advertizing corporations with false international addresses is a felony?
    Did you also know that advertising a company as if it’s alive doing international business is also a felony while is not?
    It is called tax evasion ??.
    What was most interesting was this Link :: World Class Customer Service – Tracometry, LLC
    Makes one think doesn’t it?
    Anonymous Group

  19. Anders says:

    Hello, Anonymous group.

    I am not in any way advertizing for any group.
    I try to find explanations for what is not told in the MSM.

    Of course, ECIPS exists. You have just looked in the wrong places. See here

    Their address is here CONTACT US

    European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS)
    A.I.S.B.L. No 634.898.256
    General Secretariat ECIPS
    International Central Fax + 32 3 295 0636
    Email to
    © 2013 European Centre for Information Policy and Security ( ECIPS )
    UK Company Registration No.: 08372076

    Here is more about them

    I should definitely like to learn what ever you may find out about this obscure organisation with EU e-mail address.

  20. ADAMUS says:

    Your information above is wrong. The ECIPS is approved by Royal Decree. Just check properly. Thy are unquestionably pat of the NWO. Just check on page
    Only an international supranational organization can get article 30 approved by any government. Have a read for yourselves the English publication. This is no company! They must have other reasons for having a Limited in place at same time. My guess is that they are not to play with.

  21. Anders says:

    Hello, Adamus.

    Thank you.
    I never wrote that ECIPS is a company. I just asked for what it is.
    And what you write confirms my suspicion.

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  23. Debbie says:

    You might want to see this 666+666+666+6+6+6=2016 cant be by mistake. IT ALSO SAY THAT THE BEATS IS MADE BY A MAN THAT COMES FROM A FOREIGN LAND

    REV 13 so date of 13th April cant be by mistake !!!

  24. Michael says:

    See eagle image here:
    with “Concilium Novi Mundi” written above (Assembly of New World)

  25. Rothschild says:

    You can see in link to whom Ricardo Baretzky belongs to:

  26. Anonymous says:

    How did Ricardo Baretzky become a professor?
    Where did he study?

  27. Adamus says:

    So far I could find out, He is a registered professor at federal department in Belgium and studied master of arts at Royal Music College London. He is apparently a great violinist.

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