Putin´s and his Bribed Hardliners´Position Imminently Threatened by US/Saudi Oil Price War and Western Sanctions – while Rothschild´s Khodorkovsky Is Readying Himself for the Presidency

“Russia is obviously hurting. The economy is in recession, oil prices are plummeting, the sanctions are biting,
Russia is becoming irrational and is being backed into a corner. A bear being threatened into a corner with nowhere to run is never a good thing. “We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and will remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for nuclear stability,” Putin said today.The problem is, as I have said before, that Putin means it. He really does.” (The Haven 16 Oct. 2014).


Putin seems to be playing the  Masonic role in the NWO one-world game given to him by his masters, the NWO top,  in world politics. His status and environment in Russia is, therefore, very important to know if we want to understand what lies in wait for us.

I. Does anyone threaten Putins power? He rules by bribery and fear………..


1) Forbes 22 April 2014:  Vladimir Putin is neither Adolf Hitler nor Josef Stalin, nor anything near to them.
putin-corruptionPutin´s power is  predicated on one principle and structure: The proven ability to significantly enrich his rich supporters and allies and the power to punish them through confiscation of assets or imprisonment. Once this structure is understood, two things become clear:
Putin´s reign is nearing its end. Either he will be replaced by the ruling class inner circle—the Siloviki—or through a Ukraine/Egyptian style revolution. His downfall is inevitable. German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly put it: “He is out of touch with reality and living in a world of his own”.
If this process further develops, we can expect power struggles within the Russian elite that will be exacerbated once the scale and scope of the financial damage Putin has precipitated becomes clear. At that point, the ruling elite will conclude that Putin is not only no longer an asset, but has become a major liability.

The fact is that Putin’s actions, or, rather, inactions, do not fit the profile of an independent leader of a powerful country – There is too much bending, and too many compromises.
Putin himself is a part of the billionaires club, and as such, he has a closer affinity with his class counterparts in the West  and here  than with his fellow citizens at home.
The fate the oligarchs of the world is interconnected – Either they form a yet more tightly knitted circle, and survive as a class, or get wiped out. Mr. Putin’s might have been assigned a very important role to play in this grand game. If that is the case, he is playing it very well – A master in action, indeed.

putin-siloviki2) Deutsche Welle 18 Sept. 2014: The Kremlin hardliners are hardly known in the Western world. Behind the scenes, these hawks have gained the ear of President Putin, driving Russia’s confrontational course with the EU and US.
To me it seems to be vice versa: The West seeks a confrontation course with Russia.

They’re part of what Evgeny Minchenko calls “Politburo 2.0″. Minchenko, a well-known Russian political consultant, says that the hawks around Putin have become more influential than ever before. “For Putin this is about geopolitics rather than economics,”  “So insofar as the ‘doves’ in the Russian elite are in the economic policy making bloc, their influence on this policy is extremely weak.”

According to Minchenko, three advisers in particular have benefited from the Kremlin’s hard-line course: Sergei Ivanov, Sergei Shoygu and Igor Sechin. All three men belong to the so-called “Siloviki,” which refers to the uniform-wearing security services, such as the military and intelligence agencies. Putin is a Siloviki. Ivanov is a former KGB man who currently serves as Putin’s chief of staff. Shoygu is a general who has been defense minister since 2012. He comes second only to Putin in terms of his popularity. Sechin, a former intelligence agent and one of Putin’s most trusted advisers.
“But It’s a mistake to ascribe too much of the current policy to people around Putin,” he said. “The policy is flowing from Putin himself, rather than from his advisers.”

Mikhail Khodorkovsky 3)  The Guardian 21 Sept. 2014:  The former tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who spent a decade in jail after challenging the Kremlin, says he would be ready to lead Russia if called upon.

Khodorkovsky’s statement, at the launch of an online movement called Open Russia, (Soros´ program) appears to break his promise to steer clear of politics, which he made after being pardoned by president Vladimir Putin in December.
He would carry out constitutional reform, the essence of which would be to redistribute presidential powers in favour of the judiciary, parliament and civil society.”
Open Russia is intended to unite pro-European Russians in a bid to challenge Putin’s grip on power.
A minority will be influential if it is organised,” Khodorkovsky said during a ceremony broadcast online from Paris.

Khodorkovsky and his allies said political change could come quickly and insisted the time had come to think of Russia’s future after Putin. Khodorkovsky indicated he did not want a bloody revolt for Russia.
Khodorkovsky is a close business friend of Lord Jacob Rothschild Rothschild took over Khodorkovsky´s Yukos shares when the latter was arrested. Khodorkovsky tried to outmaneouvre Putin in the 2004 presidential elections – which landed Khodorkovsky behind bars.

4) Rothschild-Agent Soros´”Open (Russia) Society is again active  to promote criminal Yukos oligarch and Jacob Rothschild´s favourite, Mikhail Khodorkovsky,

sorosLeft: George Soros is Rothschild´s financial spearhead and founder of the subversive  Open Society with the purpose of letting the corporations have a free hand to loot the nations of the world.
He and the US Congress (NED) were behind the White Revolution  demonstrations against Putin in Moscow and here. Evidence suggesting U.S. government involvement included the USAID (and UNDP) supported by Internet structures called Freenet (Deutsche Welle 10 Dec. 2011).

Putin-demonstrations 22 sept. 2014Putin must face domestic demonstrations against his Ukraine policy   (here from 21 Sept. 2014) but on the whole, Putin has an 87% popularity rate among Russians – in particular because he took the Crimea back.

II. Why is Putin popular in the West?

putin-saviourVeterans Today 17 Sept. 2014: People around the world are becoming increasingly against the international oligarchy, hypocrisy of politicians and the media. Putin, as one leader of a great country, caught this surging wave of hatred to 0.0001% of the richest people and the puppet politicians. And  he has, as a result, gained tremendous support throughout the world in the eyes of the so-called regular people. Russia and China, at the moment, are the embodiment of development.

Putin, in his approach, fosters the idea for people around the world that you can resist the big money, influences and media propaganda.  Ironically, he is not a ‘democratic’, shallow diplomat, but a former KGB agent who wields gigantic power.

putin-dictator of-our-heartsIII: Above all, the EU’s fairly ‘liberal democracy allows plundering by influential groups of one country after another, because no one in those countries is responsible for anything.
Putin walks with these people hand in hand using this trend.
The world has had enough of  devoted political puppets who sell everything they can, bringing ordinary people to utter ruin. You only need to look at the unemployment rate in Europe and take note of the putin-goldman-sachsmajor politicians associated with Goldman Sachs in the EU – as is Putin, too.

IV. The crux of Putin’s policy is not to make war.
Putin leads tactics of  ‘no aggression’; he hasn’t surrendered to any provocation by the United States, but he immediately takes to the very core of the problem, as he tries to cut off the hydra´s heads.

The USA, at the moment, does not give any alternative. Germany will turn to the direction of (Putin´s) block. Cyprus, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Italy, France, Bulgaria… all those States did not see any sense in sanctions.

V. What is Putin´s Strategy?

bricsThat is why Putin with all his KGB past serves as the current, final ‘dictator’.
Putin´s aide says  these activities should be directed towards undermining American military and political power, based on the issue of (undermining) the dollar as a global currency. First of all, such measures should include the denial of the use of the dollar in mutual trade and refusal to invest in foreign exchange reserves in dollar-denominated securities.

Putin´s position and power thus seems to depend on his economic success and capability to go on bribing the power structures and persons in Russia.  The World Bank Oct 08, 2014  says there are substantial risks to the medium-term outlook for Russia’s 2014-2016 growth. The Los Angeles Times 13 Oct. writes:   “Putin has promised a level of stability in the oligarch system, and all this does not reflect well on him. This is contributing to a sense of unease. A drop in global oil prices about 20% , driven in part by a boom in U.S. shale oil production…  is bringing growing political and economic pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moscow has been socked this year by U.S. and European Union sanctions.
The New York Times 14 Oct. 2014 surmises that an alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia is to do to Putin what they did in the 1980es, when they flooded the market with cheap oil and killed the Soviet Union economically.
In that case, Putin is a very much threatened man.

Only the army and the FSB can oust Putin – and he is certainly smart enough to bribe its commanders, as well as other factors of influence in Russia. He does nothing to fight rampant governmental corruption.
So, as long as the Russian oil  flows and Rothschild gives him credits for bribery through Russia´s Rothschild central bank, former KGB agent Putin will remain safe. But how long will it last before Russia´s economy is totally ruined? How will Putin react?





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    Note that Khodorkovsky’s “Open Russia Foundation” was originally launched back in 2001, while he was still the head of Yukos Oil. Both Jacob Rothschild and Henry Kissinger were on the board of directors:


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