Ebola – Another NWO Scaremomgering Scam. US Government Patented This Virus in 2010. Diagnosis and Disease Figures Just as Cooked as in Swine Flu. Motive: Much Money, Much Oil, One-world Police State

The University of Texas evolutionary ecologist, Dr Eric R. Pianka, was addressing the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, after the academy had named him a 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist. He was given a standing ovation after he advocated the extermination of 90 per cent of the Earth’s population by an airborne Ebola virus. (News Weekly 15 Apr. 2006).
In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation (Prince Philip 1988)


Just like the “swine flu” pandemic  scandal, Ebola is a propaganda weapon for Big money and one-world government. This post will show that the Ebola diagnosis is just as unfounded as the swine flu was which included all viral diseases, including common colds and seasonal flu. I and my grandchild had light fever for 24 hours: Swine flu!! The WHO and national health authorities skipped serologic diagnosis –  just called everything “swine flu” and told us we were going to die unless we had the dangerous swine flu shot! Of course there is an Ebola disease. It was discovered in 1976 –  and has not been very widespread –  and not been the cause of panics. Why is ist sudddenly now?

Xenex-Hospital-UV-Light-300Right: Natural news 11 Oct. 2014: There  already is a technology that can kill the Ebola virus in just two minutes: The Xenex Germ-Zapping robot uses UV light, generated by pulsed xenon light, to create “progressive environmental cleaning of healthcare facilities”. Because UV light destroys the integrity of the RNA of viruses it makes viruses “not viable.”
The UV Xenex robot is already being used in about 250 U.S. hospitals.

By fear they rule us. So far Ebola has only hit people living under unhygienic conditions in West Africa, infecting about 8.000 and killing about 4.000 people. Nevertheless, see in this video how Obama and WHOs Margaret Chan are calling for international solidarity and response –  although other diseases like malaria and the US/NATO wars of aggression and proxy wars demand many more lives than the “hundreds of thousands” acc. to Obamas scaremongering propaganda figures.

Ebola is paid scam



ebola-probabilityThe Independent 9 Oct. 2014: Left – Probability of case importation of Ebola in various countries

The Independent 9 Oct. 2014: The strain of the Ebola virus involved in the current outbreak in West Africa has a mortality rate of 50 per cent – though rates for the outbreaks since 1976 have varied from 20 to 90 per cent. Average time between infection and the appearance of symptoms is 11 daysvarying from four days and a number of weeks.
Though highly contagious if it is given the chance to enter the body, it can only do so through the direct transferral of bodily fluids such as vomit, sweat or blood – making it much easier to contain than air-borne viruses like avian flu. The reason the current outbreak has become so vast is simple – it was left unchecked for at least three months (see II below, however!). But there is no risk of something similar happening in the UK, Europe, the US or anywhere where systems of isolation and treatment are more established and – now – alert to the danger.

See this video: It tells how to overcome your fear in the face of real danger: Look your death in the eyes. You are going to die anyway. The only thing that matters is: Do you have anything to live for which matters in 300 years, too? E.g. care for your fellow-humans? In that case, do intensively now what you can to secure that idea to survive.

To increase the panic – and our amazement – Pres. Obama is now sending 3.000 US GIs to the epicenter of Ebola, Liberia, without a clear remit (The Daily Mail 16 Sept. 2014). Many suspect the mission is to have more Americans infected in order to bring the disease back to the US! This suspicion is corroborated by the fact that Obama has not stopped flights to and from Africa´s Ebola danger zones. And he has done nothing to stop people from these areas from entering the US via its border with Mexico, where there is nearly free passage into the US.
EUObserver 10 Oct. 2014:EU institutions want to match the foolish US military invasion of the African Ebola areas.

What Ebola is and its history is well shown by this video: Starting like flu the viral infection goes on with vomiting and abdominal pain, ending in haemorrhages in all organs and death in 50% in the on-going epidemic.

Western Journalism 7 Oct. 2014: What word is synonymous with patentable creations or inventions? …You guessed it: Inventors, the US government´s scientists.

The Telegraph 2 Oct. 2014: Anthony Banbury, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative, said: “The longer it moves around in human hosts in the virulent melting pot that is West Africa, the more chances increase that it could mutate. I have never seen anything as serious or dangerous or high risk as this. It is a nightmare scenario that it could become airborne –  which is, however, quite unlikely! The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has forecast that there could be as many as 1.4m cases of Ebola by January, in the worst case scenario.
Banbury added: “The economic shock around this is terrible. Farmers are being impacted. Markets are being impacted. We will probably see much higher food prices and other people, like restaurant workers, will lose out on wages.”

Natural News  3 Oct. 2014: The more closely our team investigates the facts about Ebola here at Natural News, the more I’m convinced the United States government is intentionally trying to increase the spread of the Ebola outbreak rather than contain it:

ebola-patient1) Obama refuses to halt air travellers from infected countries from entering the United States.
2) A Texas family is quarantined in a home that still hasn’t been cleaned or decontaminated due to  government demand for a “permit”.
3) The CDC continues to lie about modes of transmission for the Ebola virus.
4) The FDA is openly threatening sellers of natural remedies that might be useful for slowing or stopping Ebola.
5) People entering U.S. customs are not asked where they’ve been.
6) The U.S. government knew about the outbreak in advance, but didn’t warn the public.
7) Even during a global pandemic outbreak, the U.S. government refuses to secure the southern U.S. border (leaving it open for terrorists and Ebola-infected persons).
8) The government’s official advice of “don’t panic, don’t prepare” ensures a greater pandemic emergency during any outbreak.
9) The U.S. watched and waited, doing nothing during the original window of opportunity for halting Ebola six months ago.
10) The U.S. government has held the patent on Ebola since 2010.

hazmat Motives for the US Government:
I: Money
Modern Health Care, Canadian Press 6 oct. 2014: Some experts are coming to the conclusion that it may take large amounts of Ebola vaccines and maybe even drugs to bring the outbreak under control. These products haven’t yet been proven to be safe or effective in people, and won’t be available in significant amounts any time soon.
Isolation of the sick and contacts of the sick to be monitored for 21 days is the recipe now. People with Ebola are believed to be contagious only when they have symptoms. On Sunday, Sierra Leone reported 121 deaths.

As the epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country (which one?) to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility.”

It is hoped that clinical trials will start soon on a second, created at Canada National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. That vaccine is licensed to a small U.S.-based biotech company, NewLink Genetics, which does not have the experience or the deep pockets that Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK) has. The U.S. government, through its Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, is helping NewLink structure and run the needed clinical trials as well as find partners to help it ramp up production of supplies.
Comment:  GSK is notorious for the swine flu “pandemic” squalene scandalthe vaccine containing 1 mio. times more squalene than the anthrax vaccine behind the Gulf War Syndrome. Squalene is suspicious of causing narcoplepsia in children and auto-immune diseases. Activist Post 8 Oct. 2014:  That’s not to mention a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths linked to the shot when given to pregnant women

The U.S. government  has footed the bill for much of the research behind the vaccines and drugs, and it will likely take a lead role in paying for production and dissemination of Ebola vaccines.
The HIV vaccine looked good in animal studies and seemed safe in the small initial human trials in healthy volunteers. But when it was given in the field, people who got the vaccine actually contracted HIV at a higher rate than people in the placebo arm of the trial..

US-Ebola-Patent_US government owns the Ebola-Virus – see US government´s patent application right. Therefore, the CDC will receive a royalty every time a treatment is provided. That might explain why the CDC is so against banning air travel from West Africa. The present invention and US patent is based upon the isolation and identification of a new human Ebola virus species, EboBun.

The Ebola “epidemic” has not at all been documented
New Eastern Outlook 2 Oct. 2014, F. William Engdahl: In a recent Washington Post article WHO chief, Margaret Chan, admitted that 69% of all the Ebola cases in Liberia registered by WHO have not been laboratory confirmed through blood tests.
And the US FDA diagnostic test used for the lab confirmation of Ebola is so flawed that the FDA has prohibited anyone from claiming it is safe or effective. Nearly half of all Ebola cases, 2,046, have been in Liberia says WHO. In short, no one knows what 69% of them, 1,224 Liberians in recent weeks, have died from.
Then the official WHO Ebola Fact Sheet dated September, 2014, states: “It can be difficult to distinguish EVD from other infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever and meningitis.”
In other words: the WHO figures are a tendetial guessing game.

III: Oil.
One striking aspect of this new concern of the US President for the situation in Liberia is the offshore coast of Liberia and east African ‘Ebola zones’ conveniently mapping with the presence of vast untapped oil and gas resources. Chinese oil companies are all over Africa and increasingly active in west Africa. Something smells very rotten around the entire Ebola scare.

IV: One-world government: The Pandemic scenario planned by the Rockefeller Foundation 2010 strengthens  the one world police state

V: Should it become airborne the virus could fulfil Eric Pianka´s and the elite´s pious wish to destroy 90% of the Earth´s population (see Georgia Guidestones)

Michael Snyder, Infowars 7 Oct. 2014: Why are so many deadly diseases breaking out all over the world right now? Is there some kind of a connection? And this could be just the beginning. For example, there are now a. more than a million cases of Chikungunya in Central and South America, and authorities are projecting that there will be millions more in 2015. The number of b. Ebola cases continues to grow at an exponential rate, and now an c. even deadlier virus (Marburg) has broken out in Uganda
Meanwhile,  d. a disease very similar to Ebola and Marburg has popped up in Venezuela and doctors down there do not know what it is…
The CDC seems to have no idea how to contain the spread of e. enterovirus D-68 in the US.
So why should we be confident that they will be able to contain the spread of Ebola?

Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse 5 Oct. 2014:  Even though it has already been demonstrated that Ebola can be brought over to the United States by a passenger on an airplane, Obama refuses to do anything that would even restrict air travel from nations where Ebola is spiraling out of control.
All of this talk about “extensive screening” at our airports is just a smokescreen because it does not exist.
We know that people from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone cross our border with Mexico illegally. In fact, hundreds of such individuals from those countries were caught by border patrol agents during fiscal year 2013… Thus, it is inevitable that more people with extremely deadly diseases such as Ebola will enter this country and circulate among the general population.

The US unprotected US-Mexico Border officials receive a great number of illegal immigrants with diseases from the African Ebola epicenter, then let these immigrants disappear into the US. The officials are threatened with legal prosection and punishment should they betray what diseases the immigrants have. The CDC refuses to stop this flow of potential Ebola refugees into the US. Why?

Do you think it is absurd that the US government would promote a deadly disease in its own population?
The NWO US and their ilk are obsessed with the idea of population reduction by all means
There are, unfortunately, precedents of the US government using its own population as guiniea pigs:
1. The AIDS virus and here was developed as a biological weapon at Ft. Detrick, USA, by remit of the US government – and then set free on the gay American population, of which some were also biphilic, by hepatitis B vaccinations. In Africa it was spread via polio vaccinations.
2. Both in the US and the UK, unsuspecting populations have been exposed to bacterial and here (Ice Whale, Dorset) and radioactive experiments in the most unethical way.
3. Testing “flying vaccinations” with mosqitos against Dengue Fever i Southern Florida and elsewhere, dengue fever was re-introduced in the US in unsuspecting poor negro populations –  with a 10% mortality rate.
4. Chemtrails: Worldwide the NWO criminals are spraying poisonous materials out over unsuspecting populations for military  purposes – thereby potentially inflicting severe diseases on us –  morgellons, e.g..

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