East-West Theatre I: Skeleton of NWO-Crises to Converge Regions into One-World Government

The following shows how the NWO actors play a deceptive game to delude us into their Luciferian and Communist one world state. They know we believe them when their media repeat their lies  incessantly. Therefore, they are successful


I: The chaos  in Ukraine is directed along a pre-planned path toward EU-U.S.-Ukraine-Russian convergence.
F. William Jasper 7 April 2014 The New American: 1) Angela Merkel appears to be  threatening Putin. But, in reality, she is “reaching out” to Putin, and  after providing what is deemed an appropriate level of drama, he will likely come to the table and de-escalate. Contrary to Russia’s current bellicose posturing, it is in the Kremlin’s interests to offload Ukraine onto the taxpayers of the EU and the United States, and it fits perfectly with their long-term strategy of “convergence” with the EU and the United States.

2) Soros, Pinchuk, Putin, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Akhmetov, Firtash, and their ilk see themselves as the caesars or pharaohs in their long-schemed-for “new world order,” and here converging into a one-world system of “global governance” as proclaimed by EU Council President van Rompuy in 2009:

3) Putin’s role is to rattligne the sabers menacingly enough to frighten reluctant Ukraine to join the EU, while also convincing American and EU taxpayers to be forthcoming with the fore aid and IMF funding that will “rescue” Ukraine and avert a war.
In the end, we will find Putin and his oligarchs carrying on business as usual with the new Ukrainian government, the Obama administration and “our” oligarchs.

merkel-putin3As described in Orwell’s Animal Farm, when it became almost impossible to tell the pigs from the men, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to detect any substantive differences between the ruling elites of Russia, China, the EU, and the United States. And, as the EU and the United States adopt more socialist policies and police-state measures, there is less and less distinction between our societies and the one ruled over by Putin and his Kremlin cronies. 

 New American 24 Sept. 2014: Even former Soviet bosses have compared Putin’s “United Russia” party to the old Communist Party of the Soviet Union, or CPSU. Still today, Putin and his comrades proudly show Lenin images and Soviet-era symbols, as the Soviet National Anthem blares.
4) In his book The Perestroika Deception, Golitsyn argued that the apparent collapse of the Soviet regime was, in fact, a giant fraud. Virtually the entire communist project in world domination and terror has been facilitated every step of the way by Western globalists. Check out Professor Anthony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Putin-plays-chess5)  EU/U.S. bellicosity in Ukraine helped Putin justify his Eurasian Union machinations, such as justifying the need for integration against hostile super blocs.
6)In Europe, meanwhile, Putin’s supposed militarism provided fresh justifications for surrendering even more power and authority to Brussels, giving impetus for building up a full-blown EU military and for Ukraine joining. In Brussels and Washington, the alleged threat posed by Putin has
7) renewed urgency to the push for transatlantic integration, too.

“Thank You, Mr. Putin,”  Michael Knigge, head of the editorial team for the establishment publication Deutsche Welle. wrote: “Your power play does what we couldn’t: revive our two key projects. With your annexation of the Crimea you have thrown a much-needed lifeline to two fundamental Western projects: European integration and the transatlantic partnership.”

8) Putin’s bellicosity has also fueled a renewed push to expand and deepen NATO, a UN subsidiary.
Behind the scenes, globalist forces are stage-managing geopolitical events to dupe the public.

kingdomsRockefeller´s Club of Rome has projected 10 regions to merge into the one world state

II: Putin’s aggressive actions in Ukraine perfectly follows globalist bigwig Henry Kissinger’s publicly outlined strategy for 9) competing regional units” on the road to global government. If all goes according to the globalist plan, 10) empowered regional regimes such as the EU will all be merged into submission under a single global regime, likely spearheaded by the United Nations.
11) Putin and his supposed nemeses among the global government-promoting Western establishment are in fact working together toward what they call a “New World Order.” 

III: The Obama administration has unleashed an unprecedented level of 12) bilateral “cooperation” with the Kremlin.
In 2012, for example, for the first time in history, the Obama administration hosted Russian military forces on U.S. soil and airspace. The pretext: training together to battle “terrorism”

13) Putin now openly cooperates with the highest echelons of the globalist establishment in the West. Last year, for example, Bloomberg reported on some of the myriad links between Putin’s government and Goldman Sachs, one of the premier globalist banking institutions listed as a corporate “founder” of the CFR. Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein also served on Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s “advisory committee.”

putin-goldman-sachsFormat.at 5. Febr. 2013:  The US-Bank Goldman Sachs has concluded a 3-year contracht with the Russian Ministry of economy  and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Top globalist individuals are more than close to Putin, too. In early 2012, Putin met with Henry “New World Order” Kissinger in Moscow to discuss what Putin’s spokesman described as “world affairs” with his “old friend.” They have met on numerous occasions.
Last year, Putin’s “Foreign Ministry” even gave Kissinger, who was in Moscow at the time, an “honorary doctorate” in “diplomacy.” Putin gushed: “You have many friends in Russia, both among our foreign policy veterans and among other people as well.

The New World Order is a very tricky thing. Infowars 7 June 2009 quotes H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1939): “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it”, and writes in short:  “The New World Order Wants the New World Order to Fail: Order Out of Attacking the New World Order”.

The real NWO are satanist secret societies (Illuminati, Masons) and their masters the Jesuit/Rothschild dynasty.

The false NWO is portrayed as being bankers (not the huge globalist bankers, but rather  banks like Goldman Sachs, etc., or the reserve banks of the world), the national governments of the world, but not the global corporatists aligned with the real NWO.








This is the old Hegelian dialectics: 1. Problem (Thesis): the false New World Order. 2. Reaction (antithesis): global revolt against false NWO. 3. Solution (synthesis): the real New World Order will “save the people” and build up a new world society (their Brave New World) that they really wanted all along out of this chaos.: eco communism governed as in China by the little known secret societies of the Jesuit and Rothschild Dynasty. The process costs a lot of human lives. The best examples are the French Revolution,  WWII  and the 9/11 false flag operation – all promoting the real NWO tremendously.

The New World Order wants the current system destroyed through massive suffering worldwide and through ultra-violent social transformation and revolutions/wars. And they have to drive the people into panic and helplessness by starving them, killing their economy, destroying their known way of life, shattering their security, confusing them and making them totally ignorant, and slowly start to show the brutality of the Secret Government controllers (Albert Pike).

There is a trend in the corporate Illuminati controlled media  to expose the false NWO  to arouse the anger of people – for the benefit of the real NWO “saviours” of the world. Here is an example: Darrell West from The Brookings Institute (making US policies for 70 years now) attacks corrupt billionaire politicians having increasing influence worldwide:

The only salvation is individual: Stick to Jesus Christ and his commandments. He has defeated Lucifer who is the “god” of the  Illuminati behind the real NWO. Acc. to Jesuit and Jew, Adam Weishaupt, who created the Illuminati order for Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Illuminati means “Lucifer´s Holders of the Light“. Sticking to Christ may cost your terrestrial life – but you will lose it anyway through the torments these elitists are  going to impose/are imposing  on mankind. They only want 500 mio. or less  slaves to survive.   Sticking to Christ till the bitter end will save your soul, however (Rev. 2:10, John 11:25-26).  Christ has physically  proven he is God and here and here and here. The choice is yours: God or Lucifer.






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