“Furious Peoples´Anti-CO2 Climate March”: Green Rockefeller Latterday Saints and Their UN Stooges Fighting Non-Existing “Climate Change” for “Moral” Reasons” – for Agenda 21 Eco-One-World-Communism

LATEST: The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has been forced to admit that it has shown higher temperatures than recorded – in order to make the public believe in a global warming trend (News Heartland 19 Sept. 2014)

Abstract: Now, the arch-culprits against humanity, the Rockefellers, have suddenly become green saints for “moral reasons”, purportedly wanting to “give up”? their oil interests, the basis of their immense wealth – to promote their UN world government in the name of fighting “climate change”.

On 23 September, 120 heads of government  gathered at the invitation of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to assure each other that they will achieve a binding agreement on fighting “man-made CO2 emissions” next year.

In advance, the globalists had arranged large “demonstrations of popular fury” against   NWO politicians failing to combat the completely normal climate. The agenda of the NWO politicians is not climate improvement for the world´s population  whom they want to reduce to 500 million anyway (Georgia Guidestones), but absolute power, Rothschild´s One World Government called Agenda 21, eco-communism (it is in force since 2009 AD acc. to EU Council President van Rompuy) as well as to enable total looting of us through “green taxes”, climate exchanges, Tobin taxes, direct taxes  etc. The EU aims to spend 20 percent of its overall 2014-2020 EU budget on climate action.

Therefore, UNEP-founder, “UNO´s World Meteorological Organization,” published a shameless AGW propaganda campaign with 14 terrifying, fictitious, video “Weather reports from the heated Future”, with well-known TV weather forecasters. The propaganda is based on a never proven, but disproven  theory that CO2 is causing global warming.

The reality is quite different: since 2003  global temperature is sinking – while atmospheric CO2 increases. It is incredible that the globalists could brainwash the world’s population to the point of an “anger”-hysteria and make people believe that an increase of 0.0013% CO2 in the atmosphere as  compared with pre-industrial times threaten us with extinction!  The claim that man-made CO2  is the cause of a global warming even becomes ridiculous: human activities contribute only by 1% to atmospheric CO2, i.e. 0.000013%  – the rest comes from the oceans. 450 million years ago, atmospheric CO2 concentration was 10 times higher than it is now – and the world was in the coldest ice age (statement with evidence before the U.S. Senate).

What  climate damage CO2 quite exactly brings about is not precisely known: Previously, global warming was the terrifying bogey with sea level rise of 7 meters during this century (Al Gore, who  in 2007 also claimed, the polar ice cap would be gone today, while it is larger now than then). However, it has occurred to even the most hard-boiled climate-demagogues that they can no longer foist this lie on people.

Now, instead the scam is called “climate change” without definition of what that means. The more profoundly thinking climatists  now use the term “extreme weather”, being caused by CO2 – without explaining how, although there has been no global warming for 16-17 years. Reputable scientists even claim that we are on our way into a new “Little Ice Age”.
The number of natural disasters is strongly decreasing every year. So, whence the postulation of the “Extreme Weather” threat?

Of course, everybody understands the need for world government in order to combat the terrible limitless undefined “man-made CO2-climate-change”. Mankind was always very easy to cheat.

This post once again documents the “climate change” scam and the NWO forces behind it.


The following shows how great evil irresponsible, mendacious politicians and purchased scientists” can do to the world through a purely fictitious theory without, indeed even against, any proof: loss of our freedom and free looting of us.

Unholy Rockefellers  are profiling themselves as latterday saints

john d. rockefellerThe Independent 22 Sept. 2014: The American Rockefeller family (The Rockefeller Brothers´Fund) that for decades has been synonymous with with riches created by oil said on Monday that it was moving to divest itself entirely from all oil and fossil fuel interests to fight climate change and push for alternative energy sources such as wind, tidal and solar for moral reasons.  Some 180 institutions in the US have already taken up the cause.

Comment: Rockefeller and morals!!! This is symptomatic of the NWO propaganda.  Rockefeller  (John D. Rockefeller I on Photo left) was the biggest shareholder  in German IG Farben and its branch, Auschwitz (chapter 2), without which Hitler would have been unable to wage WWII. The grandfather of David and Nelson Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich was Rothschild´s man and chairman of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt´s  “National Monetary Committee” and one of the 3 men who cheated the thievous Federal Reserve Act through Congress by blatant deception.  Their population reduction program includes sterilisation-vaccination campaigns by stealth. Their undemocratic Institutions are i.a. the CFR, The Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome – the Communist  and here ideology of globalisation in the name of fighting global warming –  as well as the Trilateral Commission, all  steering the world into eco-communism and looting through their dictatorial one world government called Agenda 21. For 100 years they have been funding horrible moral-dissolving Mental hygiene and in particular Hitler´s chief racial hygiene ideologist, Ernst Rüdin. Their Rockefeller Center is full of Luciferian Illuminnati symbols – and their goal ist their one-world state governed by the UN,  having donated the site of the new York UN building.

The New American 15 Sept. 2014: 120 World leaders are converging  for a UN Climate Summit on September 23 in New York  to generate political will toward a meaningful universal climate agreement in 2015. The proponents of a UN-run climate regime to regulate and control all human activity are in a desperate dash to gin up support for a binding global treaty — before climate reality causes their dwindling support to melt completely.

climate-summit-new-york_ The Independent 24 Sept. 2014:The clear scientific evidence is that our actions as humans are the main cause of global warming,” Prime Minister David Cameron told the Climate Summit. “We must agree a global deal in Paris next year.” Mr Ban Ki-moon: “Climate change is the defining issue of our age.”

To that end, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has released a shameless AGW propaganda campaign in the form of a series of 14 frightening video “weather reports from the future” — fictitious reports using actual TV weather reporters from around the world, and they paint a compelling picture of what life could be like on a warmer planet.

Adding to the propaganda blitz is the usual line-up of left-tilting Hollywood celebrity activists.

EUObserver 24 Sept. 2014: (At the Climate Summit) Barroso noted that the EU aims to spend 20 percent of its overall 2014-2020 EU budget on climate action. 

climate_marchThe Independent 21 Sept. 2014:  The “Peoples´march”  promises to be an unparalleled demonstration of the world’s fury at its leaders’ continued failure to tackle climate change: an unprecedented statement by hundreds of thousands of people  for the next two days,  from Papua New Guinea to central London.

climate-marchCampaigners say the victims of climate change – estimated at 650 million people affected, 112,000 lives lost, hundreds of billions of pounds in the past five years alone – must produce real commitments from world leaders.“There’s a vast latent constituency of people out there alarmed about climate change,” said Patell of Avaaz, an ally of the Rockefeller Brothers´Fund and their UN

Organizers of the marches


The participation of the  Interfaith Power & Light makes the marches  NWO-religious.

protect-meNew American 22 sept. 2014 wrote:  The Great Soviet Encyclopaedia recorded that by 1972 the World Council of Churches (also behind the marches)  had been converted from a “pro-Western” to a “progressive”(communist) orientation in its policies on peace, disarmament, and related matters. Russian Patriarch Kirill and his ROC/KGB subordinates continue to effectively use the World Council of Churches as a tool for Kremlin policy.

As there is no global warming despite small increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration, the climatists want to lie to us with increasing CO2-caused “extreme weather” and natural disasters. Totally missed!
The Watchers 24 Sept. 2014:  According to the “Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2013” published this month by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), the death toll of natural disasters is largely below the annual average between 2003 – 2012 .


ban ki-moon-climateThe marches are Luciferian events. The UNEP wants environment to compete with religion (give people a concocted NWO lie instead of the truth) to promote one world government). The NWO Gaia Churches of Climatology flourished in connection with the UN Climate summit scam in Copenhagen 2009 – but seems to have died in its own ridiculous lies. At the head of the hoax is Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (right) of the satanist riddled UN – and here.

The concoction of man made global warming was launched at the 4. Wilderness Congress by Edmund de Rothschild – and adopted by 179 countries at the Rio I Conference in 1992, where Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility was also adopted to take care of profitable environmental and climate capital transfers – and to take poor countries´mineral values as forfeited securities. This was fixed by Maurice Strong, UN Vice Secretary General until he was caught in bribery in the UN  and had to flee to China, where he is now adviser to the government on his Agenda 21 (in China 250 mio. peasants are being forcefully removed to megacities). Hear Edmund de Rothschild  from the 28:40 min. mark:

Today Rockefeller has merged with Rothschild as a very strong financial (and political) de facto rulers of the world.

Climate Change is an irrefutable scam

co2-450-mio.-years agoIt is incredible that people can believe that an increase in atmospheric CO2 from preindustrial 0.027%  to now 0.04 % of the atmosphere could cause global warming.  The Ice Age that peaked 450 million years ago occurred when CO2 was about 4000 ppm, more than 10 times its present level;  Said before the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight February 25, 2014, p. 362. The above graph also shows that there is no causative connection between CO2 and global warming. In No 2 graph below you see increasing atmospheric CO2 – while since 2003, the global temperature decreases.

Considering that only 1% of atmospheric CO2 is derived from human activities – i.e. in over the past 150 years an increase of just 0.00013% atmospheric CO2- the postulate of man-made global warming/climate change becomes not only preposterous – but also ridiculous.  After a medieval warm period – 2 centigrades warmer than now – a “little ice age” set in from 1500-1860 A.D. On our way out of that ice age, global temperature has risen by 0.8 centigrades over 154 years – and has stopped increasing over the latest 16-17 years.

Here are the latest graphs from the most prominent Institutes measuring global warming parameters: No global warming  – no rising sea level. Atmospheric CO2 from the oceans increases – the global temperature  doesn´t. The climate politicians lie to us and deceive us.


Global CO2-global-temp.
The NWO climate fraud
and here and here and here here and here and here and here and here has 2 purposes: Illuminati banksters´ money  and one world government. It is a religion, and here“. Phil Jones, the Climate Gate chief imposter, confessed, there is no global warming since 1995, and  Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chief, openly admits that the “climate problem” is just politically commissioned work. But the climate fraud is also a huge source of revenue for the bankers at our cost.  The hypocrisy is clearly visible here and here.

The mendacious NWO climate change scaremongering goes on in spite of facts:
even though more  than a few climate experts and scientists have even warned that a prolonged period of global cooling is approaching quickly.

Deutsche Welle 21 Sept. 2014:   Last year, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimated that by 2100, sea levels will rise 26-82 centimetres (10-32 inches), driven partly by ice melt and partly by expansion of the ocean as it warms.


global sea ice cover

Climate DepotMore than 1,000 dissenting scientists  from around the globe   including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC have now challenged IPCC´s man-made global warming claims and former Vice President Al Gore.

And despair turns into absurdity: Scientists now believe that global warming is to blame for extreme cold snaps in North America. The US just suffered through its coldest winter on record.

The New American 15 Sept. 2014 Like the UN, Obama continues to act as if the discredited climate theories were gospel, promising to save humanity from their carbon sins by lawlessly bypassing the U.S. Senate and the Constitution to foist a planetary CO2 “climate” regime on the American people by executive decree.

ice-variation-arc_antarc_1979_2012Left There is a reciprocal variation in Arctic and Antarctic ice cover – securing that the  sea level  (see below) remains constant. The Creator´s intelligence is hard to overlook.

Antarctica´s sea-ice levels just smashed through the previous record highs: There is now more ice than at any point since records began.
“Climate” guru Al Gore had been regularly predicting that the entire polar ice cap would be gone by now. Instead, it is now far more extensive than when he made his now-discredited predictions.


The New American 18 Oct. 2013: With its latest report, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) formally called for national rulers to help foist what it calls a “carbon budget” on humanity — rationing CO2 emissions in a supposed effort to stop potential future temperature increases: It means more power and money for governments and international bureaucrats. This is what the planetary treaty in Paris 2015 is about.



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