Brethren in Masonry, Obama and Putin Dividing Ukraine among Them, Putting EU in the Corner

Who governs the world? Obama? Putin? Or his FSB-thugs?  Russians have another grim feeling
Left: G8-meeting: The puppets of the omnipotent force lording over  state governments.

The Moscow Times 17 Sept. 2014 : The Russian Public Opinion Research Center found that 45 percent of Russians believe in the existence of an omnipotent force that lords over state governments, controlling the affairs of humanity. Only one-third of the population expressly rejects this hypothesis.
Respondents to the survey listed “Jews,” “masons” and “Great Britain,” as among the groups that may be secretly running the show.
Another 32 percent of those who believe in its existence think that its goal lies in world domination, while 10 percent said its aim is to enrich a select number of people.


DWN 21 Sept. 2014: In fact, the Russians have substantially achieved their goals in the Ukraine: With a skillfully waged “hybrid war“, they have brought the EU to saving the corrupt and bankrupt country through the European taxpayer. Angela Merkel and José Manuel Barroso have already promised corresponding billions of “aid”.

The Americans have already begun  to come to terms with the Russians behind the scenes. U.S. President Barack Obama needs the Russians in his fight against the Islamic State (IS) not least because the Russians have much better connections to Syria and Iraq.
The participation of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at the anti-terrorism conference in Paris is a clear signal that Washington´s world politics can not dominate without the Russians. The G20 is also  for Russian participation.

At operational level, the division of Ukraine is being openly discussed. There has to be an axis NATOUSRussia not with the EU. Said the former British defense minister, Douglas Henderson: There must be a re-definition of the territory in the Ukraine“.
EU leaders  under the leadership of Angela Merkel have been maneuvered into a crisis predicament as useful idiots”. Victoria Nuland’s gruff Fuck the EUis an integral part of US geopolitic  policy.

Vladimir Lukin, former adviser to Vladimir Putin,  told Bloomberg  that the Russians could put up with a NATO membership of western Ukraine, when the eastern part of the country was awarded to them. A Former Russian ambassador to Washington called for a far-reaching autonomy for the East of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian parliament, the Rada adopted the law on a special status for the Donetsk and Lugansk regions the day before in a private meeting. Immediately afterwards, the Rada  simultaneously ratified a partnership agreement between Kiev and Brussels (reward for the nice child), with  switched-on video to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. With the special status, Kiev grants the Donetsk and Lugansk regions  three years of home-rule rights.

porroschenko assoziationsabkommen mit eu DWN 16. Sept. 2014: The Parliaments in Brussels and Kiev ratified  the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine with the consents of Russia and the USA. Right: Pres. Porroschenko with the EU association treaty.

Russia reacted positively to the law. The Ukrainian government and the rebels in the east have agreed on a first concrete step towards the establishment of a 30 km wide buffer zone in the east of the country. This will be monitored by OSCE observers. However, it is a “paper buffer zone”, not being respected.

The U.S. is taking  NWO control over the oil and gas production, financial services, agriculture and the media of Ukraine
poroschenko-obamaDWN 21 Sept. 2014: The United States is propping the Ukraine this year with $ 291 million and in the context of the IMF program loan guarantees totaling $ 1 billion. The United States has now provided $ 116 million for the Ukrainian armed forces.

“The United States are helping to perform agricultural reforms and -access to credits for farmers.” (Furthermore, to introduce Monsanto GMO, which  by the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement can reach the EU market through the back door)

We strengthen independent media, and provide “independent information” (as in the West !!).”

After the revolution in the Ukraine in March, the US  immediately sent advisers to Kiev to implement decisive reforms together with the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance and the National Bank,” the White House said.
Furthermore,  the U.S. saw to it that  Ukraines Gold was immediately flown into “eternal security” in Rothschild´s US-vaults.

The United States wants to provide technical assistance in the transformation of the state oil and gas company Naftogaz and to enhance Ukraine´s production.

hunter bidenU.S. Vice-President Joe Biden’ s son, Hunter Biden (left),  is board director  of  the largest private oil company  in the Ukraine,  Burisma Holdings  and here so the track for looting is set.

“In mid-October, the U.S. Broadcasting Board (BBG) will start a daily 30-minute Russian-speaking TV news program which will be a common production of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty and Voice of America” ​​”all controlled by Soros´Open Society). The program will be shown through TV partners in the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Georgia and possibly other countries.

US NWO has taken Western Ukraine – Russian NWO the eastern part. No country can stay independent in the NWO. World politics is a theatre: The Masonic puppets Obama and Putin are executing the orders of their Illuminati masters. They are only CEOs of the World Government Ltd. which has has sinister plans for us.


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