Obama Will Combat IS(IS) with IS(IS) aka Al-Qaeda as Pretext for His Delayed War on Syria. His Master, the Council on Foreign Relations, Approves

Summary: Obama wanted to attack Syria 1 year ago – but was prevented by Congress and the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, from doing so. Now, the SITE Studio, run by Jewish Katz and cooperating closely with the Obama administration, has staged amateur false “executions” of two U.S. journalists and published them as IS(IS) videos. Although the nation has never seen the execution scenes,  the MSM has succeeded in convincing people that these fake “executions” did take place as the MSM describes.

This has turned the mood of the people,  Congress and the Pentagon 180 degrees around, so that they are all demanding war against IS(IS) without any further evidence. Even senators are telling that IS(IS) will “come and kill us all,” although all intelligence agencies say, IS(IS) is not a threat to the U.S. homeland. Of course, everybody sees the necessity of attacking IS(IS) in Syria – although Syria, Russia and Iran call this an act of aggression without the consent of Assad. The Syrian Parliament has offered the US-Congress cooperation on combating IS(IS) – but without response.

Obama has made ​​it clear that if Assad should shoot at the intruding U.S. aircraft, the U.S. would wipe out the Syrian Air Force defence, which would lead to the (desired) overthrow of Assad. So here, the right of  self-defence of a sovereign country is  arrogantly swept off.

Obama’s puppeteer, the President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haas, deepened his plan: The United States will not use any ground combat troops – but more and more special forces to advise the Iraqi government and to train Syrian and Iraqi tribesmen. Obama´s plan has just been  green-lighted by the House of Representatives. These are to be the “boots on the ground”, while the U.S. and NATO are to provide air support.
However, Dempsey and Secretary of Defense, Hagel, do see U.S. combat troops on the ground under certain circumstances.

Obama wants to combat IS(IS), i.e. Al-Qaeda, by means of “moderate” rebels. However, there are no “moderates”. Even the contact man of the West, Idriss, admits that his Free Syrian Army (FSA)  is cooperating with IS(IS) and Al-Qaeda. In other words, Obama wants to fight IS(IS) by means of IS(IS).
Obama has a further problem: his main ally, the FSA is in rapid dissolution: Its warriors are mainly Al-Qaeda warriors who are now joining IS(IS).

The Paper of the US-Veterans does not think  that Obama is earnest about combating  IS(IS) because he himself (alongside with Israel and NATO) financed, trained and equipped IS(IS)- and is still doing so: The whole exercise is about toppling Assad.  50 leaders of what Obama sees as “moderate” groups have just been killed in a giant bomb explosion, leaving these groups in a state of instability – or was this just what Obama wants?

The Republican presidential hopeful, Rand Paul, says that Obama’s war is unconstitutional, and that Obama delivers weapons to unknown rebel groups, all of which are allied with IS(IS) – and pass the weapons on to IS(IS).


The New York Times 13 Sept. 2014: Obama noted that gruesome videos released by ISIS(Showing the “beheadings” of Foley and Sotloff – which were just withheld from the public by censorship) had helped galvanize public support for action. He added that ISIS had made a major strategic error by killing them because the anger it generated resulted in the American public’s quickly backing military action. But the president said he had already been headed toward a military response before the men’s deaths.

He contemplated the possibility that Mr. Assad might order his forces to fire at American planes entering Syrian airspace. If he dared to do that, Mr. Obama said he would order American forces to wipe out Syria’s air defense system and here. He went on to say that such an action by Mr. Assad would lead to his overthrow.


 The United States, NATO,  as well as  Israel and the Golf States created IS(IS), which – like previously Al-Qaeda is being used as the big bug to justify a US war in Syria. The FBI, the Homeland Security, The Pentagon  as well at the   National Intelligence all say there is no danger to the US homeland. Nevertheless, the following remark from US senator Lindsay Graham has pervaded Congress, which without discussion or information wants the US to attack IS(IS)  by air strikes, at least: “The president needs to significantly step up military action against the terrorist group before it comes to the United States and “we all get killed“. American boots on the ground are needed.”

Obama vows to strenghthen the Syrian opposition to fight both IS(IS) and the Assad regime.  However, in regard to IS(IS), one may have certain doubts, as there are indications that as a member of the Muslim brotherhood,  Obama is working for the IS(IS) Caliphate in the Middle East. (Therefore?),  Obama vows not to have US boots fight on the ground in Iraq and Syria.
But The Guardian 16 Sept. 2014: The Pentagon leadership suggested to a Senate panel on Tuesday that US ground troops may directly join Iraqi forces in combat against the Islamic State (Isis), despite US president Barack Obama’s repeated public assurances against US ground combat in the latest Middle Eastern war.

But who are the US -NATO “allies” on the ground in Syria? Obama says the Free Syrian Arm (FSA). But does that army exist?
The Times 10 Sept. 2014:  Nearly fifty senior commanders of a major coalition of Islamic ‘moderates’ opposed to ISIS in Syria have been killed by an explosion at their secret command bunker as they met to discuss strategy against the the Islamic State.
Breitbart 12 Sept. 2014:  The bombing incident will destabilise and possibly tear apart the Ahrar-al-Sham (AaS) group and associated Islamic Front Coalition which was recently described as “the most powerful armed group in Syria”.
The main rival to ISIS for control of Syria is the AaS. Many members of AaS have come from groups like Al-Qaeda .

But Obama has another problem: The Free Syrian Army is dissipating,  its fighters joining the Islamic State – and  The Lebanon Daily Star 8 Sept. 2014: “We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda),” Idriss (contact man of the West) said. “Let’s face it: The Nusra Front is the biggest power present right now in Qalamoun and we as FSA would collaborate on any mission they launch as long as it coincides with our values.”

Deutsche Welle 15 sept. 2014  An international conference in Paris (26 countries including Russia)  has wrapped up with foreign ministers pledging to combat “Islamic State” fighters in Iraq and Syria. However, there was no detail about concrete plans to tackle the militants.

Obama supports and is arming IS(IS) to fight IS(IS). IS(IS) is Al-Qaeda.
Activist Post 17 Sept. 2014: The House of Representatives passed a bill which approved of President Barrack Obama’s $500 million plan to arm and train Syrian rebel forces.

Coming Republican President hopeful Rand Paul calls Obama´s procedure for opening a Syrian war illegal and unconstitutional – and says the US is giving weapons to unknown rebel groups which pass the weapons on to  IS(IS).

IS(IS) ist Al-Qaeda. Muslim Obama lies (Taqija) saying IS(IS) is not Islamic becuse Islam does not allow killing – in spite of the Koran numerous times commanding to kill infidels  (e.g. sura 9:5).

The Council on Foreign Relations Pres. Richard Haas 11. Sept. 2014 was actually surprised at the emphasis the president placed on building up the Syrian opposition (in his above video speech). It is weak. Any effort to build it up would take years.
“In Iraq, we already have a thousand-plus American advisors, and my guess is that with time that number will go up as we arm and train not just the Iraqi government but also the Kurds and various Sunni tribes. My guess is that we’re going to have not combat troops but a larger number of American forces in a supportive role in Iraq. In both Iraq and Syria, while we will not station troops on the ground, we will need to introduce Special Forces against “high value” targets.

You need a ground component. In my view, the possibilities for Syria are local Sunni tribes and Kurdish forces, along the lines of what is being done inside Iraq. Ideally, you would get some ground troops from some of the Arab countries. We’re going to need not just the Sunni Arab countries but conceivably Iran and Russia and others.

IS(IS) is a 100% CIA operation

Paul Joseph Watson, Info-Wars: IS(IS) is the best enemy the US military industrial complex can buy. Acc. to the CIA, there are 20-30.000 IS(IS) fighters in Syria and Iraq.
Syria and Moscow have denounced US attacks on ISIS in Syria without Assad´s assent – and so has Iran.

Iran has made a major investment in Iraq and is vulnerable to a radicalization of the Sunni world. And 10 or 15 percent of the Russian population is Muslim, and they don’t need to see a radicalization of the Muslim world.

There’s no need for direct contact with the Syrian government. The goal cannot be to liberate territory from ISIS only to hand it over to the Assad government. We should liberate land from ISIS and hand it over to some sort of a Sunni entity that is willing to govern and treat the people there decently.

The president didn’t talk too much about seeking congressional backing.

He did mention that ISIS is potentially a threat to the homeland. A shockingly high percentage of Americans became aware of the two beheadings of the journalists. Americans understand that we are clearly vulnerable to individuals and groups like this and that we had best take them seriously.

It’s a form of preemptive self-defense. We need to go after ISIS before they go after us. We have to believe that they will if they can.”

US-terroristVeterans Today 13 Sept, 2014:  The US-Empire’s projects of nation destruction are strategic and premeditated, irrespective of any moral or legal considerations.

We must understand Obama’s emanations about ISIS as nothing but a pretext to “remove Assad”. And “removing Assad” can only mean destroying the Syrian nation and its people because the Syrian army and the Syrian people stand together and overwhelmingly support Assad against the foreign invaders.

The legitimate political dissidence in Syria was used as a front and a pretext to inject massive numbers of externally-funded foreign rebels into a proxy war for the US-Empire and its regional partners-in-crime.  ISIS is used as a pretext for all-out war US-style.

The few primitive IS(IS) warriors could not conquer such a big piece of the Middle East in so short time without the support of outside high-technology countries (Veterans Today 18 Sept. 2014).  The United Sates does not even want to target IS(IS) terrorists, who are operating freely in Iraq with the help of a foreign military power (USA).
Of course, Obama will not fight IS(IS) efficiently. You do not use years to fund, train equip IS(IS) for a dirty purpose – just to smash it without obtaining your dirty purpose. IS(IS) is Obama´s work and excuse for a longlasting campaign against and in Syria

The Independent 16 Sept. 2014: In a letter, Syria´s parliament has asked Washington to engage in military and intelligence collaboration to defeat their mutual enemy Isis. It’s an offer that President Barack Obama will have to refuse. Mr Obama was confronted by Vladimir Putin’s warning that any unilateral action in Syria would be “an act of aggression”.
The letter also claims that the “moderate” Syrian opposition which the US has promised to aid and train is identical to the jihadi groups supporting Isis.

One thing is certain: This madness creates larger and larger streams of refugees pouring into the west, destroy our social states and in this century they will introduce the Sharia dictatorship in the West. I suspect that is one purpose of the NWO warfare in the Middle East and North Africa – in accordance with Adam Weishaupt´s/Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s 6-point plan.

rothschildhelm The Rebel 15 Sept. 2014:  “The white civilization that gave to the world its basic organizational structure and so many of the wonderful inventions everyone considers essential to life now seems to be melting away into a contrived confusion of malignant spirit and a frightful chaos of society that makes sense to no one except the manipulators who seek to envelop the entire world in its profit-making chains.
A massive, 610-page history lesson titled “Imperium” concludes that Western civilization did not win World War II and that in fact it lost that colossal war to an Asian menace that has and still does masquerade as Western civilization, but which is really a clever force that in reality has hijacked and misrepresented Western values and twisted them into a ruthless power grab attuned to its own selfish and pathological purposes. The religious call this force Satan. The more clear-eyed call it the Jews.”

I would say what I know is that these forces are Satanist and  Zionist (see years 1895-1957) as well as Talmudic, that is  Pharisaic,  Banksters genetically equipped with Jewish Y- and European female X-chromosomes as shown in a recent comprisive study. This NWO “elite” should not be confused with e.g. common secular jews, the first victims (Auschwitz – chapter 2) of their elite!




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