IS(IS) “Beheads” a British Citizen in Another Staged Scenario – to Provoke Greater Middle East war.

IS(IS) “Beheads” a British Citizen in Another Staged Scenario – to Provioke Greater Middle East war.

IS(IS) has issued yet another “beheading” video – this time purportedly of a British Citizen, David Haines.
The pattern is the same: The “victim” makes a propaganda speech , this time addressing British Prime Minister David Cameron. “Jihadi John” makes his speech. The victim is once more entirely cool.

I find the following puzzles of this scenario:
1. “Jihadist John”  starts sawing the “victim´s” neck with his knife, as usual without a drop of blood being spilled – and without any pain induced wince or twitch of the victim.
2. The cut is made  just below the level of the mandibular angle. The “victim” has a tall neck – but nevertheless the final picture shows the neck to have been cut about 2 cm above the clavicle.  What happened to the intermediate 8 cm  of the victim´s neck?  For judging from the distal part – normally 2,5 cm – of “Jihadist John´s” thumb,  the cut was made about 10 cm above the “victim´s” clavicle.
3. The victim is handcuffed, whereas Jihadists always tie the hands of their victims.
4. When “Jihadist John” starts cutting, the victim wears a garb with long sleeves. The beheaded body on the ground has a short sleeved garb (or has the sleeve been pulled up – and why?).
5. Why is there so much more blood on the garb of this victim ´s garb than on that of James Foley?
6. Why is the cut head of Stephen Sotloff crimson red (picture below) – while that of Haines is normally coloured – not even with the pallor of death – and without signs of death stiffness?

sotloff47.”Jihadist John” then appears in the same clothes as before to present the next victim – apparently not splashed with blod. Or was that scene made another day?
8. On the first picture below the height of Haines´ head is 7 mm – the width of his shoulder from neck to shoulder joint is also 7 mm – making a head/ shoulder ratio of 1.0:
However, on the decapitated body, the head measures 2 cm in height – while the shoulders  measure 5mm, as I measure it – or the figure has no ellbow! This makes a head/ shoulder ratio of 4.0!! This does not fit together. Head and body are not from the same person.

















james foley-beheaded



“James Foley” beheaded.

I would appreciate my readers to bring more remarkable things about this execution – or explanations to the above.

Free Radio Revolution was suspended by Google and Youtube for bringing less than the above

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