More Mysticism on Steven Sotloff´s “Execution by IS(IS)”

LATEST.  The Telegraph 4 Sept. 2014Steven Sotloff, the American journalist beheaded in a video released on Tuesday, had kept secret from his captors the fact that he was Jewish with dual US-Israeli citizenship and had even managed to fast during religious holidays by faking illness.

Belatedly, a Dutch Video featuring  the “execution” of Steven Sotloff was sent to  me by a reader. It is shown again how “Jihadi John” saws at Sotloff´s throat to and fro, just like with James Foley – without a drop of blood flowing. After that, “Sotloff´s corpse” is shown with his head on his back down  and is thicker  – and the photo is taken from a different angle than the photo in my previous post, where the man´s body was turned back-up

I have borrowed the Picture of Steven “Sotloff’s corpse” in my post on 4 Sept. 2014 from  Before it´s News 2. Sept. 2014 , inter alia. I cannot exclude, however, that in reality the photo is from Foley’s execution and otherwise not seen by me.

Steven Sotloff





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These are the photos of the “body that I can see in the Dutch video:













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On the last, dim image you can  faintly
see the completely straight cut through the neck – as though cut with a machine. This is not how it would look after sawing with a knife by “Jihadi-John”. In that case,  the cut would be irregular – also because the knife would glide off against cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Why is Sotloff´s head now equally red all over? In the cutting position, the blood should squirt down the garment and on to the ground around his thighs and knees – but there strikingly little of  Sotloff´s 5-6 liters of blood can be  seen.

This video further confirms the suspicion that the “execution video” is a fake made in the US.
It is easy to place a lifelike head model on the body.
All “execution” images disappear quickly. Why?

If readers encounter photos of  “executed” Sotloff, I would be grateful for links. But please, make copies immediately before the images disappear!




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